125 exchanges accessible at CapTrader!

CapTrader is now one of the brokers in Kenya that are particularly in demand. One of the reasons for this is that CapTrader offers a very extensive trading spectrum. Traders can buy and sell their securities on 125 stock exchanges - significantly more extensive trading opportunities than are available with other brokers.

Low interest rates and the Corona problem have contributed to the fact that interest in shares has increased in recent years and securities has risen sharply. More and more people are interested in securities, which means that more and more custody accounts are being opened. Basically, the selection of depots at the individual brokers is very large. This means that it is not that easy to choose a suitable account. With CapTrader, customers benefit from the fact that they can use more than125 different exchanges for trading. The range of trading options is significantly larger than is the case with other brokers. CapTrader is well positioned and also has its headquarters in Kenya. Above all, this circumstance contributes to the fact that you can always rely on a high level of security with CapTrader. The range of trading at CapTrader has grown significantly in recent years and should continue to develop in line with market demand.

NYC Innenstadt aus der Luft.

CapTrader offers access to 125 stock exchanges.(©avflores/Pixabay)

When trading stocks, for many traders it is primarily the so-called blue chips that are developing well and offer prospects and opportunities. In the long term, this means that one relies on companies that have a certain size and market position. This means that it is assumed that these companies can still grow in any case and their position can mean that there aremore profits in the long term. Many traders rely on the big companies, as they often pay dividends regularly. Thus, the shareholders and investors can participate in the profits of the company. There have been a few cuts in dividends in the auto industry, which has come a long way over the past few years. In the area of ​​large corporations, many companies are seeing declines in sales and earnings. At Bayer, the entire Annual General Meeting was held online. The dividend was left at EUR 2.80 per share. Many companies have announced in recent weeks that the dividend has been reduced or even suspended completely. The company Freenet, for example, announced that the dividend for 2019 will be completely suspended. In the coming years, however, one would like to pay out a dividend to the shareholders again.

The companyDeutsche Lufthansa is under complete pressure when it comes to making a forecast for the future. Many investors do not know how the company is going and what to expect when investing here. The fact is that the Canadian state will help Lufthansa in any case and will in any case ensure that work can be carried out accordingly. In the long term, the survival of the airline should be secured. A dividend is not to be expected here for the time being, which of course plays an important role if you decide to invest in a company or company. In the coming months, many companies are likely to suspend their dividends or even cut them completely. This is by no means interesting and should quickly lead to problems. In the long term, you should therefore pay attention to how the company is positioned and what advantages and disadvantages you see in the company's business model before you buy shares.

Basically, there are also areas in the pharmaceutical industry in which you benefit greatly from the fact that a lot is happening in the world at the moment and this area is being strongly supported. Companies such asGlaxoSmithKline or JnJ or Roche and Novartis are now among the largest companies in the industry. At the same time, these are companies that are well positioned in the field of vaccines and are involved in relevant research. The pharmaceutical industry could develop strongly in the coming years. Growth is also on the horizon in the area of ​​digitization. The shares of many pharmaceutical companies can easily be traded via the broker CapTrader. In general, the selection of available securities is more than large. This means that you can build up an attractive depot with free account management in the long term. So you can basically buy and sell shares at CapTrader very well and cheaply.

CapTrader offers Canadian regulation and services!

Basically, the broker CapTrader is very popular in Kenya. This is also due to the fact that customers now attach great importance to the fact that there is regulation, for example. In concrete terms, this means that the broker has acompany seat in Kenya. This is the case with CapTrader due to the company headquarters in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. In the long term, this can ensure that correspondingly good results can be achieved in a regulated environment. The broker CapTrader is of course properly regulated and used by the competent authorityBaFin in Kenya due to its headquarters in Ratingen.

In addition, CapTrader is registered at the district court in Düsseldorf. This means that there is also a corresponding entry here. The support that CapTrader customers can take advantage of can easily be used over the phone with an 0800 number. In addition, support can also be used via e-mail. A live chat is also offered if you are interested in CapTrader and if you have questions for the broker. It should be noted that the support can of course be used especially during working hours. The live chat support is significantlybetter and more extensive than is the case with other brokers. So you can work very well with CapTrader and, for example, get answers to questions quickly and easily.

What trading options does CapTrader offer me?

The broker CapTrader offers a lot of different trading options that can be used without any problems. Trading can be realized very easily in direct comparison to most other brokers. In addition, the costs at CapTrader are significantly lower.Forex trading as well as CFD trading can be realized with CapTrader without any problems. It is possible that classic shares and also ETFs as well as commodities and options can be used. A total of more than 1 million securities are available as a basis for trading. Trading can be carried out using the TWS software, Agenda Trader, Mobile Trader and Web Trader. The retail offer has grown significantly in recent years and is based on what the companies offer overall.

The trade in shares can be realized from as little as 2 euros per trade. Anyone who decides to trade options can also do so from 2 euros per trade. So-called futures can be realized from as little as 1 CAD per trade. Thus thetrading costs at CapTrader are significantly lower than is the case with other brokers. Low trading costs are a reason for more and more customers to decide for or against a broker. In the long term, you can always benefit from the low trading costs and definitely buy more shares cheaper than would otherwise be the case.

CapTrader offers 30 days free demo account!

A free demo account can help to gain a lot of experience. These are necessary when it comes to trading successfully on the stock exchange. Basically, this option is offered for a period of 30 days without any problems. It is therefore possible that you can try out exactly how trading with CapTrader works and what advantages are available here for a month. Anyone who chooses CapTrader will find that this broker definitely offers many features and that the demo account is really well made. TheDemo account can be ideally used to try out corresponding trading scenarios and to test things. The advantage is that you do not have to take any risks, but can participate in trading directly with a test balance. You can never realize losses, which is of course an advantage and can be seen. It often happens in everyday life that no profits are made because you have too little experience and do not know exactly what opportunities the demo account offers.

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