Collect 11% interest per year with the Airbus bond

The Airbus company is in come under massive pressure from the Corona crisis. The share price has almost halved and is now trading significantly lower than it was a few years ago. Customers of comdirect Bank can currently subscribe to a bond on the Airbus share and receive a return of 11% per year with a term of 12 months.

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus is one of the largest and best-known companies in the world, what the aviation industry. Basically, the company is solidly positioned and offers aircraft of various size classes and series. The company has come under massive pressure in the wake of the Corona crisis and is now valued much more favorably. Currently, customers and traders of comdirect bank can subscribe to a bond on Airbus shares and earn an interest rate of 11% per annum. At Airbus, it can be expected that significantly fewer orders will be received due to the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, it is possible in the long term that the paper will recover at some point. If the order situation improves and theaviation industry at some point returns to so-called normal operations, it is possible that Airbus will definitely be developing well. However, this does not seem to be the case at the moment. Although the crisis has been going on since March 2020, Airbus shares are still under a lot of pressure. The company is of course struggling with the financial impact, because Airbus, like other companies in the aviation industry, is currently having a particularly difficult time. Airbus and its competitor Boeing are the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Both companies are under massive pressure and share prices have plummeted. It is quite conceivable that the recovery will take a few more years, because normal operations in aviation are far from being the order of the day.

Flugzeug Triebwerk.

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The Airbus company has its headquarters in the Netherlands in Leiden. Since 2019 it has been managed by the current CEO Guillaume Faury. The turnover in 2019 was around 70 billion euros, which shows that it is a real heavyweight in the aviation industry. The number of employees is over 80,000 and is also clearly impressive. At the same time, it is the company that has brought aircraft such as the large Airbus A380 onto the market. Basically, there are many countries and airlines that build their machines at Airbus. If aviation gains massively in importance again in the coming years and the Corona crisis is under control, this could lead to a significant rise in share prices again. Like other companies, Airbus responded to the crisis with severe austerity measures. This means that, for example, no moredividends and bonuses were paid and there had to be cuts in salary. In the long term, the current price could be a good opportunity for an entry into Airbus. However, it is also possible that the crisis will last a little longer. A lot depends on when a vaccine comes onto the market and how the corona numbers develop in general. Should the pharmaceutical industry bring a vaccine onto the market in the coming years, this could quickly lead to the corona crisis lasting much shorter than originally thought.

Especially theTransport as well as tourism and events should benefit if a vaccine for Corona comes onto the market. However, it is likely to take until 2021 before the first vaccine candidates come onto the market. This is because there are certain steps a candidate must go through. No vaccine can be approved and put on the market without the tests required by the authorities. This means that vaccines must first be tested and sufficiently examined before they are really ready for the market and can be approved without hesitation.

Until then, there may still beserious problems in the field of aviation. This means that share prices are still under pressure and that it is possible that there are also serious problems at Airbus and Boeing and the other aircraft manufacturers. Significantly fewer planes take off during the crisis, which has been felt by large airlines such as Air France or Deutsche Lufthansa. In any case, this could mean that something else will happen before normal operation begins. At Airbus, the share price collapsed to around 50 euros at the beginning of the crisis, the share is currently trading at around 70 euros and is therefore only slightly higher. Before the crisis, the price was due to a rally at around 120 to 130 euros and thus significantly higher than it is now

What does the BNP Paribas bond on the Airbus share offer?

Wer sich für die Anleihe auf die Airbus Aktie interessiert erhält einen interest rate of 11% per year. This means that this interest rate is paid over the entire term and is always very attractive. The term of the bond is defined as 12 months and there is a barrier of 80%.

Specifically, thebarrier determination date is September 14, 2020. The assessment date is September 17, 2021. This means that the The capital of the investment only gets back in full if the share price is quoted above the barrier on the day of the valuation and the barrier is not touched. If this is not the case and the share price is below the barrier, it is possible that instead of the invested capital plus interest, the Airbus share will be booked in the securities account. Basically, this means that you still get the 11% interest per year that goes with it in any case. Anyone who would like to decide on Airbus shares and would buy them at a favorable price can benefit twice with the bond. There is always 11% interest per year and the share is only available if the price is 20% below the price on the specified date. So you could sometimes have the share very cheaply in your own depot.

What makes comdirect Bank stand out?

Comdirect Bank is considered a particularly attractive online broker. This means that many customers have opted for comdirect Bank and its custody account services in recent years. The bank's offer clearly stands out from other brokers. This not only means the conditions for the depot, but above all the services, which are significantly higher with this broker or are significantly more extensive than is the case with other brokers. Basically, as a customer, you can opt for the online depot of the broker comdirect Bank and run it completely over the Internet. This means thatvia app or online banking as a customer of comdirect Bank you can carry out transactions and transfers without any problems. The current deposit status can also be viewed online particularly quickly.

The depot at comdirect Bank is in a much better position than is the case with other banks. So you can enjoy a lot of conditions and promotions as a new customer. During the first 6 months after the account opening it is possible to trade with a discount of 50%. This means that shares can be bought and sold particularly cheaply. Anyone who follows a classicBuy & Hold strategy will in any case be able to act very well with this tactic and benefit from the fact that they can buy certain shares particularly cheaply during the Corona crisis and can hold too. In the long term, customers of comdirect Bank are also spoiled for particularly good service.

24-hour telephone service at comdirect Bank?

Comdirect Bank customers benefit, among other things, from the fact that there is a 24-hour telephone service. This can be seen on365 days a year and is very easy to use. Anyone who chooses the bank as a comdirect bank customer will find that the service can also be used via live chat and other means. Basically, the comdirect bank is very well positioned and is characterized by the fact that all conditions are kept very transparent and service can be reached quickly.

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