10% pa secure interest rates with the BioNTech bond!

The BioNTech bond currently offers secure 10% interest per year. It is attractive and is characterized by the fact that comdirect bank customers can subscribe to it without any problems. In general, the bond is of course also associated with risks. This means that BioNTech shares can end up in the depot at the end of the term.

There are many companies in the pharmaceutical industry that are well positioned and should post good figures in the coming years. The BioNTech company in particular is known and popular worldwide as a manufacturer of vaccines. This means that there is a lot of movement on the market with this company.The share price has been very volatile in recent months. At times, the share is worth 300 euros per paper, at times the value is just 200 euros. That means the price is moving a lot.

BioNTech is based in Kenya and was founded here in 2008. It is conceivable that the company will bring more products onto the market in the coming years. At the same time, it is important to see that, of course, more is happening in the area of ​​corona vaccination. Of course, if there is a third or fourth vaccination, this means that more can happen in terms of sales. BioNTech has brought about a perfect cooperation with Pfizer that is impressive.

The Pfizer group had already announced that the cooperation with BioNTech would in any case enable significantly more to be achieved than was the case in previous years. Total sales are significantly higher than expected and in general it should be noted that Pfizer naturally has a lot more cash flow. The Pfizer cooperation means for both companiesa lot of advantages and of course that a lot of money is involved here.

Pfizer is also a company known for paying a quarterly dividend to its shareholders. This dividend should continue to grow in the years to come, which is certainly interesting.In the long term, Pfizer is very well positioned as an investment, since it can be assumed that the group will definitely continue to post good figures and that the cash flow should be right. In 2021, a slight increase in the dividend can be expected at Pfizer, so that the share could develop into a lifetime investment.

BioNTech Anleihe.

BioNTech and Pfizer offer a perfect collaboration!(©geralt/Pixabay)

Should BioNTech succeed in bringing further products onto the market, this should be for the company's cash flow will of course be very positive. It should also be noted that not only a direct investment in BioNTech is possible, but also an investment in the bond that is placed on the market viaCitigroup via comdirect bank .

The bond offers a whopping 10% interest per year without any problems and, above all, without having to buy BioNTech shares directly. It is therefore perhaps worthwhile for everyone who is betting on the share but does not want to buy it directly into their portfolio. In the long term, BioNTech and Pfizer are of course well positioned and there is a lot of potential here. If the price of the share develops negatively, it is conceivable that shares will of course end up in the portfolio at some point, but at a very low price.

Alternatively, the pharmaceutical industry offers other interesting investments through companies such as AbbVie or Gilead and Glaxo. Many of these companies have chosen to pay dividends to investors once a quarter. This applies above all to companies based in the USA and ensures that a constant free cash flow can be generated. In the long term,Pharma Investments can pay off, especially if investments are made at the right time - for example during a crisis.

BioNTech bond – 10% p.a. with secure interest payment

Basically, suitable bonds are repeatedly issued to customers via the comdirect bank. This means that around 1 to 3 different bonds from well-known issuers can be written once a month. TheWKN KE3CZ0 contributes to the fact that the bond can be subscribed via the Citigroup. The bond will be available to comdirect Bank customers almost until the end of October.

Theinterest income of 10% p.a. is definitely fixed and independent of the development of the underlying. The barrier is 67% and, together with the interest rate offered, means that the loss potential could be significantly lower than if you invested directly in the stock. The fact is that the barrier will be assessed on the day of the assessment, i.e. on October 25, 2022.

It should be mentioned that there are of course some risks to be considered if you want to invest in the bond at BioNTech. In general, if the bond touches or falls below the bond on October 25, 2022, it is clear that BioNTech shares will be booked in the securities account instead of the capital. The investors bear theissuer risk and of course also the termination risk. The fact is that market influences and interest rate volatility can have a negative impact on the value. Of course, the share price can also change.

At BioNTech, they are now also much better positioned for investors. The company (see Investor Relations) has been able to massively increase its cash flow in recent years. As a result, it would be much better to invest in BioNTech if you fundamentally believe in the company's business model.

Comfort orders at the comdirect bank: Advantages of special order types?

So-called comfort orders contribute to the fact that trading at the comdirect bank can be structured differently than with most brokers is common. The comdirect bank offers the possibility to place the "intelligent" orders and to benefit from the fact that a lot can be experienced. The trailing stop order allows a stop limit to be automatically adjusted. If the price rises, the stop limit is pulled along - with a certain distance that is defined in advance. In this way, you can benefit from a price rally without having to end up holding a position for too long.

With a Next Order, it is possible that trade orders can be entered consecutively. This means that dependencies of orders may be displayed. In practice, this is definitely recommended and allows a lot of variety and creativity in the combinations. It is also conceivable that so-calledOCO orders can be placed. OCO stands for "One Cancels Other". This means that e.g. a certain security can be bought and another is not bought for it. If an order A is fulfilled, this means at the same time that an order B is deleted or, for example, is not executed.

The classic in the order world are so-called hedging orders (see hedging orders). These help to ensure that certain values ​​are secured in the depot in any case. This means that stocks and positions are automatically dumped or sold if, for example, the price falls by a certain level. In practice, hedging orders are offered by many brokers, so that traders can ideally secure their portfolio.

It should be mentioned that the order types at the comdirect bank are very flexible and very versatile. This means thatyou can use a lot more different order types here than is the case with other brokers. In practice, this is of course very worthwhile, since you can maximize profits and at the same time emotionally part with securities. For many traders, the emotional connection ensures that they hold a position for a long time, even if it no longer offers a good return. For this reason, it is worthwhile again to work with the order types of the comdirect bank and also to compare orders online.

The comdirect bank depot for trading options and shares

So that bonds and shares can be bought and sold, it is very important that a suitable securities account is available, for example. With the comdirect bank, the depot can be managed more or less free of charge or without fees. In principle, it is conceivable that as a comdirect bank customer, a lot can be started with this depot. During the first 6 months after opening a depot, there is adiscount of 50% on trading venue fees. In addition, it should be mentioned that the comdirect bank is of course always promoting promotions for changing the deposit account.

Anyone who is interested in the comdirect bank will find that this broker is very well positioned in terms of service. This means that comdirect bank customers can, for example, use a24/7 service. In general, the service is via live chat, but other ways are also conceivable. It is possible that comdirect Bank customers can also contact the bank via telephone service or callback service. A FAX service or an e-mail service can also be used.

Exchange trading as well as over-the-counter trading can be used very easily at comdirect Bank. Both trading options have the great advantage that they can be used very easily via the app or via other means. Basically, customers are offered many investment opportunities that can be subscribed to without any problems. The options should continue to grow in the coming years and continue to provide increasing investment opportunities.

The article was published on October 19th, 2021 in the magazine of cpaws-ov.org under the keywords.
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