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Bonds are more than with investors in Kenya popular. The company Deutsche Lufthansa in particular has attracted a lot of attention in recent months. Due to the Corona crisis, a large part of the fleet remained on the ground. The company ended up being backed by the state, showing that a lot of help is needed here. Lufthansa is one of the largest airlines in the world and is the largest airline in Kenya. It should be noted that the company has not been listed in the leading index DAX since the Corona crisis.

The stock market shows that the Corona crisis has caused a lot of movement. Some companies have lost massively in value, while others have already recovered from the first shock of the crisis and significantly increased their value on the stock exchange. Lufthansa shares have also recovered slightly over the past few weeks, but are still trading significantly lower than they were before the crisis. The fact is that theLufthansa share price was temporarily quoted at 7 to 8 euros and was therefore significantly lower than it was before the crisis. If you look at the chart historically, you will find that the price was sometimes around 20 to 30 euros. When Lufthansa took over Air Berlin, there was a big celebration, which was more than interesting. Shortly thereafter, a process began in which the share price was significantly reduced. Anyone investing in the Lufthansa share today hopes that it will increase in value again in the coming years. The fact is that with a current price of around 10 CADs, it is clear that a lot still has to happen here. The Lufthansa share is one of the companies that have felt the full impact of the Corona crisis. In the years to come, the company will probably find it difficult to keep employees at the current level and to ensure that appropriate positions can be filled. As far as short-time work is concerned, the company is already making use of all possibilities.

Airbus Flugzeug.

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In general, the aviation industry is not doing very well. In addition to Lufthansa, there are many other airlines with Air France, Easy Jet or International, which also have their problems and for whom it is not clear how things will continue in the future. If you look around on theLufthansa homepage you will see that flight bookings are possible again and that it is assumed that flight operations will grow again in the coming years. Not only Lufthansa itself, but also suppliers of this industry are under a lot of pressure. The Rolls Royce company supplies engines that have to be paid for according to their service life and maintenance. In the current crisis, the company is in serious trouble and is trying a lot to attract new capital. The fact is that the group produces very modern and very economical engines that are used worldwide. Incivil aviation, but also in other areas, a lot of value is placed on the engines from this manufacturer. In the long term, the company should be in a better position after the crisis than it is now. Anyone who is interested in Rolls-Royce will notice that the share price after the capital increase is currently around EUR 1.20 per share and is significantly cheaper than it was before the crisis.

Aviation is one of the sectors that has been particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis. At the same time, it is also an industry that stands to gain strongly once the crisis is over. In the long term, it is possible that the shares ofengine manufacturers and of course the shares of aviation companies can increase in value significantly. If you take a close look around you will find that a lot of positive returns can be achieved by investing at the right time. A lot should be achieved in the coming years, assuming that the vaccinations work.

In addition to aviation stocks, the travel industry should also benefit greatly once this crisis is over. In concrete terms, this means that one can assume that increasing sales can be achieved with vacation, hotels and travel if one has the right shares in the portfolio. Companies such asfor example TUI or also Booking.com could benefit greatly from this once the crisis is over and everything develops positively again. TheBooking.com share should rise significantly in value in the coming years. This is because trips are being booked more often again and numerous hotels are offering corresponding advantages. The big achievements also include travel apps, as is usual with Booking.com. The end customers book directly via the app and not via other channels. It should be mentioned that Booking.com earns significantly more from this process, since no commission has to be paid to third parties who would also benefit from the bookings or would receive a commission as an intermediary. The travel industry is one of the industries that will recover in the coming years, if only because people are more interested in traveling and vacationing. In the cruise industry, too, this should result in more trips being booked again and more being achieved.

The companies Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise are among the companies that are likely to benefit particularly strongly from the positive development in the holiday and travel sector. During the Corona crisis, it was almost impossible to generate sales. One of the reasons for this is that both companies have the problem that the ships are in ports or at sea and cause costs here. At the same time, no income can be generated because no travel is possible. Some of the corporations are highly indebted and borrow on their fleets and scrap old ships. In the future there will be some far-reaching changes in the cruise sector. So it can be assumed that many companies will change their drives. The classic fuels have had their day and so it will be liquid gas, for example, that will be used by more and more manufacturers. The fact is that liquid gas is one of thefuels that are produced during oil production, but which release almost no emissions. The topic of emissions in particular is always hotly debated in the cruise industry. This means that it is hoped that in the future drives will be launched that are significantly more environmentally friendly. In this way, the cruise should be made attractive in the long term and be able to generate corresponding returns and profits in the coming years. In general, it is possible that oil production will continue to develop positively for decades, but setbacks are also possible. Numerous companies from this industry are currently working on changing their focus and attaching more importance to sustainable energy sources, as is the case with hydrogen or solar energy, for example.

British Petrol and Royal Dutch Shell are among the absolute pioneers when it comes to petrol stations and attach great importance to being able to provide correspondingly good options for traders. In the coming decades, classic filling stations are likely to change significantly and it is possible that alternative drives will be discontinued here. Hydrogen in particular is one of the drives that can definitely become much more popular than has been the case up to now.

Subscribe 10% bond on Lufthansa with Protect features

Comdirect Bank offers its traders interesting options on how to invest their money.LEONTEQ is currently providing a bond that is more than attractive with a yield of 10% p.a. The fact is that the bond can be subscribed from November 27, 2020 to December 21, 2020. Anyone interested in the bond can subscribe to it under WKN A2UV1Y without any problems. For this it is only necessary that a custody account is opened and maintained at the comdirect bank. This can be managed completely online and even controlled via an app.

The10% return per year are completely independent of how the underlying performs. That means there's a lot possible if you want to work with this stock and subscribe to the bond. The barrier is 75% of the base value and ensures that the loss potential is significantly reduced compared to a direct investment in the share. The barrier is only observed on the so-called valuation date. This means that only December 21, 2021 plays an important role if you decide to issue a bond on LEONTEQ's Lufthansa share.

Not only the numerous chances, butalso the many risks have to be considered if one decides for this bond. The entire capital is not protected with the bond. This means that if the barrier is touched or undershot on the day of the valuation, this means that in extreme cases there may be a total loss of capital. Of course, it also happens that you receive shares in Lufthansa instead of the capital that has been used. The investors bear the entire issuer risk as well as the termination risk, which is not to be scoffed at.

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The comdirect bank offers afree depot if you decides to join the bank as a new customer. The depot can be managed free of charge for 36 months. Alternatively, it is possible to have a current account at the comdirect bank at the same time. In any case, both products together can be used free of charge, which of course has a number of advantages. The comdirect bank is more attractively positioned here than is the case with many other banks.

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