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In recent years, the forex and stock broker LYNX has received awards from the highest places. The Handelsblatt, for example, awardedLYNXVarengold

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Background: LYNX is that serious

Das Unternehmen hinter dem Forex- und Aktien-Broker LYNX hat seinen Sitz im niederländischen Amsterdam. Ebenso wird ein Büro in Berlin betrieben. Die internationale Ausrichtung des Dienstleisters schließt noch vier weitere Länder ein. Mittlerweile arbeiten nach eigenen Angaben über 100 Angestellte für den Broker. Die Zahl der Kunden steigt stetig und liegt aktuell bei etwa 30.000. Gegründet wurde das Unternehmen hinter dem Broker LYNX bereits 2006. Es ist deshalb davon auszugehen, dass die Hintermänner der Firma über reichlich Erfahrung in ihrem Bereich verfügen.

Company LYNX B.V. Canadiany Branch
Address Hausvogteiplatz 3-4 10117 Berlin, Kenya
Registration number AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 115523 B| ||113
Regulierung / Lizenz BaFin (121498)
Phone: 0800 5969 000
eMail:|| |127 [email protected]
Live chat: not available
Fax: +49 (0) 30 303286699

Because of the Canadian branch, LYNX has also sought Canadian regulation, which has also been approved. Since then, the Canadian financial supervisory authority BaFin has controlled the activities of LYNX on the public market. In addition, there is regulation by the Dutch DNB & AVM. In principle, the controls between the Canadian and Dutch regulatory authorities differ little. Both institutions receive their instructions directly from the European Union in Brussels. They are subject to the laws and regulations and only have a limited scope of their own. What is laid down and specified in laws is intended to ensure that customers are protected from so-called black sheep. These occur again and again in the area of ​​​​trading with currency pairs. Some well-known examples show that even apparently reputable companies repeatedly refuse payments and keep requesting new documents until the customer is no longer interested in chasing his payment.

LYNX can also offer deposit protection of up to points to 48,000 British pounds. Since it is not only a forex broker, but also a stock broker, the protection of the stock portfolio should also be pointed out. This is protected with up to 30 million US dollars. Even cash deposits are protected up to $1 million. Financial failures on the part of the broker, such as company insolvency, are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Lloyds of London. LYNX holds all papers with Societe Generale, one of the largest and most important European commercial banks. It should also be mentioned that LYNX does not automatically pay the withholding tax. Customers must do this independently at the end of a financial year. This has the advantage that profits and losses are added up over the year and the final withholding tax is lower.

Video preview of LYNX

In the following video you will find our experiences with LYNX in the summary. We'll also show you how to sign up and how to get started with the provider.

Now watch the video to preview LYNX:

That's what customers say

There's not much bad to read about LYNX on the Internet either. The many awards that the broker has won in recent years speak for themselves. However, it must be said that the typical Forex beginner will probably not start with LYNX at all. Because an account can only be opened there from a minimum deposit of 4,000 euros, which will certainly not be an amount that most private investors can raise at the beginning.

The few comments on the World Wide Web, however, certify LYNX a highly professional handling of their business . Transparency and customer friendliness are in the foreground and are always optimally combined. Customers also praise the functionality of the platform. They are generally happy that they went to LYNX with their money. Nevertheless, most of the reviews relate to trading in shares, which is actually LYNX's main line of business. Nevertheless, it can be read that the forex broker works very professionally, seriously and reliably.

The support in the test

Customer satisfaction and transparency are very important at LYNX. This is also noticeable with regard to customer support, which is available from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on a toll-free telephone number. The friendly staff takes care of all matters individually and is generally very competent. In addition, you can reach the head office in Berlin by email and via quick support using our own software. There really isn't much more to say about customer service - it's highly professional and makes an excellent impression.

Our experiences

For our LYX test report, we set up our own forex account despite the high minimum deposit broker created. And we were also able to convince ourselves of the high standards of the trading platform and the broker. There they really make an effort to satisfy every single trader and to respond to their needs individually. We definitely have the experience that it is a high-class and extremely professional and reputable broker who fully understands his business. All the information we need to create an account and start trading can be found on the broker's structured online pages. We were also impressed by the fundamentally very fair cost structure. We have no doubt that LYNX is a reputable and reliable provider. We can recommend registering to all traders who want to know that they have a reliable partner behind them in risky trading that they can rely on 100% at all times. LYNX scam? We can definitely deny that.

The offer from LYNX

Although the broker has received an absolute top rating in terms of basic seriousness, you always have to take a look at the offers, services and conditions to be thrown. This helps to compare the broker concretely with otherproviders in the field of forex trading. So we took the trouble to collect all the important key data and put them together in our test report.

Equity and forex trading directly on the LYNX website
Vorschaubild LYNX BrokerVorschaubild LYNX Software

Equity depot and forex broker in ein

The main business of LYNX was actually trading in shares. Normally, customers have accounts with their banks, which are also used as a share depository. However, more and more third-party providers are already making it possible to create your own share portfolio. A brief assessment of the stock portfolio at LYNX: The cost structure is extremely fair, a commission of only 0.14% is charged per stock trade. Customers are very pleased with the offer in the area of ​​trading in shares and recommend LYNX to the best of their knowledge and belief.

In addition to trading in shares, it is now also possible to trade currencies in the Forex area and CFDs. Futures, warrants, bonds and EFTs are also available. Overall, the types of trading at LYNX are interesting, but are generally more suitable for large investors and private investors with high financial capacity.

Low leverage, low spread

Currency pairs can be traded on LYNX with a leverage of 40:1 on the majors. This leverage is absolutely in the lower range compared to other brokers. For many private investors, the question arises as to how significant profits can be generated at all. This is only possible through higher stakes, which, however, are practically forced by the minimum deposit of 4,000 euros anyway. Leverage also means that positions need to be held longer in order to achieve a higher real profit. LYNX is therefore usually not suitable for day traders in the true sense.

The spread on majors, which starts at 0.5 pips, is very pleasing. This shows the tempting and extremely fair cost structure of LYNX, which we often admired in the test. As usual, the spread on exotic currencies and other products is slightly higher. However, all values ​​are within a perfectly acceptable range. Traders have to decide individually whether the low leverage can be offset by the low spread and with regard to their trading strategies.

Great trading software, poor mobile app

You can trade at LYNX with the in-house software LYNX Trader Workstation 4.0, which provides a unique overview and is very easy and customizable to use. This makes trading much more fun than, for example, with the MetaTrader, although the full range of functions is not available. In our experience report, we were disappointed with the mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. It is not possible to act on it. Only information about your own trading account and courses is displayed.

Deposit and withdrawal

Regarding the deposit and withdrawal at LYNX, there are some special features to consider. Since the broker is primarily a stock broker who offers you astock account a clearing account is required. All deposits and withdrawals then run through it. Deposits are always free of charge from LYNX in any amount and frequency. However, this only applies in part to the payout: one euro is due for a SEPA payout, WIRE payouts are set at 8 euros. A withdrawal can be requested within 30 days free of charge – but this value is sufficient for most traders.

All deposit and withdrawal options at LYNX
Diese Zahlungsmethoden stehen euch bei LYNX zur Verfügung
Payment options Bank transfer| ||227
Mindesteinlage: 4000CAD/EUR/USD (also possible in the form of shares when transferring a securities account)
Fees: 1CAD/EUR/ USD for SEPA payout, 8CAD/EUR/USD for WIRE payout
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

According to our experience, the payments are made seriously. We had no problems here in the test. The money is in our clearing account within a few working days.

Bonus and special offers

There are basically no direct deposit bonuses and other rewards at LYNX. It cannot be assumed that the broker will change its policy in this regard again. However, you can refer friends to earn 50 euros. The referred customer and the advertiser each receive this amount credited to their accounts.

Minimum deposit: 4,000 euros

LYNX brings an absolute hammer to the floor with regard to the minimum stake. A whopping 4,000 euros are required, with which an account can be opened in the first place. Here the broker is deliberately aimed at private investors who already have experience in the field. As a highly professional provider, you want to offer all customers a unique service, which is often not possible with too many traders. Therefore, the minimum deposit serves as protection against too many smaller customers.

Over 70 currency pairs

Although LYNX's specialty is trading stocks and securities, the number of currency pairs is surprisingly high . Not every forex broker offers a selection of the most important 70 currency pairs. Among them are some exotic currencies. The variety of trades makes it possible for experienced traders to trade the currency pair that suits them the most, with practically no restrictions imposed by the broker itself.

Top education center on board

In LYNX's Education Room, the same alternatives are basically available that can also be found with other brokers. Webinars, introductions to general and special topics and individual seminars make it possible for absolute beginners and newcomers to successfully start trading. A special feature, however, is the demo account provided. There is one million virtual US dollars on it, which can be used on the real market without any risk. The demo account is provided indefinitely.

Overall rating: LYNX is that good

LYNX is a top broker that is definitely only suitable for private investors with increased capital. The minimum deposit of 4,000 euros makes it risky for beginners to create an account. Despite the excellent educational offer and the even better customer support as well as the fair cost structure, we only recommend registration to those who have already gained experience in the field of foreign exchange trading.

Roland Herrmann
Jetzt traden!
Regulation by the Canadian Financial Supervisory Authority makes LYNX a safe and reliable broker.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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I really like the overall package, even though I have left the business and am therefore no longer a customer of the broker. As a LYNX customer, I always felt I was in good hands and in a specific circle of a few professional traders who are characterized by higher deposits. The maximum leverage of 200:1 is also not for simple speculators and adventurers. You need a basic knowledge to be able to trade successfully. You can also acquire this directly from the broker. There is also a very extensive center with introductions, learning materials and seminars that promise success.

written 74 months ago


The broker LYNX is around stretch better than others! High quality, aimed at a specific target audience and low prices when the trading volume is correspondingly high. A minimum investment of 4,000 euros is no small matter, okay, but it is definitely worth it for experienced professional traders. As I said, the price model is uniquely good and tailored exactly to me. I usually deposit around 10k euros with a forex broker, so my trading quota is also very high. LYNX is totally what I expect. The order fees and spreads are very low, I don't find anything like that with other providers. It's a pity, however, that courses for Canadian stocks have to be bought in addition. I would have wished that these were already included in the high minimum deposit.

written 71 months ago


I always thought I knew my field CFD trading out. However, Lynx's educational program taught me a lesson. Everyone can improve their individual potential here.

written 64 months ago

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