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Lotto is a good change from the usual casino round. In addition, playing the lottery is much easier for many users and is also faster than registering with the casino provider of choice. The losses are also lower in the lottery. It is of course no wonder that the lottery has become increasingly popular in recent years. Anyone who has fallen for the lottery game now has the option of activating and filling out the lottery tickets online. The providerLotto Palace seems to come at the right time, because all the popular games can be found here.

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Fear of According to our Lotto Palace test, you don't have to have a fraud or a rip-off from the provider, because the lottery provider shows itself to be serious in all tests and in all experiences. When we took a closer look, we not only went into our experiences, but also into the experiences that customers have already had with the lottery portal. These have shown us that the provider Lotto Palace is a reputable and trustworthy provider. Potential customers can read further considerations in the following sections.

Our experience at a glance

Lotto Palace impresses with a comprehensive selection of lotteries. In addition to the classic selection, which almost all providers use, the lottery provider Lotto Palace can also convince with foreign lotteries. The selection is in the double-digit range, so that all customers can find the right lottery for their use. The selection is very well broken down and potential customers can apply the lottery games quickly and easily. Even syndicates can be formed and offer a higher chance of winning. In addition, each player can play several tickets and determine the run times individually. But according to our test result, the provider has even more to offer, because mobile lottery is also possible. The provider is thus following current market trends.

Company Altair Entertainment
Address Dr. MJ Hugenholtzweg Z/N UTS Gebouw,Curacao
Email [email protected]
Live Chat No

If you have any questions, the company's friendly customer service is always available. The market concept pursued by the provider is relevant for use and at the same time innovative. Lotto Palace does not offer the lotteries itself, but acts as an intermediary. Accordingly, customers fill out the lottery tickets and the provider sends them to the respective acceptance points on behalf of them. In this way, the provider Lotto Palace avoids the need for a gaming license. Although said license is not required, it does not mean that the provider does not show legitimate behavior. Because the provider is quite convincing in all other points.

Lotto Palace checked: fraud or serious?

We certainly don't need to mention that the provider is serious again. However, if you are looking for a gambling license from the lottery provider, you will have to search a long time. Because this does not exist. The provider does not need this either, because he acts as an intermediary and not as a pure game provider. Accordingly, no licenses are required. Nevertheless, nobody has to fear a rip-off or fraud, because the market leader still pays attention to the security of its customers. With comprehensive cost control and compliance with the game conditions, the provider ensures that customers are on the safe side. Security is important even during registration, as minors cannot register. Additional data protection experts ensure the security of customer data.

The Lotto Palace offer

The lottery provider has not been stingy with its game offers. Numerous domestic and foreign games are waiting for the user. The experience with Lotto Palace showed that both the classic and the new games are popular with users. We took a closer look at some of the lottery games.

The Lotto Palace website
Vorschaubild Startsseite Lotto PalaceVorschaubild Support Lotto Palace


The Eurojackpot appeals to its users with high winnings and easy gameplay. The betting slip has various betting fields ready. 50 numbers are available on each betting field, from which the player must choose five correct numbers. In addition, two numbers must be selected from the special area. The drawing of the numbers always takes place on Friday. The guaranteed jackpot and thus the smallest win is always ten million euros. However, the Eurojackpot can only be won if all seven numbers match. If the jackpot is not cleared, it will continue to rise until the next drawing.


The Euromillions lottery can be compared to the Eurojackpot lottery. Here, too, there are plenty of big wins that can be cracked with the right draw. In the case of the Euromillions, however, the drawing always takes place on Tuesday. On the lottery ticket, each customer again has 50 numbers available from which five can be selected. As with the Eurojackpot, users can draw two special numbers in the draws. This results in seven numbers per draw. It should be emphasized that there is a special draw in the Euromillions at very irregular intervals.

Lotto Austria

The Lotto Austria involves drawing six numbers from 45 numbers. This lotto can be compared to the Canadian 6 out of 49. A total of twelve betting fields are available. The draws always take place on Wednesdays. The jackpot increases if it has not been cracked and can therefore have very different levels.


The lottery provider offers the game Powerball in several variants. In addition to the classic Powerball, the Powerball Austria game can also be found on the site. The classic Powerball game comes from America. The Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in North America. But it is also popular in Kenya, which is partly due to the fact that the jackpots can reach enormous heights. 69 numbers are available on the ticket, from which a total of five numbers can be chosen.

Mega Millions

Lotto Palace also offers the Mega Millions lottery, among other things. In Kenya, the game has already reached a large fan base. A total of five numbers must be picked out of 75. In addition, the user plays a special number. If the six numbers are correct, the jackpot is played.

6 out of 49

The classic 6 out of 49 must of course not be missing under any circumstances, which is why the market leader also offers this game. The classic is still very popular with Canadian users. The rules of the game hardly need to be explained with 6 out of 49 because, like in Lotto Austria, six numbers out of 49 are chosen. The jackpots can reach dizzying heights. The forced payout guarantees a quick win.

Other lotteries

In addition to the lotteries known here, our Lotto Palace test revealed other games. There are sometimes games from Kenya, Austria and the USA and even the neighboring country Poland is represented. Not to be forgotten are the categories scratch cards and syndicates, which bring variety. When it comes to scratch cards, the lottery provider again offers a comprehensive selection that can be quite attractive. With a syndicate, winnings can be achieved with a higher probability.

Bonus for new customers

Although the Lotto Palace offer is shown in the test report to be very versatile and the provider can also convince in other respects , the search for a bonus was unsuccessful. Lotto Palace offers neither its existing customers nor its new customers a bonus. The provider also completely prohibits the use of vouchers. This clearly pushes the market leader aside. Unfortunately, it is not known if a coupon or bonus is planned in the near future. However, the company offers its customers discounts aimed at rewarding the purchase of a higher quantity of tickets or other paraphernalia. However, the discounts are located very differently, so that no pattern can be recognized.

Deposits and withdrawals

The deposit methods and withdrawal options are also relevant for a closer look. That is why we have also considered these areas more closely. Because dubious providers can be quickly uncovered based on the terms of payment.

The payment options are visible immediately after registration and are above all relevant, because this is the only way to play the selected lottery ticket. The deposit methods must be chosen carefully. According to our information, there are no fees for any deposit method. Accordingly, every customer is free to choose which option he prefers. Credit card payments via Visa and Mastercard are of course available. In addition, every player can use the instant bank transfer and the Giropay procedure. All of the options mentioned reveal the fast transfer. The normal transfer time usually takes less than 24 hours. The immediate transfer can of course be made directly on the Internet, which saves a lot of work. The provider company is working on expanding the deposit methods. Unfortunately, PayPal and Paysafecard are not available.

The payment options available at Lotto Palace
Die Zahlungsoptionen beim Anbieter
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung
Mindesteinzahlung: depending on payment method
Account management possible in: EUR
Payout options: Visa, Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung

The specified deposit methods can be used for the payout. Here, too, extensions are to follow in the near future. If a win is made, the win will be credited to the customer's credit account. Now every customer has the free choice of whether to use the money for further lottery games or whether to have the winnings paid out. However, the payment is only made from a credit balance of 5 euros. All payments made or received by the customer are in euros. The named payment methods are considered secure and are monitored by the company itself under the strictest security guidelines.

Security and regulation

Fraud or rip-off are two issues that a user atder Auswahl eines Anbieters für Online Lotto always accompany. Unfortunately, there are numerous lottery providers who repeatedly exploit the ignorance of customers. In order to be protected as a customer from fraud or a rip-off, you should consider several things when making your selection. The first thing many people look at is the license. This is not available with the provider Lotto Palace. However, this does not necessarily reflect a bad provider, because as a lottery provider, Lotto Palace does not need a license. Why is this the case? Thats is quite easy. The company does not need a license because Lotto Palace does not sell games directly, but acts as an intermediary. As an intermediary, the company works on behalf of the customer. The customer gives the order to submit the lottery ticket to the respective lottery acceptance point by paying for the lottery ticket.

Apart from the license, companies can offer security through other aspects. The payment methods should therefore be assessed more closely as a focal point. In particular, payments via instant transfer and the use of other online services reflect security for the customer. But what still allows safety to prevail? At the Lotto Palace company, it is also data protection. Because this one is particularly pronounced. Looking at the terms and conditions can also help to reinforce the most important security aspects. The many security features of the portal were enough for us to assume that there were no security risks.

Support and customer service

Customer service is the first point of contact for questions or problems. It therefore deserves special consideration. How good is the company's support now? Customers can find all important contact information under the “Contact us” tab. The contact address is also available here. If you don't want to write a letter, you might want to use the portal's e-mail address. The request can be explained quickly and easily here. The corresponding telephone number can also be used to reach the 24 hour support.

The contact can also be made in a much simpler way. Because there is a chat symbol on the website. Personal data must be stored there in order to be able to ask further questions to the support. If there is a question, any customer contacting us via email can expect an answer within 24 hours. A phone call can always be made, because support is available 24 hours a day. If there are any further questions, these can perhaps also be clarified by the questions and answers areas. There you will find the most important questions and answers from the respective customers. So a look may be worthwhile before customer support.

Website usability

The company's website is designed very simply. No comprehensive web design and no heavy operations. This means that older customers can also find their way to the lotteries very quickly. The website itself only contains the lotteries, scratch cards and game information. Of course, the simple operation makes the game even more fun. The lottery games can be implemented very easily. In the lotteries section, customers can find the individual offers that can be viewed quickly. Draws are immediately visible. By clicking on the corresponding game, the lottery ticket appears, which can be filled out with simple mouse operations. The corresponding lottery ticket can then be entered by registering. The customer finds out very quickly whether there are any winnings, because these are visible on the customer account. The customer account can be adjusted according to the project through deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile App

Although the company does not offer a bonus and therefore has a negative impression for many customers, the portal with a mobile side convince again. The company can definitely win customers over with this, because numerous providers still have no app to show for themselves. Now Lotto Palace does not offer a direct app, but a mobile site that can be accessed from all end devices. The portal convinces with this. The advantage on the side is clearly visible, because users no longer have to go through the cumbersome search for the app in the store. In addition, there is the advantage that all information is structured in the same way. Accordingly, no further conversion is required. The mobile site can easily be accessed via the browser. Then you can register. The company states that the website can be used immediately on mobile devices. Accordingly, lottery tickets can also be filled out, paid for and handed in on the go.

Conclusion: Reputable provider with a simple concept

The provider Lotto Palace is a reputable agent who offers the most common games. In addition to the well-known classic 6 out of 49, the big lotteries such as Powerball can also be found. This makes the portal quite popular with users. Because Powerball and other lotteries enable the correspondingly high winnings that are so welcome. Apart from the selection, the provider can convince with easy payment systems. Accordingly, there are no fees for deposits. However, it can finally be said that the selection of payment systems appears correspondingly small compared to other providers. We noticed the app and the mobile site positively with the provider. Because this is very well coordinated with the original homepage. Users find their way around very quickly, as well as on the original page. Here, too, the provider Lotto Palace can convince, because it is very easy to use.

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