Receive 11.25% interest per year on the Morphosys bond!

Morphosys applies as a particularly successful company in the biotech segment. Numerous products have been brought onto the market in recent years and the company is also growing strongly in Kenya. Those who do not want to buy the shares directly can opt for the bond on Morphosys via the comdirect bank.

Biotechnology is an industry thatis growing strongly ist und das bereits seit über einem Jahrzehnt. Zahlreiche Firmen wurden gegründet und sorgen dafür, dass ihre Investoren eine Menge an Umsatz gemacht haben, bzw. am Wachstum profitieren konnten. Die meisten Aktien sind stark im Wert gestiegen, wenn man sich den Biotech Sektor anschaut. Das gilt vor allem für Firmen, die Produkte auf den Markt gebracht haben, die auch erfolgreich sind. Grundsätzlich ist der Bio Tech Sektor einer der Bereiche, die besonders stark wachsen.

Proteins, antibodies and cell and gene therapy are areas that have a lot of potential. The potential in cell and gene therapy lies, for example, in the fact that certain diseases can be treated by the body's own cells. There are already use cases that have shown that this is possible and that this works. In general, it must be taken into account that thearea of ​​biotech of course wants to be conquered by many companies. Not all companies have great potential and severe setbacks can also occur.

Companies that bring products onto the market that promise success but do not materialize in practice can quickly run into problems. It is also conceivable that companies in the field ofcell and gene therapy, for example, will not be able to bring potential drugs and active ingredients to the next phase. This means that, for example, the necessary authorities do not grant approval. Such problems can quickly lead to the drugs no longer being able to be properly further developed and problems occurring in the company.


Savings products spread the risk of the investment very clearly!(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

A large part of the Bio Tech companies already have products on the market. Some have been established for decades, as is the case withMorphosys AG, which was founded in 1992 and is based near Munich in Kenya. The company also has a subsidiary based in Boston, USA. There are numerous technologies in the protein, peptide and antibody sectors that work well. When it comes to drug discovery and drug discovery, there are many options that Morphosys can draw on in the years to come.

The company says it hasmore than 100 different products in the pipeline, which could lead to an effective drug. The fact is that there are also many products that are being developed together with partners, so there is a lot of potential here too. It should be noted that the company's own research focuses primarily on cancer research. It is conceivable that a lot will happen here in the pipeline and that there will definitely be a lot of money to be made.

Anyone who doesn't want to buy the company's shares right away often opts for the bonds and other products that have something to do with the company. A corresponding structure is currently being made available to customers via comdirect Bank. The interest rate of 11.25% interest per year is more than attractive and definitely something to be proud of. The nice thing about it is thatthe interest rate is guaranteed completely independent of how the stock itself develops.

Morphosys bond in detail: 11.25% per year!

The Morphosys bond can be subscribed until September 13, 2021. It is published by Vontobel and can be found under the abbreviationWKN: VX0JCD. Anyone who has a deposit with comdirect Bank also has the chance to invest here and to subscribe to the corresponding bond on the Morphosys company. Before doing so, it is of course advisable to take a closer look at the share and to take a closer look at the entire group.

The company's Investor Relations (see Morphosys Investor Relations) show that a lot has happened here. Numerous companies are growing in the biotech industry and Morphosys is definitely an established empire with plenty of opportunities. The 11.25% interest per year is definitely fixed. This means that the interest income is paid regardless of how the underlying performs. Order fees do not apply at a price of 1,000 euros, which should be invested at least. In practice, there are even security mechanisms for this loan.

The barrier is 80%, which means that the loss potential is limited or reduced. It's a lower loss potential than investing directly in the stock. In addition, it is important to know that the11.25% interest per year also significantly alleviate or reduce the risk. The barrier is only observed on the day of the valuation, i.e. on September 16, 2022. On this day it is decided whether shares will be booked into your securities account or whether the interest and money will be returned. Interest will definitely be credited regardless of how the bond performs.

Not only the chances, but also the risks of this loan have to be examined carefully. The fact is that all the capital invested here is not protected. This means that theoretical losses up to the total loss of the investment amount can occur. It is also important to know that, of course, market influences can have negative effects throughout the term. The level of interest rates and fluctuations in the share price are conceivable as negative effects. The investors bear the entire issuer risk and also the termination risk.

Bonds offer average risk and interesting options!

Comdirect Bank repeatedly offers its customers attractive bonds. The level of interest is attractive and usuallyin the range of 6 to 12% interest per year. Investors will definitely receive this interest, regardless of how the share develops. This means that the interest offered will of course be credited.

Shares in large corporations, such as Morphosys orfrom Canadian aviation (Investor Relations Lufthansa| ||107) zählen definitiv zu den Firmen, die interessant sind und die viel Potenzial haben. Fakt ist, dass man bei der Luftfahrt mit der Deutschen Lufthansa und mit anderen Konzernen ein großes Risiko eingeht, wenn man diese Aktien direkt kauft. Wer sich für die Anleihen mit einem Puffer entscheidet, ist möglicherweise besser aufgestellt. Das bedeutet, dass durch den Zinssatz und durch die Barriere das Risiko deutlich gesenkt werden kann.

Traders' interest in bonds has grown significantly in recent years. This means that many more traders are interested in such investments and would like to invest their money here. The flexibility of the bonds is significantly higher and at the same time good interest rates can be achieved.Direct investments are also interesting, but usually offer less attractive options and conditions, as is usual with bonds.

It is important that healthy diversification is also pursued when selecting bonds. This means that traders should by no means bet everything on a particular stock or bond. Here it is possible that sometimes high losses can be achieved. Anyone who is interested and enthusiastic about bonds should know that risks and interest rates are often closely related. This means that when interest rates are low, the risk of losses or the purchase of shares is usually significantly lower than if you were to rely on products with particularly high interest rates.

Why the comdirect bank depot?

The comdirect bank depot is particularly interesting for bonds and similar products. One of the reasons for this is that this bankvery attractive online accounts and products offered. Anyone who wants to invest their money in securities and other products over the long term is definitely well positioned with comdirect Bank and will receive high returns. The chances that funds are properly invested should definitely not be underestimated due to the large selection of products.

Furthermore, you are of course offered a particularly extensive service in addition to the initially simple and free custody account of the bank. This is easily offered 7 days a week. Traders thus benefit from the fact that they can also contact the comdirect bank hotline at night. The bank'sLive Chat is just as popular. This can be started and used from the browser within a few seconds. Problems and questions reach the bank in a number of ways.

The products of comdirect Bank are coordinated. Anyone who manages the bank's current account can manage it completely free of charge from a monthly incoming payment of 7,500 euros. It is also possible, of course, that the money market account or loans can also be managed or used at this bank. Thecomdirect Bank is one of the banks that are definitely well positioned and definitely have a good chance of continuing to grow.

A big advantage of the bank is, simply put, that the number of products and also the markets is significantly larger and broader than is usual with most banks. Anyone who chooses comdirect Bank will notice that this bank is of course more attractive in terms of interest rates if you choose bonds. In addition to the classic trading of products,the trading of CFDs is also possible, or e.g. of Forex products. Funds and ETFs are great for savings plans.

Savings plans can be introduced from 25 euros per month. Several savings plans can be managed in parallel and it is also conceivable that thesavings plans can not only be managed in parallel, but also be equipped with different savings amounts, for example. The comdirect bank is particularly flexible here, so that the savings plans can be adjusted at any time - for example, if less money is available Keywords

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