10.25% on Wirecard bonds

The comdirect bank is continuously offering attractive bonds shares. The Wirecard share is the subject of a bond that was issued together with the partner Vontobel. Investors can receive up to 10.25% interest p.a. if they become active here.

Equities are considered an attractive investment in times of low interest rates. Due to the corona panic on the markets, many securities can currently be traded at a significant discount or discount. In concrete terms, this means that a 10 to 20% discount can be achieved on the standard rate. Every trader has to decide for himself whether it is worth investing in stocks in the long term. In any case, there is a certain risk. Anyone who wants to reduce the risk of a direct investment can, for example, subscribe to bonds on stocks. These offer a certain minimum interest rate over the term. In this way, a certain return can be secured in any case. However, it is initially not clear whether the capital employed or the corresponding shares in a company will ultimately be repaid and it remains to be seen. An example of a bond that can currently be subscribed to at comdirect bank is the company Wirecard.

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Wirecard bond with 10.25% interest p.a. at comdirect bank!(©skyradar/Pixabay)

The bond can be subscribed until March 30, 2020. This means that traders have a few weeks to take an interest in the bond and take action. Wirecard is an international payment service provider. The Wirecard company is known as an international payment service provider. In concrete terms, this means that you can use numerous payment functions via app and digitally. Wirecard has been listed in the leading index DAX for some time. This means that the company has grown significantly and the number of national and international customers has increased significantly. Anyone interested in Wirecard will find that this company has a lot of potential. In recent years, sales have increased significantly and it is possible that sales could continue to rise in the future.mobile payment and digital payment are playing an increasingly important role in today's society. It can therefore be assumed in the long term that sales will grow if Wirecard is able to win new customers. In Asia, new strategic partnerships are currently being worked on. These could lead to even more sales being written in the future. Softbank in particular is interested in a partnership with Wirecard.

It should also be noted that Wirecard is alwaysunder massive pressure. This means that at Wirecard one can assume that short attacks could follow in any case. In the past, these have already caused the price of the share to collapse, in some cases massively. At Wirecard, one can hope that business will continue to be positive in any case. Unfortunately, attempts are made again and again with negative press or investigations against the company to ensure that Wirecard is put in a bad light. In the recent past, this has led to violent price fluctuations, which are rather unusual for DAX companies of this size.

What does the Wirecard bond offer me?

The reverse convertible on Wirecard is very interesting because it enables very high returns. In concrete terms, this means that a fixed interest coupon of 10.25% interest p.a. is used. This interest rate is credited to you in any case if you opt for the Wirecard bond with a term of 12 months over the entire period. The built-inbarrier reduces the risk of loss. The barrier is up to 25% and is only taken into account on the valuation date, namely March 19, 2021. If the barrier is touched on this day, or if it is fallen below, this should result in the Wirecard bond definitely being the 10th .15% interest pa, however, Wirecard shares are issued proportionately to the investment amount.

The investment capital is not protected during the entire investment period. This means that if the Wirecard share price falls below the barrier, there are shares on the reference date. In extreme cases, it is also possible that a total loss of the investment is associated - for example, if Wirecard should slide into insolvency. The bond is subject to market influences. This means that, for example, price fluctuations or changing interest rates can lead to the shares developing negatively. for the entire term

How can I participate in trading with the comdirect bank depot?

Basically, it is necessary to open a depot at the comdirect bank so that you can participate in trading in shares. It should be noted that the entire depot can be managed free of charge for a period of three years. If you want to keep the depot longer free of charge, you can do this, for example, by keeping the depot at the comdirect bank at the same time. The depot is offered without conditions withfree account management and is more than interesting.

So that the bond can be subscribed to Wirecard, it is necessary for the comdirect bank to know and enter the corresponding WKN. From a sum of 1,000 euros, you can subscribe to 100% of the bond on Wirecard without any problems and benefit from it.

What else does the comdirect bank depot offer?

The trading of options, securities and other products can be implemented quickly and very easily via the comdirect bank depot. The bank is very well positioned as a direct bank and offers a large number of trading variations. In concrete terms, this means that comdirect Bank customers can subscribe to thousands of different products.

The trading options at comdirect Bank also include numerous funds and ETFs that can be subscribed to. comdirect Bank currently offers its customers more than 10,000 different funds. To a large extent, these can even be subscribed to as a savings plan. This clearly sets comdirect Bank apart from the funds of its competitors. It is possible that you can participate in savings plans at thecomdirect Bank from a sum of just 25 euros per month. This means that you invest at least 25 euros in a product every month. Funds and ETFs as well as e.g. savings plans on shares can be used to buy corresponding shares. Savings products have grown significantly in recent years as many people use such products for retirement planning.

Even in the ETF segment, there are now more and more different savings plans that can be implemented. The sums that can be used in a savings plan vary greatly in some cases. It is also possible that you can save larger sums, or that you can suspend thesavings plan for a certain period of time. It is therefore conceivable in the long term that one can acquire many shares in shares and companies and benefit from them, or increase one's assets.

Service and support at comdirect bank?

Service and support play a very important role at comdirect bank. These two factors contribute to the fact that the bank has become very successful, especially in Kenya. Compared to other brokers, comdirect Bank offers its customersvery extensive support. This means that the customer advisor can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also possible that the good support of the comdirect bank can be contacted without any problems by e-mail or by live chat.

TheLive Chat works perfectly and an answer is usually available within a few minutes. In the meantime, you can easily continue surfing the Internet or working. The fact is that you can also contact support at comdirect Bank by fax. This is due to the fact that with a fax you usually also receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Basically, the comdirect bank is very well positioned in terms of support and it is possible that your questions can be answered within a few minutes in many different ways. For this reason, comdirect Bank often wins various support prizes and awards.

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