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Great Britain: Players at risk of addiction should use Gamstop be protected

Eine mit Handschellen gefesselte Person bedient eine Computertastatur.

Player safety is the number one priority in every country. Therefore, there are many ideas how addicted players can be protected. Another idea has now been developed in Great Britain to protect against gambling addiction. This idea was developed jointly by the British Gambling Association and Gamstop. The British Gambling Association BGC is working with Gamstop to help those at risk of gambling… (read more)

CFD Trading 2022 with brokers from Europe

Aktien Handel.

2022 wird für die CFD Branche ein erfolgreiches Jahr. Starkes Wachstum steht vielen Firmen bevor. Die Auswahl der Broker ist 2021 gestiegen und auch 2022 dürfte sie weiter zulegen. Auf den weltweiten Trading Märkten achtet man inzwischen stark auf die Herkunft der Broker. Europa ist hier gefragt, dann die Trader genießen hier viele Schutzmechanismen und… (read more)

Greece: players can use offers from Flutter

Auf einem Laptop liegt eine kleine Lupe, unter dem Laptop liegen Geldscheine und Geldmünzen.

Gambling groups are generally on an expansion course. Some succeed in the planned project, while others do not achieve their goals. The latter does not apply to Flutter Entertainment, because it has now been announced that several Flutter Entertainment portals are going online in Greece. This includes the well-known portal PokerStars. Flutter Entertainment is allowed in Greece both online casinos and… (read more)

Infineon bond issue with 7.5% interest per year


Die Firma Infineon bietet 7,5% Zinsen pro Jahr für alle, die ihre Anleihe zeichnen wollen. Bei der Comdirectbank steht die Anleihe derzeit problemlos zur Verfügung und zwar schon ab einem Budget von 1.000 Euro ohne weitere Kosten. Der Zinssatz in Höhe von 7,5% Zinsen pro Jahr wird definitiv gezahlt – vollkommen unabhängig von den anderen… (read more)

Wynn soon in the represented in the Arab Emirates

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

It's still just a plan, but it will certainly soon be put into practice: The famous Wynn gambling group would like to open a luxury resort in the Arab Emirates. When it came to the location, Wynn opted for a very unusual place: the resort is to be built on the artificially created island of Al Marjan. Wynn is planning a luxury resort… (read more)

Lower Saxony raises the age for entering arcades

Acht Spielgeräte stehen nebeneinander in einer Spielhalle.

For safe and reputable online casinos, the generally applies Rule that only adult players who are at least 18 years old are accepted. This is to ensure that no minors register. As a rule, the magic age of 18 also applied to entry into on-site casinos. Now there is a message that says... (read more)

Trading 2022: Broker & Options

Chart Trading.

The trading market should according to many experts, will continue to grow in 2022. Not only experienced traders rely on the stock exchange, but more and more young people are making sure to invest their money on the stock exchanges and markets. Equities, but also increasingly options as well as ETFs and certificates are becoming the focus of young traders. Anyone who has first experiences with… (read more)

UKGC imposes millions of fines against Genesis Global

Der Londoner Palast im Morgengrauen.

The British supervisory authority is known for that she proceeds strictly and also imposes very high fines. In the current case, it affects Genesis Global Limited, who are now faced with a fine of 3.8 million British pounds. The reason: This gambling provider is said to have broken several rules. Internet casinos are also in Kenya… (read more)

Crypto certificates at the comdirect

New York City.

The customers of the Comdirectbank are currently happy about the growth of trading options. So-called crypto certificates are in demand and offer the opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing crypto market. The selection of certificates is more than varied and offers a lot of known potential. Of course, the risks of the certificates should not be underestimated.... (read more)

Italy is planning similar gambling rules to Kenya

Zwei Männer im Anzug sitzen an einem Glücksspieltisch, auf dem Karten, Würfel und Getränke stehen.

A few days ago it was publicly announced that Italy would like to establish new gambling rules. Some details have already been revealed, which are very similar to the Canadian regulations. Of course, the goal is always the same: increase player safety and prevent gambling addiction if possible. At the same time, however, the Italian state does not want to reduce tax revenue from gambling. Italy is planning a… (read more)