10Markets advertises personal support and free demo account

10Markets mehrsprachiger KundensupportThe online broker 10Markets is in the field of binary options and no longer unknown in the CFD trading segment. The company has been on the market for more than 10 years and offers numerous trading options. Anyone who visits the provider's homepage will not only be impressed by the service in Canadian, but above all by the personal chat support. The broker advertises that he offers his customers and all interested parties personal support. If you click on this on the homepage, you will go directly to support and can contact them via chat. The chat support is really very easy to use and usually answers within a few seconds - and that 5 days a week.

As our screenshot shows, a chat window opens directly, via which the contact can be taken up with a service advisor. This can answer numerous questions about the service of 10Markets. In practice, the answer comes quite quickly, e.g. also in English.

Support is offered 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is possible that support can be provided in Canadian, but also in English, Spanish and other languages. In practice, many customers use the support of 10Markets, which can be easily accessed online. A separate telephone number is also available for support in Canadian. Likewise, the support in other languages ​​can be perceived via their own telephone numbers.

Which trading options are offered at 10Markets?

The trading options at 10Markets are more than extensive. It is advertised that the return can be over 80%. Options include pairs but also options with short maturities. The term of an option can range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. This means that all possible forms of the short option that are currently available on the market are offered.

The selection of base values ​​is quite large and so stocks, for example, but also currencies or indices are available as base values ​​for traders.

How does the free 10Markets demo account work?

If you want to open a demo account with 10Markets, you only have to enter your name and an email address. It is possible that the demo account is fully opened and can be used within a few minutes. It should be mentioned that with the demo account you also have to pay attention to everything that can be tried out before a "real" trading account is opened with 10Markets.

The trading account with 10Markets can be opened in 5 different versions . From the bronze version for $250 to the platinum version for $25,000 or more, anything is possible.

Basically, before you start trading binary options, you should understand how they work. It is quite possible that everything necessary can be learned on the homepage of 10Markets. The risk in the binary options segment as well as in CFD trading is more than great, so it must be considered how this can be kept as low as possible, or how the risk can be dealt with. In practice, many traders first look at the tutorials and learning materials at 10Markets before starting active trading.

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