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LOVEPOINT advertises with more than 3.5 million successful dating agencies and claims to have over 500,000 members. Nevertheless, with an infidelity portal, the question always arises as to whether the respective provider is reputable. This is exactly what we dealt with in our test and evaluated whether the portal really has to offer a partner search tailored to the needs of its users. In any case, the certification by TÜV Saarland indicates that this is a safe platform with which all interested parties can lay the foundation for an affair or an erotic adventure or get to know their dream partner.

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Scam or rip-off? Is LOVEPOINT really reputable?

In Kenya, particularly high standards apply to all companies that want to receive TÜV certification. This applies above all to data protection, which the respective provider must guarantee. Thus, the certification by TÜV Saarland clearly shows that LOVEPOINT is an absolutely reputable provider. Not only was the seriousness of LOVEPOINT checked, but also the discretion was put to the test and the portal also did very well in this regard. In addition, there is an authenticity check of the members to keep the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

Company Networld Projects GmbH
Address| ||90 Rheinstraße 103, 64295 Darmstadt
Commercial Register AG Darmstadt, HRB Darmstadt 8984, VAT ID: DE 813156170
eMail:|| |102 [email protected]
Telephone hotline: 06151 – 97 68 60

The provider can also use its anti-fake -Warranty score and differentiates itself from the competition. Strictly speaking, this guarantee means that LOVEPOINT assures the decommissioning of every profile to which dubious intentions can be assigned. In addition, there is the award "serious and sophisticated", which can be obtained by any profile. This makes it even easier for LOVEPOINT users to recognize when they are dealing with a serious flirt partner. As soon as the portal senses even the slightest sign of fraud, the respective profile is shut down on the spot. This also shows that it is a thoroughly reputable provider.

Video preview of LOVEPOINT

In the following video you will find a summary of our experiences with LOVEPOINT. We will also show you how the registration works and also show you the first steps with the provider.

Watch the video now to get a preview of LOVEPOINT:

This is what LOVEPOINT offers its users

True to the motto "Flirting without borders", people between the ages of 18 and 55 get in touch at LOVEPOINT and can arrange to meet up for a fling. The age groups between 18 and 24 and between 35 and 44 are most strongly represented. Unfortunately, the relationship between the sexes is not necessarily balanced, which may also be due to the fact that women can use the infidelity portal for their own purposes completely free of charge. When looking for a dream partner, 65% of users are female and only 35% are male. On the other hand, among the members who are interested in an erotic adventure, 59% are male and only 41% are female. This membership structure has proven itself again and again over the years on the portal.

Preview of the provider's website
Die Angebote von LOVEPOINT übersichtlich auf der WebseiteDas erotische Online Magazin von LOVEPOINT

Although there is a corresponding point deduction for the lack of balance between the sexes, it brings LOVEPOINT also has decisive advantages. At this point, the special personality test should be mentioned, which makes the profiles even more meaningful. In collaboration with the well-known psychologist Dr. Christoph von Quast was able to develop this test, which precisely covers the factors that are essential for a successful partnership. In addition to a photo of the respective member, most profiles contain extensive information on their appearance, character and sexual preferences. You can also create your own introductory text. However, not all of this information is automatically accessible; a premium membership is required to be able to view the photos of female flirt partners. Finally, the basic membership only includes the following features:

  • The personality assessment
  • 50 contact suggestions for men without a picture
  • The entire offer is free for women

Any male user of this portal who would like to contact their partner suggestions and receive their photos will have to take out a paid subscription. This also includes unlimited partner suggestions and all of the following contact options:

  • Personal messages
  • Live chat via video or audio
  • Send anonymous SMS or make calls
  • Send a chat invitation including a little greeting

Are there bonus offers for new customers?

While the use of LOVEPOINT is permanently free for women, the men of creation are asked to pay. Since discount campaigns through vouchers are very rare at LOVEPOINT, interested parties usually have to pay the full price for membership. Although there are only very few savings opportunities, the monthly costs for a longer subscription are correspondingly cheaper. Anyone who is already seriously looking for great love or a partner for an erotic adventure should take out a longer subscription to LOVEPOINT.

Costs and payment options for the premium subscription

Während LOVEPOINT für Frauen in jedem Fall kostenlos ist, können die männlichen Nutzer zwischen zwei verschiedenen Mitgliedschaftsarten auswählen. Zum einen können sie sich für die reguläre Premium-Mitgliedschaft entscheiden, die für drei, sechs oder 12 Monate abgeschlossen werden kann. Dabei handelt es sich jeweils nur um eine Mitgliedschaft für entweder die Suche nach dem Traumpartner oder die Suche nach einem Erotikabenteuer. Wer bei LOVEPOINT hingegen nach beidem suchen und sich alle Möglichkeiten offenhalten möchte, kann dies ebenso tun. Zu diesem Zweck bietet LOVEPOINT eine spezielle VIP-Mitgliedschaft nur für Männer an, die immer für ein Jahr abgeschlossen werden muss. Die Kosten für dieses Angebot betragen 149,00 KES/EUR/USD, was einer monatlichen Gebühr von 12,41 KES/EUR/USD entspricht. Die Gebühren für die anderen Mitgliedschaftsvarianten sehen wie folgt aus:

Type of membership Price in total
3 months 99.00 CAD /EUR/USD
6 months 129.00 CAD/EUR/USD
12 months 149.00 CAD/EUR /USD

While the monthly costs for the 3-month subscription are 33.00 CAD/EUR/USD, the 1-year membership costs only 12.41 CAD/EUR/USD per month. By the way, there is no difference between the prices for the 12-month VIP and the regular premium membership, so the bottom line is that the VIP membership is the best offer. Another plus is the fact that payment at LOVEPOINT is completely anonymous. The user therefore pays the fee to a third-party company without LOVEPOINT receiving the member's personal data. Cash payments can also be made anonymously. Also, no cancellation is required. Membership is not automatically renewed at the end of its term. Should the customer nevertheless cancel prematurely, he will not receive a refund of the overpaid fees. However, termination can still make sense in order to have your own data deleted from LOVEPOINT. To do this, simply contact the team at the side jump portal.

LOVEPOINT attaches great importance to the protection of customer data

The fact that LOVEPOINT is very committed to data protection is shown by the TÜV Saarland test alone. Of course, the provider guarantees that the customer's data will not be passed on to third parties. In addition, anonymous payment is possible in various ways, so that the exact payment details are not passed on to LOVEPOINT anyway. If you wish, you can also register completely anonymously, which provides an additional level of security. The already mentioned anti-fake guarantee also makes LOVEPOINT a very reputable and secure platform.

Non-members cannot view the profiles of LOVEPOINT members, which also increases the standard of security. In addition, the portal is SSL-certified, so that the members' area can be used SSL-secured if desired. The complete transparency regarding all contract data also speaks for the seriousness of LOVEPOINT. In addition, the user's profile information is only displayed to those members who really match the user's expectations. Of course, each member decides for himself which information he or she would like to share with another user at LOVEPOINT. It is therefore the case that the following profile elements can be activated separately for each user, so that the member retains full control over his information:

  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Video

The customer service in the test

In order to be able to offer its customers the highest possible level of service, LOVEPOINT is available to its members around the clock every day. The 24-hour support is available by phone. If there are any questions, the member can call the hotline at any time. The LOVEPOINT website also has useful information on all kinds of common questions that are asked particularly frequently about the fling portal. In addition to this practical online support, members can also rely on the virtual support staff. Thus, the customer immediately receives a competent answer to his questions within minutes.

All premium memberships and payment methods at a glance
Übersicht zu den Zahlungsmethoden bei LOVEPOINT
Subscription 3 months 99.90 CAD /EUR/USD, corresponds to 1.11 CAD/EUR/USD per day
6-month subscription: 129.90 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 0.72 CAD/EUR /USD per day
12 month subscription: 149.90 CAD/EUR/USD, equivalent to 0.41 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Payment methods : Visa, Mastercard, direct debit, bank transfer
Term of notice: no automatic term extension

How user-friendly is the portal?

At LOVEPOINT, special care has been taken to ensure that all the functions of the flirting and flirting portal can be used easily even by complete Internet laypeople. Unfortunately, this also means that the members area of ​​theCasual Dating Site looks a bit old-fashioned. However, the registration can be filled out all the more easily within a few minutes and the user also creates part of his later profile at the same time. Thanks to the special personality test, which was developed in cooperation with a renowned psychologist, the partner suggestions fit the respective member particularly well. In addition, the partner search is also available within a freely selectable kilometer radius, with only suggestions with a particularly high degree of compatibility being displayed. If desired, the member can even create a friend and ignore list.

Is there an app or mobile website?

Unfortunately, the affair portal is currently not available for iOS or Android offers its own website. There is also no mobile version of the regular LOVEPOINT website. Although LOVEPOINT can score in many respects, this aspect is definitely in need of improvement. Unfortunately, LOVEPOINT cannot score with a special offer for mobile users. However, it is difficult to operate the regular website from a smartphone, since the profiles on the screen of a mobile device in particular usually appear downright tiny.

Conclusion: Our experience has shown that

Das Wichtigste möchten wir hier gleich zuerst festhalten. Bei LOVEPOINT handelt es sich keineswegs um Abzocke, sondern einen vertrauensvollen Anbieter, der seine Seriosität gleich in mehrerlei Hinsicht unter Beweis gestellt hat. Dabei liegen die wichtigsten Vorteile neben der Zertifizierung durch den TÜV Saarland ganz klar auf der Hand. Schließlich kann das Portal nicht nur von Frauen kostenlos genutzt werden, sondern bietet seinen männlichen Kunden ebenfalls faire Konditionen an. Besonders die Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten fallen sehr vielseitig aus und auf Wunsch kann LOVEPOINT von der Anmeldung bis zur Bezahlung völlig anonym genutzt werden. Das einzelne Mitglied behält jedoch die volle Kontrolle, da der Nutzer allein entscheidet, wer zum Beispiel die eigenen Profilbilder zu sehen bekommt.

Denise Schlüter
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The search for partners or infidelities doesn't look spectacular at first glance, but it's really tough
4.5 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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Because of the various positive reviews on the internet and the low prices, I decided on Lovepoint, among other things. I'm also registered with a few other providers and vendors and still active there. Less, however, because Lovepoint generally has a higher quota for me to find women for me. Personally, I only use the "infidelity" part and not so much the area about finding great love. But I also think that's possible here. Everyone is very nice and we're a far cry from the mainstream posturing of other providers. Therefore, my overall recommendation is to just register with Lovepoint. It's very good there.

written 74 months ago


I'm registered because I want to find a partner. Before that I was only on the side for infidelities and everything worked great there too. You get in touch, you write a little and if no one withdraws you meet - all simple and easy. And after that, in my experience, you hear nothing more from each other. So everything is very uncomplicated and that's why I'm so happy there. Regarding the search for great love: That's also possible here, I've already had two nice dates, even though everyone thought I'd go straight to bed with them. Lovepoint is Lovepoint and is more sex than date.

written 71 months ago


Recently my LOVEPOINT account somehow stopped working. Or I could no longer log in. I immediately called the support. The employees were very nice and were able to help me quickly. The hotline is there for users 24 hours a day. Brilliant.

Written 64 months ago


For me it is important that the users of a contact exchange are also checked. There are so many portals where fakes cavort. And that's not the point of the whole exercise. I like LOVEPOINT very much. I have already had several contacts.

written 61 months ago


Some dating sites are designed for infidelities. Others, on the other hand, are more likely to place people with serious intentions. At LOVEPOINT, on the other hand, you can find everything. There is something suitable for every requirement. And I think that's very good. I'm looking for the love of my life and I've come quite close to my goal.

written 57 months ago

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