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A wide range of tradable currency pairs distinguishes the broker LMAX. This offers its traders great flexibility in trading. In our detailed report you can read which possibilities and options the broker also has available.

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Trading in securities is also very popular outside of stocks and now offers numerous opportunities. One option is to participate in trading with CFDs as well as currencies. This is a simple but lucrative form of trading. Forex trading in particular is also an option for beginners and can be learned easily. It is particularly practical in this context that there are now numerous brokers of this type where you can become active as a trader. In this way, it is easy to participate in trading and take advantage of the potential offered here. The broker LMAX, for example, offers a wide range of trading and also convinces with various features.

Company LMAX Exchange
Address Yellow Building 1A Nicholas Road London W11 4AN
Telephone 0044 203 192 2555
Email [email protected]| ||113
Live Chat No

Because LMAX also offers its traders reliable support and not only provides a flexible WebTrader for trading. There are also mobile apps, so that trading can also be carried out easily with a mobile device such as a smartphone. With the offered demo account, the provider also offers an option to try out trading before using your own capital and to orientate yourself. The security provided should also be mentioned at this point.

LMAX in check: Fraud or serious?

Of course, for most traders, their own security also plays a decisive role. So it is particularly important to choose a safe and reputable broker with whom trading is possible without risks. Only a few traders would voluntarily choose a broker who works dubiously. After all, you don't want to deal with fraud or rip-offs. LMAX's experience clearly shows that this provider can be classified as safe for forex trading and offers traders many protective mechanisms. Trading is therefore possible here without any problems and, above all, the regulation offered offers a lot of security for traders. Of course, this aspect has a positive influence on the LMAX test report. There is no need to fear rip-off or fraud with the broker LMAX.

A wide range of currency pairs offers variety

For trading with currencies - i.e. forex instruments - is often the offer of tradable currency pairs is of great importance. Many brokers provide their traders with a manageable selection of tradable assets. With LMAX it is different and the trading offer is very broad with this broker. As a trader, you can not only trade with the well-known currency pairs such as EUR/USD, but also more exotic pairs are available here. When trading currencies, you decide on a currency pair and then determine how the exchange rate will change in relation to one another. On the basis of this, you can then benefit from the price gain or loss. Trading is therefore quite simple, but offers great potential.

The LMAX website
Die Orderausführung beim BrokerDie Apps bei LMAX im Blick

Due to the wide range of offers for trading, the experience with LMAX in this area is very positive . In addition, trading with this provider is always possible with a lot of variety and as a trader you can easily benefit from a large number of currency pairs. Narrow spreads and thus great potential for trading offer a lot of comfort and make trading very interesting for the LMAX target group.

For this purpose, various functions can be used when trading and trading can be organized very professionally and profitably as a result. With various strategies you can easily align trading here and design it according to your ideas and possibilities.

There is no bonus here

In many cases traders pay attention to whether a broker also pays a bonus. Many providers grant their traders a bonus for opening an account or for the first deposit.With other providers a bonus is paid if a certain minimum turnover has been exceeded. Other providers, on the other hand, do not offer a bonus at all. And there are also different camps among the traders. Some traders take advantage of a bonus in any case, while other traders do without it completely. So it is always a matter of opinion whether you need a bonus or would rather do without it.

This question does not usually arise with the broker LMAX. Because this broker does not offer its traders a bonus. This means that only your own capital is available for trading and this is not further increased by a bonus. A bonus is always tied to conditions that a trader must meet or achieve. The bonus amount - if there is one - must be implemented according to the requirements before it can even be considered for a payout. On the other hand, it is also possible that a bonus has to be paid back later if the trader cannot meet the applicable requirements. In this respect, a bonus can also have negative consequences for a trader. This is also the reason why some traders are generally critical of bonus credits.

In general, a bonus for trading with CFDs or forex values ​​can be quite interesting. Nevertheless, the fact that there is no bonus for traders with this broker does not really affect the test negatively. After all, it shows here that the provider is aimed more at experienced traders. Ultimately, this also becomes clear with the minimum amount for the first deposit. Beginners – who speculate on a bonus, for example – are in the right place with other providers of this type.

Basically, you can also mark a missing bonus as a disadvantage if you change your perspective. Thus, a bonus could certainly arouse interest in this broker and ensure that more traders choose this provider. At least at the moment, no bonus is active or plans for one are known.

Deposits and withdrawals

Of course it also plays a role how easy, but above all safe deposits and Withdrawals can be made at a broker. The large number of payment options is less important. It is much more important that traders are provided with secure ways to make deposits or receive withdrawals. This is definitely the case with the provider LMAX. It is possible to make a deposit by credit card or by bank transfer. Other payment options are also less suitable if you take a closer look at the minimum amount for a deposit. This is namely 10,000 dollars (or the equivalent in the currency in which the account is held with the broker).

This makes it clear that the provider is primarily aimed at experienced traders who have a corresponding Bring budget for trading. For beginners or traders who want to start trading with a small budget, this provider is therefore less suitable. This fact is not bad, after all there are providers who are primarily aimed at beginners as well. With LMAX you can always assume a safe deposit and the paid-in capital will be credited to your own trading account immediately after booking. This is usually the case when making a deposit with a credit card, but it takes a little longer for a bank transfer.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal methods at LMAX
Die Zahlungsoptionen im Enzocasino
Payment options: Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit: $10,000
Fees: No details
Account management possible in: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF, JPY, PLN, SEK, SGD, HKD and HUF
Payout options: Credit card, bank transfer

Payouts can also be conveniently requested by credit card or bank transfer. These are processed quickly, so that as a trader you can freely dispose of your credit again without a long wait. After all, investing money with a broker can also be understood as an investment, so that you want to access your own capital quickly if necessary. In the experience with LMAX, the timely processing of payouts is definitely very positive and offers traders an option to get their own income quickly and, above all, safely.

LMAX could be very general Traders may have other payment options available, but the existing options can be classified as safe and reliable in any case. So you don't do anything wrong if you deposit money with this provider in this way. The fact that payments are made quickly also confirms the positive impression from the test report.

Reputable trading is ensured by regulation and licensing

As already mentioned, security is important for many Trader authoritative and of course for good reason. Nobody wants to take the risk of "throwing their money down the throat" of a dubious broker when trading or losing it through a fraudulent provider. Therefore, many traders rely on only trading with a regulated broker. Although brokers without such regulations are often safe, this has become the standard security feature. LMAX has a corresponding regulation for which the FCA from Great Britain is responsible. This means that the provider is subject to the control and supervision of the FCA and voluntarily submits to this control.

The regulation therefore offers a certain degree of security in any case and is to be understood as an advantage for traders. It is then ensured in any case that the broker takes care of the concerns of the traders and also protects their capital accordingly.

In addition, deposit insurance often also plays an important role, which is prescribed within the European Union. According to EU laws, it is at least 100,000 euros per trader and trading account. Thus, the trader's capital is protected accordingly, even if a broker should be insolvent or no longer able to pay. In this case, a corresponding fund takes effect, which is extremely important for the customers' money. As a trader, you can also benefit from this deposit protection with LMAX.

Thus the broker offers a lot of comfort for all traders in terms of security. Accordingly, the LMAX test failed in this area without any complaints. After all, there are also a large number of brokers who do without regulation and are also not bound by deposit insurance because of their company headquarters.

LMAX also offers a lot of comfort in customer care

Besides When it comes to trading services and the individual trading offers, variety and convenience are what count. Basic support is also useful when it comes to support if you as a trader have questions or cannot find a solution to problems. The broker LMAX offers extensive support for its traders, so that all questions can be answered quickly and all problems can be solved directly. From Sunday to Friday there is such a telephone support that is available around the clock. In addition, support can also be reached via email, which allows traders to submit their questions and concerns in writing. In any case, this ensures that as a trader you are not left alone with problems and questions and instead receive direct and fast support.

The quick contact can be particularly useful if you have problems with the trading tools. But even if you as a trader have more urgent questions, you can get help and support from the provider LMAX conveniently and promptly. This offers a lot of comfort for all traders and helps to feel comfortable with this broker.

Website offers quick orientation

The website is not only available in Canadian, it is also brightly designed and offers quick access to all important content. With just a few clicks you can find your way around here as a trader and can thus start trading quickly and easily. It is also possible to create an account for trading directly on the website or to familiarize yourself with trading with demo access. LMAX also offers easy orientation with its own website. In addition, the web trader can also be used flexibly.

Mobile App

With the mobile app, the broker LMAX offers its traders the additional opportunity to flexibly and easily participate in trading. The app can be downloaded quickly and free of charge for Android and iOS and thus offers direct use. The app can be used with the known access data. It also offers access to trading and you can use it to get an overview of your own trading account.

The test report also offers many positive aspects due to the mobile app and it becomes clear that as a trader you can be flexible here and can participate in trading with a lot of variety.

Conclusion: LMAX offers extensive trading opportunities for traders

The British broker LMAX not only convinces with a demo account, low spreads and a secure Possibility to deposit, but also with a regulation and deposit insurance. As a trader, you are safe here and can participate in trading flexibly and easily. LMAX offers a lot of comfort for traders and also convinces with a Canadian-language website. There is also a mobile app that allows traders to easily participate in trading. Overall, the broker offers numerous options, but with a minimum deposit of $10,000, it is aimed more at experienced traders with a corresponding budget.

Roland Herrmann
LMAX has a large range of forex and the demo account is ideal for training.
3.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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