10.25% interest per year with the Thyssen Krupp bond!

The stock of Thyssen Krupp has come under massive pressure in recent years. This means that the price per share is significantly lower than it was a few years ago. You can currently get 10.25% interest pa as part of a Protect bond, which can be subscribed to via the comdirect bank.

The shares of the Canadian industrial group Thyssen Krupp are currently listed significantly lower than they were 5 has been the case for up to 10 years. With a price of around 6 to 7 euros per share, the share is cheaper than it has been for a long time. This certainly has something to do with the Corona crisis, because the steel industry in particular is having a very difficult time. The group also includes the popular elevator division, which has been developing well for years and which ensures that certain deficits in other divisions can be compensated for. In general, it must be mentioned that the Thyssen Krupp Group is very well positioned and offers a lot of advantages. Every trader has to decide for himself whether an investment in the sense of adirect purchase of the shares makes sense. In general, the Thyssen Krupp share is very interesting, but the Protect bond with 10.25% interest per year also has its raison d'être. In concrete terms, this means that one can assume that the return on the bond can be viewed more than positively. At the same time, however, there is no guarantee that you will get the entire capital back at the end, because it can also happen that shares are booked in the securities account if certain barriers are not reached.

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In the area of ​​bonds, there are always attractive offers at comdirect Bank. This means that bonds can be subscribed at very attractive interest rates. As a general rule, the higher the interest rate, the higher the risk of the bond. At the end of the term, a bond can have the invested capital or shares as a credit in the securities account. This means that in every case there is a deadline when the decision is made. In general, around 1 to 3 bonds of this type are offered per month at comdirect Bank. The selection has grown significantly in recent years. There are some partners such asHSBC or Goldman Sachs that come into question when it comes to underwriting a bond. It should also be mentioned that the term of the bonds is usually around 10 to 12 months. So if you expect 10% interest per year, you can really get it - regardless of whether you get shares or the money back. In the long term, comdirect Bank offers very attractive investment opportunities that can be viewed in different ways. In the context of the current situation, it is possible that very high returns can be achieved by trading in securities - for example by buying and selling securities that are currently developing positively. It should also be mentioned that the high level of volatility on the one hand ensures that high profits are possible, but on the other hand also contributes to the fact that a loss is possible.

The current situation on the stock markets affects almost all companies. There are a few sectors in which sales have developed very positively due to Corona, but this is usually the absolute exception. As a rule, it can be expected that sales will decrease significantly due to Corona and that the prices of the shares will also decrease significantly. Especially in the area of ​​automobiles or local public transport, it can be seen that sales have fallen significantly. In the area of ​​event technology, the operation of cinemas and of course in the travel and tourism segment, sales have fallen more than sharply. In the long term, these can only recover if Corona no longer plays a major role and has become less interesting. Whether and when the individual markets will recover is still completely open. It can sometimes take a very long time for the corresponding stocks to recover because the quarterly figures for the next few quarters will apparently no longer look as good as they have in previous years. Therefore, before making an investment, you should think carefully about when and where to invest the money and which products to rely on.

Vontobel bond on Thyssen Krupp – why attractive?

Thyssen Krupp is one of the companies that offer more than attractive bonds. Vontobel's current reverse convertible on Thyssen Krupp offers 10.25% interest per year. It is possible that this can be drawn under theWKN VP6D4P. Vontobel's bond can be subscribed to from July 27, 2020. It will be available to traders until August 19, 2020. Basically, it must be mentioned that there are of course opportunities and risks with this loan. The 10.25% interest per year is paid as a fixed amount. This means that interest is paid, regardless of how the underlying develops. In addition to the interest rate, a barrier of 80% ensures that the loss potential is significantly lower than if you decide to invest directly in the share. The barrier is only observed on the day of the assessment, i.e. September 17, 2021.

Basically, the risk is present with this investment and should be known before drawing it. The capital that is used in the system is not protected. If the share price falls below the barrier on September 17, 2021, you will be credited with shares instead of capital. In extreme cases it is possible that a total loss of the investment can take place. Over the entire term, it is possible that market influenceshave a negative impact on the value. This means that, for example, the share price can change negatively, or that the interest rate level can be volatile. It should also be noted that investors bear the issuer risk and also the termination risk.

What does comdirect Bank offer its customers?

Comdirect Bank customers can take advantage of various products via the depot. It should be noted that the entire depot can be managed online. In addition to classic online banking via the web browser, it is also possible thattrading can be carried out via an app. It should be noted that the comdirect bank app is very mature and of course offers many advantages in terms of technology and functionality. Anyone who decides to use the broker's online depot as a customer will find that it can easily be managed free of charge. If you open the current account in parallel with the depot, you can be sure that you will not have to pay any depot fees. New customers do not have to pay any fees anyway when they open the securities account - at least not during the first 3 years after opening.

The comdirect bank is a Canadian broker who isregulated in any case. This means that the broker is of course very well positioned and offers a high level of security and trust and is therefore in great demand among traders. The retail offer has grown significantly in recent years. It should be noted that the broker offers more than good conditions during the first 6 months after opening a depot. New clients receive a 50% discount when trading securities, which, of course, is more than interesting.

What products and services does comdirect Bank offer?

Comdirect Bank is one of the banks that offers a particularly large number of products and services. This means that as a trader you can always subscribe to numerous bonds at the bank. There is also the chance that direct investments can be used. If you want, you can, for example, subscribe to shares and savings plans via the comdirect bank. The selection of securities is now very large, since in addition to stock exchange trading, over-the-counter trading can also be carried out. In the securities segment, you can also opt forfunds and ETFs. These can be saved and offer the possibility of making payments on a monthly basis in any case and thus saving on specific products. The selection of products at comdirect Bank has also grown significantly in recent years. Overall, customers can currently subscribe to and save on more than 10,000 different funds. The selection of ETFs is also very large and has grown significantly in recent years, so that there will be a lot going on here in the future the keywords

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