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Bitcoin was long A real insider tip for technology and finance experts. In the meantime, everyone is talking about the cryptocurrency – and of course the associated Bitcoin casinos as well. One of them is the casino fromLuckygames, which wants to provide its customers with interesting and varied games. But does it work? We took a closer look at the portfolio with the in-house software and will explain our experiences with Luckygames in detail below.

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A general note at the beginning of our test report: Of course, no industry in the world is safe from fraudsters and dubious providers. Neither do the online casinos. However, we can say with absolute certainty that fraud or a rip-off from this provider can be ruled out. The fact that Luckygames works seriously is guaranteed, for example, by the fact that all games in the portfolio are provably fair.

Our experience at a glance

The casino's range of games is based on our experience with Luckygames currently still somewhat limited. Three different games can be played, so that the competition can sometimes do a little better in this area. Slots fans in particular may be disappointed as such games are not offered at all. Nevertheless, the portfolio is interesting because it mainly deals with classic games of chance. In addition, the games all come from the company and can be played without prior download. This is very convenient, because there are no minimum requirements for your own computer. The game is played directly in the browser, so that the game can be started within a few moments.

Registration Number
Phone –| ||143
E-mail Contact form only
Live Chat Yes

One or the other player will register at the Looking at the offer, you may be wondering where the official evidence of a license is hidden. In fact, however, the provider does not require any such licensing at all. Fraud or rip-off can be ruled out because the games are proven to be fair. All the results of the random number generators can be checked by the customers, so the seriousness is always guaranteed. Another positive aspect of the test was the fact that not only Bitcoin can be used to play. A total of 22 cryptocurrencies are offered, including, for example, the Blackcoin, CLAMS or DASH. The house advantage of the provider is one percent, which can also be described as fair and customer-friendly. Should questions or ambiguities arise, based on our experience with Luckygames, players can use the contact form to contact the casino's customer support.

Luckygames under review: fraud or serious?

Before players register inan online casino, the seriousness of the provider should always be examined first. This is a crucial point, because only reputable providers can really play with real chances of success. Basically, the necessary licenses always serve as a guide. If a provider has a sMoolche license in hand, the portfolio can definitely be described as serious. In the case of Luckygames, however, such a license is not necessary. Instead, the games ensure that customers are treated seriously and fairly. All games are Provably Fair, which means that every player can see the results of the random number generators for themselves. Without question: Luckygames fraud can definitely be ruled out.

By the way: Thanks to the various cryptocurrencies, the provider's customers don't have to worry about transactions either. All payments are carried out in encrypted form, without the need for personal information or private data from customers. The fact that Luckygames works seriously can be seen from several points. Customers can play with a good feeling.

Overview of the offer

There are currently exactly three games in the casino's portfolio, although game number four is already in the works. So far, the provider's focus has been exclusively on casino games, so that other products cannot be found in the range. Fans of sports betting, poker and Co. must therefore look elsewhere. There is also no live dealer area, which can generally be described as normal in Bitcoin casinos. Despite the slightly limited selection, the offer makes a good impression at first glance, especially since the games are easy to understand and well known. Particularly pleasant: Sounds are also supplied for the games, which can also be easily switched off if required.

The Luckygames website
Homepage vom Luckygames Spielauswahl vom Luckygames

Online Casino

The online casino, with its three different games, has so far been the mainstay of the offer. Of course, it's a bit of a shame that we couldn't discover a live casino in the Luckygames test. On the other hand, only very few Bitcoin casinos provide live games at all, so this aspect can definitely be coped with. In detail, the casino's line-up consists of the three games Ball, Dice and Roulette. In principle, Balls can easily be described as a variant of the lottery. Ten cue balls are listed here, from which the player can choose one to eight. When all bets are placed, a magnet moves over the cue balls and attracts a ball as the winning ball. Fun is definitely guaranteed with this game, at the same time the graphic design and the process can also be described as interesting. The game Dice is also known and can be described as a dice game. Before each game round, the customers have to determine whether the dice result in a value of over 50 or under 50. Once all bets have been placed, the round starts and all winnings are then paid out. The last available game in the casino's lineup is the classic roulette, which should be familiar to every player in the world. The European Roulette is played, which has only one zero and better chances of winning for the players compared to the American Roulette. Various assignments are possible. You can bet not only on the numbers, but also, for example, on thirds, even and odd numbers or the colors red and black.

As already mentioned, all games are instant play variants, which be started directly in the respective browser. A software download is not required, which means that there are no system requirements or free storage spaces to consider. Also positive: If you are not yet familiar with the various games on offer, you can read the explanations below the games. However, it is important to note that the entire website is only available in English and Russian. A few language skills should definitely be there, even if most of the terms are "international" anyway.

Otherwise, however, a chat with the other players is also available, so that advice may also be asked here can be. However, the chat is only available if at least 100 satoshis have been deposited and the customers have been registered as players for at least one day. In addition, according to our Luckygames test, various chat rules must be observed.

Bonus: No special offer for new customers

In many online casinos, new customers are greeted with a welcome bonus. Such offers are welcomed by the players, after all additional game credits can be cashed in this way. The providers regularly outdo each other in their bonus amounts, because of course they want to put the most attractive offer on their feet. It is all the more surprising that Luckygames is still very reluctant in this regard. A Luckygames bonus for new players is not available, and no "real" promotions are offered for existing customers. In direct comparison with the majority of the competition, the provider still has to do a little something around the casino bonuses if there is to be a stir in the long run.

The only highlight in our experience in this regard is the VIP status that active chatters randomly receive. A VIP bot appears in the chat every two hours and randomly distributes this status to the customers. In addition to this, some players can also become VIPs through daily sweepstakes. However, there are no advantages in the form of bonus money or game vouchers.

Deposits and withdrawals in the casino

In our experience, customers can use 22 different cryptocurrencies for deposits into the player account. There are no regular payment methods, such asin the PayPal Casinos. Nevertheless, payment processing can be described as a real strength of the provider, since all transactions are processed securely and reliably. The fact that there are no fees for processing the payments is also pleasant. Every deposit into the player account is carried out immediately, so that the deposited amount can be played after a few seconds. How much is paid in detail is up to each player. At least a minimum of 100 Satoshis is required.

Payment Methods at Luckygames
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei Luckygames
Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Blackcoin, CLAMs, DASH, Digibyte, Dogecoin , Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, Gamecredits, Gulden, ION, Litecoin, Monero, Namecoin, NAVcoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, PIVX, Potcoin, Reddcoin, Siacoin, STRATIS,SysCoin, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcash
Minimum Deposit:
Deposit Fees:
Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Blackcoin, CLAMs, DASH, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, Gamecredits, Gulden, ION, Litecoin, Monero, Namecoin, NAVcoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, PIVX, Potcoin, Reddcoin, Siacoin, STRATIS,SysCoin, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcash
Withdrawal Methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Blackcoin, CLAMs, DASH, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, Gamecredits, Gulden , ION, Litecoi n, Monero, Namecoin, NAVcoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, PIVX, Potcoin, Reddcoin, Siacoin, STRATIS,SysCoin, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcash

In the case of withdrawals from the player account, customers can choose exactly use the same options as when making a deposit. In addition to this, we would also like to mention at this point that the cryptocurrencies can be exchanged without any problems if the payment is to be made in a different currency. It is possible, for example, to convert black coins into bitcoins and vice versa. The casino completely waives withdrawal fees. However, every player should note that their own wallet may charge fees for receiving funds. The payouts are carried out after a short time, which we of course see as a plus for the provider in the Luckygames test.

Security & Regulation

One of the mainstays of every casino check is the check of security and regulation. "Normal" online casinos must always have an official license from a regulatory authority so that they can make their portfolio available. However, this does not apply to Luckygames, because in a Bitcoin casino rip-off or fraud are excluded anyway. All of the provider's games are Provably Fair and can therefore guarantee the highest level of security. This means, for example, that every player can easily see the results of a game round for themselves. To put it simply, everything is guaranteed to run correctly here.

In addition to this, we would also like to remind you of the secure processing of deposits and withdrawals. Since no personal data has to be transmitted, this is of course not at risk. Thus, all customers can lean back when processing their transactions, because the amount will always end up where it should end up.

Customer Support

It doesn't matter whether a casino works seriously or not often recognize each other from customer support. After all, it is a flagship of the provider, with which the players regularly contact. On the positive side, the customer service staff makes a very competent and friendly impression. Inquiries are made using a contact form, after which the response is then emailed to the player. A potential downside for Canadian players is the fact that support is only available in English. Anyone who can demonstrate a few minor language skills should still come through the consultation unscathed and understand all the important points.

If it is a general question about the casino's portfolio, the additional FAQ section can be used. Here the provider answers many questions from its players, so that your own ambiguities can perhaps be cleared out of the way. In any case, this area is suitable for getting important information in a short time and for getting an impression of the overall picture. According to our Luckygames experience, the FAQ area is definitely a helpful addition.

User-friendliness of the casino

Because the portfolio is limited anyway, the navigation is of course not a problem so hard. All important parts of the offer can be reached with just a few clicks, and the small menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen always provides quick access to the games or statistics. Basically, customers benefit from a functional appearance, which can also be described as visually attractive. There is no filter or search function, but in our experience with Luckygames, they are not missing either. Only the problem with the language remains here, since the entire homepage is only available in English and Russian.

Mobile App

In recent months and years, the popularity of || |271der Casino Apps increased enormously. The reason for this is obvious, after all, customers can easily play their favorite games on the go with the mobile versions. According to our test with Luckygames, mobile access is also possible with this provider, even if it is unfortunately not an optimized mobile offer. There might be some navigational issues here and there, but overall the app is stable. Compared to the competition, it doesn't leave a great impression, but the Luckygames app can still serve as an alternative.

Conclusion: Classic offer for crypto casino fans

Our experience with Luckygames can be summed up as very positive. The casino focuses on a small number of games, all of which are easy to understand and can convince with a high fun factor. In addition, the focus here is above all on the community, which can be seen in the existing chat function. If you don't have any problems with an English-language website, you've definitely come to the right place. Outstanding: Compared to many other online casinos, Luckygames convinces with the availability of 22 different cryptocurrencies. The provider can thereforebe counted among the best Bitcoin Casinos. This is a real rarity and should therefore be rated with a few plus points.

Steffen Breitner
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Luckygames offers a classic selection of casino games. The highlight: 22 different cryptocurrencies can be played!
3.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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