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At lottobay you play safely, because it is an official partner of Lotto, which is therefore also state-licensed. You don't have to be afraid of fraud or rip-offs here. In the next few lines, the lottobay test shows what the offer consists of in detail and which functions the customer can still access.

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Our experiences at a glance

The lottobay Overall experiences are extremely positive. There are a lot of points that give this provider a good rating. This includes, for example, the offer that the customer can find. The provider does not come up with a very large number of lotteries, but those that are available here have it all. There is, among other things, the never-ending lottery 6 out of 49, keno, the lucky spiral or class lotteries. But of course it is not the offer alone that brings about the positive experiences. A good overall appearance also includes, for example, the certainty of being able to play safely and seriously. This is the case with lottobay, because the customer encounters a provider who is state-certified and therefore beyond any doubt.

Company lottobay GmbH
Adresse Unnenland 7, 22177 Hamburg
Phone 0800 / 56 88 62 29
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat No

Furthermore, the good support and the convenient payment methods are also pleasing. Mobile gaming is also possible with this provider, but without a separate app.

lottobay under review: fraud or serious?

Of course, the lottery area is one of the things in gambling that is particularly special fraud or seriousness are often in the foreground. This is a flaw that the industry - and consequently the providers - unfortunately have to live with. The valid license has already been mentioned here, because lottobay is a state-licensed provider that is one of the official partners of Lotto. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about the seriousness at all. One can confidently assume that providers, which are even capped by the state, pass every test and can give the customer a safe, carefree gaming experience. In addition, there are also one or the other additional factor that shows the player that he is dealing with an absolutely reputable provider. This can often be seen from the means of payment. Because here in the portfolio of the providers there are sometimes big names whose image would certainly be damaged if they played with a dubious provider. Other features include a valid certificate from TÜV Nord or a top rating on the Trusted Shops rating platform include whole world. But why wander far away when local lotteries exude a certain charm? There is, among other things, the 6 out of 49 lottery, the Glücksspire or some class lotteries. Lottery syndicates complete the offer here.


Das Angebot eines Lottoanbieters kann durchaus vielfältig daherkommen und Lotterien aus der ganzen Welt beinhalten. Doch warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn auch einheimische Lotterien einen gewissen Reiz versprühen? Hier gibt es unter anderem die Lotterie 6 aus 49, die Glücksspirale oder aber auch einige Klassenlotterien. Spielgemeinschaften runden das Angebot hier ab.

The lottobay website
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Slot syndicates

Loss syndicates are full of advantages, but they can also have one or two disadvantages. One of the advantages is certainly that you have greater chances of winning here, since more notes can be played. The player buys shares in a ticket. However, this also means that winnings have to be shared with the other participants in the syndicates. At lottobay, a syndicate consists of a maximum of 40 players. This means that you have to share a win with 39 other players - depending on the number of shares you buy for this syndicate. At lottobay, however, this syndicate is only available for the Lotto 6 out of 49. On the provider side there is a clear page on which the customer can see how many rows he gets for how many shares. Of course, he can use this menu to set how long the ticket should be valid or whether it should even be a subscription ticket.

Lotto 6 aus 49

TheLotto 6 aus 49 is by far the most popular lottery, especially in Kenya. It has captivated lottery fans for several decades, and until a few years ago the draws were still broadcast live on TV. This is no longer the case, but the lottery has lost none of its attractiveness. The player has to choose six lucky numbers from a total of 49 numbers. If all six lucky numbers plus the correct super number are drawn, the jackpot is won. The Super number results from the last digit of the ticket. Here at lottobay, the customer can change the ticket number to their heart's content. In addition to the normal numbers, the customer can also choose special lotteries such as Glücksspire, Spiel 77 or Super 6. The customer can either enter his favorite numbers here or choose a quick tip. The number fields are selected automatically. Duration and Co. can be set as well as the drawing day on which the ticket should be valid. Because 6 out of 49 is not only played on Saturdays, but also on Wednesdays.


The Eurojackpot is also a very popular lottery. It has been around for a few years, and the draws take place once a week (on Fridays). The aim here is to correctly guess five lucky numbers plus two euro numbers. There are 50 lucky numbers to choose from, and ten euro numbers. Last but not least, what makes this lottery very popular is the consistently high jackpots. Because the minimum jackpot for each draw is ten million euros. If you don't win this, you will be topped up.


The Glücksspirale is also a lottery, but no lucky numbers are drawn here. It's just a ticket number that is assigned to the player and that he can change himself. If all digits of the ticket number are hit here, the player wins a lifelong immediate pension of 7500 euros per month. But the other classes also have attractive prizes in store. The customer can play several ticket numbers here and also add Game 77 or Super 6 to the ticket. Of course, the running times can also be set here. In addition, the customer can also play optimized tickets, which can give him higher winnings.

Special offers for new customers

Unfortunately, there are no special offers for new customers at lottobay. With other providers it can happen that there are free tickets where the player gets the money back for the first ticket after registration. However, these offers only apply if there is no profit on the ticket. Unfortunately, lottobay does not have these or similar campaigns. However, there is a kind of special offer. If you want to bet on the power of the stars, you can play a horoscope tip. The customer simply selects his zodiac sign and then the possible winning numbers are displayed. However, these horoscope tips are only available for 6 out of 49. As I said, this is not an offer as such, but the horoscope tip is still a nice gimmick – especially for undecided tipsters.

Deposit and withdrawal

The payment methods play a very important role when looking at gambling providers. After all, this is where it is decided how the customer brings money to his gaming account and how he can have his winnings paid out again. It is also important to show a certain diversity so that the largest possible group of people is addressed. Because not every potential customer has a valid credit card, for example.

The lottobay test shows that the selection of payment methods here is relatively small, but this is not a negative point. Because mass does not always equal quality. The payment methods are easy to use here. For example, one can use PayPal to fund their gaming account. Anyone who makes a lot of online purchases with this payment method anyway can feel at home here. In addition to PayPal, there is also the Sofortüberweisung. In order to be able to use this payment method, the customer needs their online banking data and a valid TAN. Although this is a transfer, it is carried out in real time, so the customer can access the money immediately. Credit cards are also available. As you would expect, the big two in the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted here. Last but not least, the customer can conveniently have the stakes withdrawn from his account. Because the SEPA direct debit is also available as a payment method.

The payment options available at lottobay
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei lottobay
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, direct debit
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Transfer

If you look around in the FAQ , who will receive information on the payment of winnings there. This takes place with amounts up to 500 euros on the game account. Winnings from 500 euros upwards are transferred directly from the trustee to the customer's bank account. Those who make even bigger profits will have to continue to legitimize themselves. This requirement applies to winnings from a sum of 2500 euros.

Security and regulation

The questions of security and regulation go hand in hand with the question of seriousness. The answer here is almost identical: At lottobay you can play safely and seriously, because the provider and its lotteries are state-certified. At the bottom of the website you can see the corresponding logos that prove this. A certificate from TÜV Nord is also included. Thus, the customer can be sure that the work here is clean and tidy. There is no fraud or rip-off with this provider. If there was even the slightest doubt about this fact, then the state gaming authority would certainly step in and impose sanctions if necessary. Add to that the fact that this is an official Lotto partner, which is also a clear sign of quality.

Support and customer service

Support and customer service are important features of a provider. Because no matter how good the range of games may be - there can always be questions and problems. Be it in the area of ​​the account or in the area of ​​the lotteries themselves. In such a case, a competent contact person must be available.

All in all, there are several ways to get in touch with the support at lottobay. For example, this can be done using the contact form or email. In this way, the customer can easily put his request in writing. In addition, there is also a toll-free number. However, there are fixed times for this. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m Faust wants to research, there is a very well sorted and extensive FAQ area. There are a lot of questions and the corresponding answers on various topics here. These range from payment transactions to account issues. Customers who take a close look around here may find that they don't need personal contact with support at all.

Wer keinen persönlichen Kontakt mit dem Kunden sucht oder zunächst einmal auf eigene Faust recherchieren will, für den gibt es den sehr gut sortierten und umfangreichen FAQ-Bereich. Hier gibt es eine Menge Fragen und die dazugehörigen Antworten zu verschiedenen Themen. Diese reichen vom Zahlungsverkehr bis hin zu Kontofragen. Kunden, die sich hier intensiv umschauen, werden vielleicht feststellen, dass sie den persönlichen Kontakt zum Support gar nicht brauchen.

User-friendliness of the website

The website is clearly structured. Both customers and visitors will feel very comfortable here. There are no unnecessary buttons or tedious menus that are often found at gambling sites. The customer finds the area he is looking for quickly and easily. The pages of the individual lotteries are also structured in a clear and user-friendly manner, and few, if any, questions should remain unanswered. Overall, the customer can build on a very user-friendly site here, which also gives interested parties an insight into what to expect here.

Mobile App

Themobile Spielen should be standard nowadays. The reasons are obvious: today's customers don't just want to be able to enjoy the lottobay offer on their home PC or laptop. He would also like to be able to access this offer on the go and play in peace. Above all, those who would like to play a lottery ticket spontaneously, but do not necessarily have access to the Internet, rely on mobile applications. These are not available at lottobay. But that doesn't mean that the customer can't still get started on the go. If you open the page with the browser of your mobile device, you will find that the offer seems to be available as well. This mobile site would have a few advantages. The customer does not have to download a separate app and therefore does not have to worry about updates. Another advantage: the mobile site is designed for different operating systems. This means that the customer can play here in peace and it doesn't matter whether he has an Apple iPhone or a Samsung device. The mobile pages adapt themselves very precisely, so that there can be no display errors. However, it should be noted that the provider himself does not attach too much importance to this offer. Because there is no indication on the websites that the offer is also functional on mobile devices.

Conclusion: Very good and state-licensed provider

The lottobay experience shows an overall very positive result. This is also due to the range of lotteries that the customer can choose from. There aren't a ton of lotteries available here, but those that are are quite impressive. For example, there is the well-known Lotto 6 out of 49, in which extras such as the Glücksspirale, Spiel 77 or Super 6 can also be selected. But that's not all: The provider is very serious and safe. It is an official partner of Lotto, which of course also means that providers and lotteries are state-licensed. So there will be no fraud and rip-off here. The selection of payment methods is also presented well. Here the customer can even look forward to the SEPA direct debit procedure. Incidentally, payment is made by bank transfer. Customer service is also commendable. There is a small criticism of the “mobile gaming” factor. Not because there is no offer, but because the provider leaves no indication that you can play mobile. But this does not detract from the great overall impression.

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Lottobay is a state-licensed provider with a good selection of games
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