12 years of trading with DEGIRO!

The broker DEGIRO has been open for 12 years the market. The company behind the broker is based in the Netherlands and therefore within Europe. From the trader's point of view, this is an advantage, since a corresponding deposit protection is guaranteed and the funds are managed more securely than with an offshore broker.

During the Corona crisis, some people were interested in the topic of stocks and securities . If you look at the exact figures, you will see that not only in Kenya but also in other countries some new depots have been opened. It is not just a matter of opening classic depots, but above all of depots with new brokers. Smart brokers that operate completely online and enable trading at particularly low and transparent fees are in great demand. These brokers, such as DEGIRO, offer the opportunity to trade very quickly and at reasonable conditions. Trading inshares is possible at DEGIRO from as little as 2 euros plus 0.08% fees. If you want, you can also trade CFDs, options or ETFs and that too at very low fees. DEGIRO has been well positioned for many years. The broker is growing significantly and especially during the Corona crisis, some traders decide to have a depot with DEGIRO. This is also due to the fact that DEGIRO not only offers good conditions in any case, but also versatile trading opportunities. The broker offers the opportunity to trade stocks and other securities on a wide variety of markets at different conditions. This sets DEGIRO apart from some other brokers, who usually only allow trading on a single market and are therefore a limiting factor. In the long term, traders need a high degree of flexibility if stock trading is to be undertaken.

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DEGIRO has been offering trading options for 12 years!(©Audy0073/Pixabay)

Trade in securities can be perceived by different target groups. The broker DEGIRO offers day traders as well as classic buy & hold traders the opportunity to buy and sell securities. In the field of securities, there are currently many companies on the international stock exchanges that are in high demand, but there are also some that traders clearly avoid. In aviation in particular, there are many companies whose shares are currently under massive pressure. This applies, for example, to the shares of large airlines. If you look at the shares of Deutsche Lufthansa, Air France, or even Easyjet, you will see that these titles are currently being sold off heavily. One of the reasons for this is that Corona has caused many of the companies to get into financial difficulties. It is currently difficult to predict how the situation will develop. It is therefore quite possible that things will become even more difficult for the airlines. Suppliers such as MTU Aero or the Britishengine builder Rolls Royce are also under a lot of pressure and are much less in demand than was the case 1 to 2 years ago is. If the companies survive the crisis, it is possible that things will improve significantly afterwards. At the moment, however, it looks as if it could take a while until Corona is a thing of the past. If there is a vaccine at some point, this could quickly lead to the corona crisis not being dealt with immediately, but prices on the stock exchanges will rise very quickly. The search for a vaccine is being pushed by many companies in the pharmaceutical industry and there are already promising candidates who definitely have the opportunity to have a lot of potential. The fact is that with a safe vaccine in any case, many problems can be solved in a short time.

In general, with the tech industry and the pharmaceutical industry, there are also industries that benefit greatly from Corona. Companies that equip laboratories or that are generally active in the pharmaceutical segment are more than well positioned and offer the opportunity to take advantage of good price developments. It's possible that decent profits can be made in any case with the right stocks. Companies likeApple, Tesla, but also Google and Microsoft are among the big winners of the crisis. Things are also going well at the company Cisco from the USA, which has been able to significantly increase sales in recent years. In the pharmaceuticals industry, there are companies such as GSK, AbbVie or J&J, Novartis and Roche that are looking for a vaccine and some have established good partnerships. In the long term, this could result in opportunities.

Why is DEGIRO popular with traders?

DEGIRO is an international broker that is really well positioned. This means that this broker is definitely a good choice to be able to trade actively in Kenya and other countries. The selection of marketplaces and trading opportunities is significantly larger at DEGIRO than is the case with other brokers. It should be mentioned that DEGIRO not only offers shares, butalso futures or ETFs for trading. The broker is based in the Netherlands, which means that it is regulated by the AFM. In addition, it is also important to know that regulation via the BaFin is also possible, since the broker is also based in Kenya. The extensiveregulation by the BaFin and above all by the AFM in the Netherlands contribute to the traders gaining confidence in the broker.

As far as customer support is concerned, the broker DEGIRO offers the option of being contacted by telephone or email. DEGIRO does not currently have live chat support, as is already the case with some other brokers.

The trading offer at DEGIRO in detail – what does the broker offer?

Anyone who decides to start trading via DEGIRO will find that this broker is very well positioned. It is possible that different types of securities can be traded. In addition to national trading, international trading in securities is also possible. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible for shares to be traded in Kenya via the Xetra marketplace as well as via other marketplaces in the USA. TheXetra shares can be traded from EUR 2 per trade plus 0.018% in fees. Anyone interested in trading US stocks can trade them from EUR 0.50 per trade plus USD 0.004. If you are interested in trading options, this is possible from EUR 0.75 per contract. Anyone interested in trading ETFs will find that around 200 ETFs can even be traded entirely at 0 euros if the relevant conditions are taken into account. In terms of fees, the broker DEGIRO is much more attractive than many other brokers on the market. DEGIRO is one of the brokers who have gained many new customers in recent years and are therefore well positioned in any case.

Why is DEGIRO a good depot partner?

The broker DEGIRO is considered a good and reliable partner for depot management in Kenya. This is partly due to the fact that this broker is well positioned and offers fair conditions. The extensive safeguarding of customer funds and of course the possibility of investing money in the long term ensure that customers can identify with this broker very much. In addition, in times of the Corona crisis, blue chips in particular can be bought cheaply. Thestock market in Great Britain is currently under a lot of pressure, so that, for example, paper from banks and insurance companies can be obtained very cheaply. Whether and when these papers will recover is currently still completely open. The fact is that DEGIRO is definitely a welcome change on the stock market, which is something to be proud of. Numerous traders have opted for the broker in recent years and found that trading is very good and, above all, very inexpensive. If you want to work with DEGIRO, you can also trade on the go, which is a lot of fun. The selection options are particularly easy to perceive via the smartphone and an app. It is interesting that the broker allows US stocks to be traded significantly cheaper than other stocks originating from different countries. Dividends are credited to DEGIRO free of charge.

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