12 months for 3.90 euros trading at comdirect Bank

As an online broker the comdirect bank in Kenya has long been established on the market. The company has been one of the leading brokers for over a decade. The fact is that new customers can trade particularly cheaply within the first 12 months after opening a depot. With prices of just 3.90 euros per trade, the comdirect bank is definitely cheap and offers a large portfolio.

In general, the depot can be managed completely free of charge for the first time and without any conditions. New customers have the option for a relatively long time to manage the depot online with the help of the app or in the classic way by logging in. Above all, the high usability is decisive. From the trader's point of view, it is conceivable that a lot can be done on the go. The intuitiveuse of the app means that a lot can definitely be done at the comdirect bank within a few seconds and easily from the smartphone.

The purchase and sale of shares can be realized very easily via the app. This means that customers naturally have a great many options for dealing with comdirect Bank and trying things out. In addition to shares, e.g.ETFs or savings plans can also be subscribed. The range of funds is very well positioned at comdirect Bank and is easy to use. The comdirect bank has the great advantage that it is one of the largest direct banks in Kenya. For this reason, customers also enjoy particularly good service here.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that a service request can be started easily via live chat around the clock. Anyone who is interested in the comdirect bank will also find that theonline advice with the help of the live chat works very well. A free hotline and a free callback number are also available and can be used easily. In this way, questions from traders can be addressed around the clock and they receive an answer very quickly.

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3.90 euros per trade for new customers of comdirect Bank.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

As far as the conditions are concerned, the comdirect bank is definitely an inexpensive broker who with avery good support offer can trump. It should be noted that as a customer of comdirect Bank you do not get the conditions that are available from a neo-broker (e.g. 1 CAD per trade), but you can take advantage of a very extensive offer. The selection of marketplaces, for example, is much more extensive than is the case with smaller brokers. In addition, it must be said that the comdirect bank naturally has a technology that works unconditionally. Bookings and transfers can be realized particularly quickly.

The bank's product portfolio is also great. This means that not only shares can be traded, but also funds, ETFs and savings products, for example. The special highlights of the offer include, for example,also current accounts or savings accounts as well as loans. Traders can take out a loan on their shares or on their securities account at the comdirect bank. The conditions here are relatively cheap compared to other banks and forms of credit.

Buy blue chips in the DAX with the comdirect bank?

Shares from the leading index DAX, such as the Deutsche Telekom share (see Telekom Investor Relations) can be traded without much effort. The availability of this stock can be tested on various markets. In principle, Deutsche Telekom shares are in demand and distribute a proportion of the profits to shareholders every year in the form of a dividend.Returns of 3 to 7% per year are realistic. A dividend of EUR 0.60 per share will be paid for 2020. With this you can easily get a return of about 3.5%, which is of course very interesting.

TheDeutsche Telekom is a particularly interesting stock that promises high returns. At the same time, the stock is backed by a company that is definitely well positioned and that simply works. Telecommunications is a model that plays an important role in Kenya, but also worldwide. Above all, the transmission of data is likely to continue to increase in the coming years. The 5G network expansion is of course important for this and is also being focused on by Telekom.

Investments from the East? – Receive ADR dividends!

Not only stocks from Kenya or Europe are interesting for traders. If you have a deposit with the comdirect bank, you can look forward to the option ofbuying shares worldwide. In Eastern Europe, and thus specifically in Russia, there is the possibility of so-called ADRs being bought. This means that the papers are held in the US and subject to normal US taxation. Ultimately, as an investor, you pay the same taxes as is customary in Kenya.

The ADRs are held with ADR fees. This means that about 2 cents per payment will be deducted as a fee. For example, the ADR fees are withheld from dividend payments, regardless of how high the dividend is. A corporation that pays $5 in dividends will be hit with 2 cents in fees, just like paying 10 cents a share. Under certain circumstances, this can have an effect on the return and should always be taken into account before making an investment. Investments in ADRs are often made for the long term, as the corporations regularly make distributions. Thisapplies e.g. to oil companies from Russia, as is the case with Tatneft or Lukoil.

The Lukoil homepage, for example, provides extensive information about the (Lukoil Investors) policy of the group when it comes to distributions. Lukoil is one of the largest oil companies in Russia and has acapitalization of more than 40 billion euros. The company pays a dividend to shareholders twice a year. In 2020, the dividend was drastically reduced because the group made significantly more sales than it has in previous years. However, anyone who looks at the figures for the first quarter of 2021 should be positively impressed that the situation is changing.

Lukoil is one of the big oil companies that are definitely still in demand and where the ruble is literally rolling again. For the first quarter of 2021, the group was definitely able to record increasing numbers. This means that atLukoil a dividend could possibly be announced again soon. The shareholders and the holders of the ADRs are definitely in a good position and are definitely very well served by simply keeping the Lukoil share in their portfolio or even buying it later if the price is correspondingly cheap.

Lukoil should become interesting again in the coming months as global demand for oil increases. Oil is not only used as a fuel, but is also used in many other industries. The fact is that the crude oil price of 60 to 70 euros per barrel is now back at a level that is higher than before the crisis. In the coming years, the demand for oil is expected to continue to increase. In general, it is conceivable that oil will continue to be used for a few more decades.

In addition to Lukoil, it is also the case withTatneft that the demand for oil is already increasing significantly. The current quarterly figures make it clear that Tatneft is definitely well positioned and is one of the largest oil companies in Russia. The company should grow again in the next few years and sales should develop much more positively than is currently the case or than was the case in 2020.

comdirect trading and more: savings plans in focus!

The comdirect bank depot not only offers cheap trades for EUR 3.90 over the first few months after opening an account, but also beyond that good savings plans. Anyone who looks around online and is informed will notice that the selection of savings plans has grown significantly. There are several thousand funds that can be subscribed. From a sum of 25 euros per month, aSavings plan on funds and ETFs which is of course very attractive. There is also the option that higher sums can be contributed.

Theonline depot of comdirect Bank is characterized by particularly attractive conditions. The savings plans can be handled flexibly. This means that significantly higher savings amounts than 25 euros can be paid in. One-off purchases can also be made if you opt for the comdirect bank depot. In the long term, it is conceivable that comdirect Bank customers will definitely have a strong partner at their side who also promises good service.

The comdirect bank service can be used 24/7. This means that there is the possibility that you can regularly call and get in touch with the bank via live chat or by phone. If you want, you can use afree callback service. This is because the comdirect bank definitely works smoothly and advertises that the service is particularly good.

New customers can also use the callback service if they have questions about the comdirect Bank offer and if they want to act accordingly or want to find out something. The comdirect bank is one of the largest and most well-known direct banks in Kenya. It is much broader and better positioned than the numerous competitors.

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