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In our current review we would like to present the online broker KeyStock, which we will present in a comprehensive put it through its paces in a practical test. This provider is a representative of this industry who has been offering his services since 1991 and can therefore look back on extensive experience. KeyStock is undoubtedly one of the established online brokers and, in our opinion, this also pays off directly for the customers who have chosen this company as a partner for trading CFD and Forex products.

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Rating 5.0 / 5.0
🐂 Trade Forex & CFD
📈 Underlyings 60 currency pairs, 20 commodities, more than 250 individual stocks, 5 bonds
💻 Software MetaTrader 4, WebTrader

This is made clear by a very balanced range of underlying assets, which, in addition to a wide variety of stocks, also includes all the important products from the other categories. This also includes government bonds from various countries. While a decisive criterion has already been met with the trading offer, KeyStock also has something above average to offer in other areas. In particular, looking at the opportunities that await traders in the area of ​​trading support shows that they are dealing with an established and experienced representative who not only knows what investors need, but also has the means to meet them information and offers.

Our experience at a glance

In order to give our readers the best possible and, above all, detailed insight into the trading opportunities and the range of services offered by the online broker KeyStock, we would like to deal with the respective points step by step in the following sections. So that you can also get an overview of our experiences, we have summarized our most important results from the KeyStock test in this section. In our experience, traders who are looking for a suitable online broker proceed very differently when it comes to finding a provider that best suits their requirements. While some only pay attention to the trade offer, others focus solely on a bonus. Furthermore, few take the time to explore the support options available. At least in the case of the online broker KeyStock, that would be an omission with serious consequences. It is precisely in this category that KeyStock develops its strengths.

Company Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services SA
Address 6 Dragatsaniou Street, 7th Floor, 10559 Athens, Greece.
Phone Phone: +30 211 1986261
=Email [email protected]| ||122
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

Our experiences have shown that this is a Online broker who initially appears absolutely professional and provides transparent information about his offer without making false promises. However, one limitation must be mentioned at this point: the convincing appearance is available in different languages. However, Canadian is not one of the variants in which the content is made available to customers. The same applies to market information, customer support and training opportunities. Knowledge of English is therefore an important requirement in order to be able to fully use the KeyStock offer. We noticed positively that regardless of the selected account version, a high level of support options is already offered, so that in principle all customers can benefit. There are three different account types to choose from, which are initially linked to the amount of the deposit. Entry into trading is only possible from an amount of 1,000 euros, whereby the account format mini can be used here. Regardless of the account format chosen, a very wide range of trading options can be accessed. And from a technical point of view, the offer for CFD and forex trading was absolutely convincing. Fast execution, fair conditions and a transparent cost model ensure that traders know exactly what they are getting into and ultimately only have to give up a little of their return in the form of additional costs. Our experience can be summed up in such a way that a technically clean trade is offered on a very broad basis of values, whereby one can also benefit from numerous support offers.

Checking KeyStock: Fraud or serious?

We have already mentioned it: Customers who look around the KeyStock website will find a transparent information policy, on the basis of which traders can find out exactly what to expect in retail. This seems absolutely serious at first and the implementation in retail also fully lives up to this claim. The transactions are executed very quickly, so the conditions that have been announced can be expected, even if a so-called slippage cannot be ruled out. However, price shifts in favor of the traders are also possible, which are also passed on to the customers. The fact that it is an online broker that has been established on the market for a very long time and has never had any problems or irregularities is particularly confidence-inspiring. And last but not least, customers can rely on regulation by the Greek authority HCMC, which ensures that all regulations in force in the EU to protect customer interests are observed. In every respect, customers can feel absolutely safe here that they will not be confronted with fraud or rip-offs when it comes to trading.

The trading offer

The focus of evaluating an online Brokers is of course also the offer that is made available for the actual trading. The online broker KeyStock can offer its customers an extremely wide range of underlying assets that is very well structured overall. One of the three account models can be traded, between which the trader must first decide. While the selected account model is irrelevant for the selection of possible underlying assets, holders of higher account models can take advantage of some additional support services. Before we go into detail about the underlying values, the range of services for the three available account models should first be presented.

KeyStock's website
Vorschaubild KeyStock PlattformVorschaubild Kontotypen

Three account models on offer

The customers Those who want to start trading leveraged stock market products with KeyStock can choose between three different account models. Entry into trading is possible from a deposit amount of at least 1,000 euros. From this amount, the account with the designation Mini can be opened. Only from a sum of 5,000 euros is the next higher account model available, namely the standard account. From a deposit of at least 20,000 euros, the customer then receives the account model Exclusive. Before we go into the specific services associated with each account type, we would like to mention that KeyStock also offers a free demo account.

So traders first have the opportunity to use the services of Test KeyStock without obligation and without real money. The demo account can be opened separately and, in principle, continued alongside a regular trading account. But now to the individual account types. The mini account already includes a quite respectable selection of services related to trading. This includes a daily briefing for the trading day, a wide selection of video tutorials, a customer service that is available 24 hours a day on trading days and a personal manager who can be spoken to or written to with any account or trading questions . In our experience, the mini account is by no means a slimmed-down variant for a cheap start, but an offer with many interesting services. Nevertheless, it is of course worth considering using a higher version, as additional options can be used here. This includes the transmission of important trading signals, which traders can use to base their trading decisions. If the Exclusive account model is also selected, the trader can benefit from daily analyzes prepared by KeyStock's trading experts. In addition, this account model includes premium customer service, which not only offers the customer technical assistance, but also supports them in designing and developing their own strategy.

Wide range of underlying assets

The different features associated with the account types only affect the support, but not the offer and the conditions for trading. The traders have a very wide and skilfully compiled range of underlying assets at their disposal. It covers the categories of stocks, stock indices, commodities, currency pairs and government bonds (bonds). Above all, the selection of stocks is very broad. In our experience, all important regions and sectors are represented and traders can not only access the well-known titles, but also find numerous titles from the second and third tier of the stock exchange. But of course you can also trade with the important company titles, which are listed in the most important leading indices. In any case, the offer allows for a variety of strategies. The same applies to the indices, which can also be used to bet on developments in different regions. In addition to the important stocks such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, EurosStoxx or Dax, there are also lesser-known stocks such as the Micex from Russia or the OMX 20 from Norway. While leverage ratios in the range of 1:10 to 1:20 are offered for shares, leverage of up to 1:100 can be traded for indices.

The selection is also quite extensive in the segment of Commodities, where a total of about 20 titles are offered. These include the most important precious metals, which include platinum and palladium in addition to gold and silver. You can also speculate on the prices of copper and zinc. The KeyStock portfolio also includes the energy stocks oil and natural gas, as well as grain, wheat, coffee, cocoa and soybeans, just to name a few. The leverage available in this range is between 1:10 and 1:100. And there is also a wide range of currency pairs available for trading. The majors can be traded first, as well as a number of less heavily traded currencies. The range includes a total of around 60 combinations. The leverage that can be used ranges up to 1:200 and here too, as in the other areas, you can trade without commission on a pure spread basis. We don't want to forget the range of bonds. Here the traders have the opportunity to bet on the development of government bonds from the countries USA, Kenya, Great Britain and Japan. In this segment, however, small commissions are charged. All in all, KeyStock offers a range of base values ​​that should meet the demands of experienced and ambitious traders, but also open up interesting possibilities for beginners.

No bonus for new customers

To one after our Experience is at least an ambivalent criterion when it comes to the bonus. It certainly sounds very tempting at first glance to receive a financial surcharge in addition to the deposit. Some online brokers even offer a doubling of the paid-in capital. The conditions that apply to the use of the bonus and its payout are as comprehensive and effective as the bonus offer is often presented on the start page. It usually starts with the fact that the maximum additional payment is only granted for very high deposit amounts.

The traders should therefore be encouraged to deposit more money than they might have planned. In addition, the bonus is by no means freely available capital, but its payment is also subject to strict conditions. First of all, sales must be achieved in retail that correspond to a multiple of the payout amount. In our opinion, this can also be seen as an influence on the behavior of traders. In the end, only very few traders succeed in really benefiting from such a bonus in the long term. For this reason, we tend to believe that not taking advantage of a bonus offer is fairer overall and should therefore not be seen as a disadvantage.

All common methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals

KeyStock customers do not have to be prepared for anything special when it comes to the question of how money can be paid into the trading account or how payments can be made. The online broker works with various credit card providers as well as with some online payment services. In the credit card area, payments can be made with MasterCard, Visa and Maestro. With the online service providers, payment transactions with the providers Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney or Neteller are possible. Unfortunately, we did not find any detailed information on the specific conditions in the context of KeyStock's online presence. Experience has shown that both variants are convenient and effective options. Fees of up to two percent of the respective sum are currently common in the industry.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
diese Zahlungsmöglichkeiten können genutzt werden
Payment options: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller
Minimum deposit:| ||200 1.000 Euro
Fees: ka
Account management possible in: US dollars and euros|| |216
Auszahlungsoptionen: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller

Security and regulation at a high level

Looking at We were able to establish the certainty that traders can rely on a representative with this provider who is subject to regulation at EU level. Unlike most online brokers who are based in Cyprus or the UK, KeyStock is headquartered in Greece. For this reason, the local authority, which bears the designation HCMC, is also responsible. However, given the standards applied to protect clients' funds and interests, similar conditions can be assumed. The online brokers with a regulation are above all obliged to inform the customers sufficiently about the risks of the instruments. They are also obliged to ensure that the customer's deposits are not endangered. To do this, the funds must be deposited in separate accounts so that the owners can access them even if the online broker goes bankrupt.

Support and customer service unfortunately not in Canadian

The customers from KeyStock can also rest assured that they will receive competent and effective support in all aspects of trading. However, the corresponding content and offers are not provided in Canadian. While the content of the website can also be used with basic knowledge of English, the personal support is a bit different. But if you have sufficient English language skills, you will find a very good range of support, which can be used around the clock on trading days. It is possible to contact them by phone, live chat or e-mail.

The website

Overall, we also found KeyStock's internet presence to be very transparent and professional . Here you will not only find all the important information about the underlying values ​​and the conditions, but also numerous support offers. First of all, the wide range of video tutorials, a special course for beginners and other tutorials on the topics of tools and strategies should be emphasized. All of these offers can be accessed easily and directly. We have also had very good experiences with the website.

Mobile App

It is no longer a new trend that people's online activities are increasingly moving away from the desktop computer shifted to mobile devices. Trading in stock market products is no exception. The ability to participate in trading on the go is therefore actually one of the basic offerings of an online broker. And KeyStock also offers its customers the corresponding options to make their own trading much more flexible. The apps for the MobilTrader are available in variants for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the end device. This solution offers an almost fully-fledged trade independent of the home computer, with which neither trading tools nor important analysis options have to be dispensed with. The full range of underlying assets can also be used in this way. The intuitively designed control makes it possible to get started quickly and easily at any time.

Conclusion – KeyStock is a broker with many strengths

With the online broker KeyStock, we tested a provider,which, compared to the many young CFD providers in this industry, has been in business for a very long time. Of course, this experience pays off and customers can benefit from a very balanced range of underlying assets. Traders can also rely on excellent technology in trading itself, which makes smooth trading possible. This online broker also shows its strengths in the area of ​​support, where traders can benefit from numerous offers and features. This offer has interesting content for both beginners and advanced users. In principle, it does not matter which account version is used. However, exclusive analyzes and premium support are only possible with higher account versions, for which deposits of EUR 5,000 or EUR 20,000 are required. In addition, we have gained an absolutely serious impression, so that traders do not have to fear fraud or rip-offs. This is also ensured by the regulation by the Greek authority HCMC.

Roland Herrmann
KeyStock offers me a very wide selection, especially in the area of ​​share CFDs!
5.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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