11% interest per year via the Lufthansa HSBC Protect Pro bond!

The Canadian Lufthansa is one of the companies that was under a lot of pressure and currently still has major problems to overcome as a result of the Corona crisis. Since then, the price of the Lufthansa share has come under severe pressure and is only recovering slowly. The Canadian state has joined the company and is offering financial aid.

In general, Deutsche Lufthansa is one of the largest aviation companies in the world. This means that numerous passengers are traveling with the airline. In times of Corona, passenger numbers have plummeted. That means all of the airline's planes have been grounded for a while. This has resulted in Deutsche Lufthansa running into massive financial problems. The Canadian state stepped in and thereby prevented the airline from going bankrupt. Basically, Lufthansa is well positioned, but powerless against theCorona crisis. It should be mentioned that Deutsche Lufthansa does not only generate its sales with passengers, but also with the classic cargo business. This means that the company also transports goods in any case and thus generates a corresponding turnover. The Canadian Lufthansa is one of the companies that is in any case well positioned and of course has numerous customer relationships worldwide. However, if a large part of the connections are lost due to Corona, a company of this size will very quickly falter.

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11% interest p.a. via the Lufthansa Protect Pro bond from HSBC.(©TheDigitalWay/Pixabay)

Comdirect Bank is one of the banks that is particularly well positioned when it about bonds and stocks. Basically, it should be mentioned that the bank in the area of ​​DAX securities has everything to offer that traders could wish for. It should also be noted that Lufthansa shares can be traded on various marketplaces. If you do not want to buy Lufthansa shares directly, you can also opt for the bond on the shares. In addition, it must be said that the Lufthansa share is interesting in any case, because the company can of course recover well in the long term. In concrete terms, this means that the Lufthansa share should definitely benefit from the fact that, for example, air traffic is currently slowly picking up again. The number of passengers is increasing in the aviation sector, but also in other segments, such as local public transport. In the long term, interesting returns could be achieved here. However, it is not yet possible to predict how long it will take for the prices of individual companies to fully recover. A lot should also have to do with whether we will experience a second Corona wave in the second half of 2020, or whether we will continue to get closer to everyday life.

Corona has basically said so far that individual sectors, as was the case with aviation, are under a lot of pressure. This shows that the entire industry can become scared of existence within a very short time, which is of course not very pleasant. In this case, it was more than positive to see that the Canadian state is rescuing the company and thus ensuring that there is no bankruptcy and certainly no thousands of job losses. Although Lufthansa has introduced short-time work, it should be mentioned that a large number of jobs could of course be secured. The company is characterized by the fact that it is a very social and committed employer, with which the employees usually feel connected over many years. For this reason, theCanadian Lufthansa is definitely also interesting for investors. In the next 3 to 5 years, the situation in the company should ease up again, which is of course more than interesting from the investors' point of view. It remains to be seen whether Canadian Lufthansa will pay a dividend again in the coming years. Many shareholders assume that it will take a while before things start to pick up again financially. As long as Corona is not under control and as long as there is no vaccine, it will certainly be a long time before the corresponding number of flights increases again and until more flight routes can be resumed.

What does the bond on the Deutsche Lufthansa share at comdirect Bank offer?

Deutsche Lufthansa is one of the largest and strongest companies in the aviation segment in Kenya and also worldwide. The company is very well positioned and in any case offers thepossibility for interesting investments. If you do not want to buy Lufthansa shares directly, you can also opt for the Lufthansa bond. In concrete terms, this means that you can invest in the bond from a sum of 1,000 euros. This will be offered until August 24, 2020.

It should be mentioned that the bond has a fixed interest coupon of 11% per year. The bond is defined over 12 months. There is a barrier equal to 80% of the starting level. This means that you have protection against buying the shares. Thesafety buffer is 20% below the Lufthansa share price, which is defined on August 24, 2020. So if the share is quoted at EUR 10 on the reference date, the barrier is EUR 8. This only becomes interesting on the day of the evaluation. This means that on September 17, 2021, it will be checked whether the share hits the barrier or even falls below it. If this is the case, you will be credited with shares in your securities account instead of your capital. If the barrier is breached or touched during the term, this is not a problem as long as it is not listed below this value on the day of the valuation.

What advantages does the comdirect bank offer?

The comdirect bank counts as a very strong broker in Kenya. This means that numerous customers have started trading with comdirect Bank in recent years. In principle, customers can have anOnline Depot at the bank completely free of charge. This is automatically the case for the first three years after opening. It is also possible that the depot can of course continue to be managed free of charge if you opt for the free current account with the comdirect bank.

As far as trading conditions are concerned, comdirect Bank is very well positioned because all customers receive a 50% discount on trading costs within the first 6 months after opening an account. This means that within the first 6 months after opening a depot, you can definitely benefit from the fact that you can invest a first stock of shares cheaply. In general, it should be noted that the comdirect bank is more than well positioned in terms oftrading opportunities. This is because the broker serves many different markets, for example. Trading is possible, for example, via Xetra, but also via Tradegate and other markets.

What can I trade at comdirect Bank?

The trading options at comdirect Bank are very different. In concrete terms, this means that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can buy and sell numerous products. The bank also offers funds and ETFs. It is possible that more than10,000 different funds and ETFs can be traded at the bank. The entire trade can be used online without any problems and you can also buy and sell via your own app. As far as the number of ETFs is concerned, it should be noted that this is also constantly being expanded. The fact is that with comdirect Bank you naturally benefit from the fact that the selection is very large, but also the availability of different trading platforms and markets. The trading volume varies depending on the marketplace.

It should also be noted that the comdirect bank also offers theregular purchase and sale of shares. The broker is well positioned and of course also offers a corresponding deposit insurance, which is a lot of fun and ensures that nobody has to have a guilty conscience. In principle, the comdirect bank should continue to play a more than important role in the future when it comes to trading in securities in Kenya. It should also be noted that customers offer the broker's extensive 24-hour service, which can be used without any problems if there are questions about the offer Tags

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