135 Trade Top Price ETFs at comdirect Bank

As a customer of comdirect Bank you benefit one assumes that over 135 different top price ETFs can currently be traded very cheaply. The ETFs are presented by 6 partners and offered at a preferential price of EUR 3.90 per order. There are also no fees when executing a savings plan.

An ETF usually maps an index and represents a comparatively low-risk form of investment. This does not mean that no losses can be made here, but the risk is significantly lower than if you decide to make a single investment. The fact is that the 135 top price ETFs that customers can subscribe to at comdirect Bank are more than interesting and offer really good returns. In the long term, it is possible that a broad diversification can be perceived through the top price ETFs. This gives you the opportunity to invest in numerous top values.

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In contrast to a fund, which is usually actively managed, there are no ongoing fees with an ETF. In concrete terms, this means that no fund manager has to be paid to continuously adjust the ETF. An adjustment usually only takes place if there are changes in the index that the ETF reflects. This means that there is a possibility that individual companies will be exchanged, for example if the composition of the DAX or the MSCI World should change.

This can lead to the ETF being revised briefly and then back to normal can be used. The fact is that in the ETF segment, many people are making their first experiences on the stock exchange. As a customer of an ETF, you can also benefit from dividend payments and distributions. This makes the ETF significantly more attractive than other forms of investment advertised on the stock market.

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The broker comdirect Bank stands out clearly fromothers CFD brokers andproviders for stock portfolios when it comes to defining savings plans and long-term investments. With savings plans, numerous online brokers offer the opportunity to regularly save on individual stocks or products. In general, it is possible that you can get the best information online about the composition of the ETFs. These can, for example, cover certain sectors or subject areas (see:Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on ETF investment opportunities). Instead of complete indices, which are covered like the DAX or the MDAX and the Dow Jones, it is also possible that the ETFs can represent sustainable investments, for example. Some ETFs focus entirely on companies that are active in the sustainable energy segment. As a result, many companies are listed in the ETF in the power generation segment, for example. Many brokers are currently active on the market with ETFs. This means thatETFs are actively advertised and many traders are happy to be able to invest their money here.

So-called ETF savings plans can be used by many brokers run on a monthly basis. This means that sums of from e.g. 20 or 25 euros can be regularly invested in the ETFs. This means that attractive positions can be built up over several years. The great advantage of the comdirect bank is that customers save on the regular monthly order fees even with the top price ETFs. Since the depot can also be managed free of charge under certain circumstances, it is definitely worth investing in the ETF and benefiting from the correspondingly good conditions.

What are the advantages of ETF savings plans?

Grundsätzlich ist die Auswahl der ETF Sparpläne bei der comdirect Bank mehr als groß. Das bedeutet, dass einige hundert ETF Sparpläne eröffnet werden können. Mit diesen Sparplänen können mitunter sehr hohe Summen investiert werden. Der Sparplan kann ab 25 CAD geführt werden, aber auch mit 50 oder 100 Euro savings rate. In the long term, attention should be paid to where the money is invested and which markets it covers.

The ETFs offered by comdirect Bank as part of the top price ETF campaign cover numerous markets and are suitable for different types of investors. This means that investors who are willing to take risks and those who don't like any risk at all can easily invest their money via the ETF savings planat comdirect Bank. The partners who are entrusted with processing the ETFs at comdirect Bank are well known. This means that e.g. Franklin Templeton, iShares as well as Lyxor or Vanguard come into question. In general, the ETF offer here is more than interesting and at the same time very versatile.

The ETF savings plans are generally considered to be very broad. TheMSCI World ETF gives you the opportunity to invest in over 1,600 different stocks. In addition, there are other ETFs that are set up worldwide and can therefore invest in a variety of industries and sectors in any case. With ETF investments you can generally position yourself very broadly and hidea lot of risks that would be present with other investments.

Why is a depot at the comdirect bank attractive?!

Thedepot at the comdirect bank is characterized by various features. In general, it should be noted that the depot can be managed free of charge if you opt for the free current account and the depot at the same time. Both products can be sold very attractively at the same time and offer an excellent duo. It should also be noted that comdirect Bank is one of the banks that has been active on the market for a long time and that definitely has a lot of good products ready. In addition to classic equity investments, there is also the option of subscribing to funds and ETFs. The broker's online depot can be controlled by computer or app. In general,savings plans on funds and also on ETFs can be concluded. The savings plans can be carried out monthly, but also e.g. quarterly or semi-annually. From a sum of 25 euros, or even higher, the savings plans can be used without any problems. The fact is that the comdirect bank is continuously adapting and also expanding or supplementing the range of savings plans. As a result, traders can opt for new savings plans. Shares can of course also be saved.

Thecommercial offer at the comdirect bank is considered the bottom line more extensive than is the case with the competition . This means that not only shares can be traded in Kenya, but above all worldwide. The stock exchange as well as the over-the-counter trade can be used by the customers. In the long term, you can benefit from the fact that the shares can always be bought at the cheapest price worldwide. In addition to the savings plans and trading in shares, comdirect Bank also offers trading in bonds again and again. These are often marketed as so-called protect bonds. This means that the bond is always equipped with a barrier. Only when the barrier is touched on the key date or is undershot does this mean that shares are credited instead of money. The accrued interest will be credited in any case. It is not uncommon for the interest rate on comdirect Bank bonds to be in the range of around 8 to 12% per year, making it very attractive.

What services does comdirect Bank offer?!

Generell muss gesagt werden, dass die comdirect Bank wirklich einen sehr umfangreichen Service anbieten kann. Das bedeutet, dass der Service problemlos über verschiedene Kanäle wahrgenommen werden kann. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass man an 7 Tagen in der Woche jeweils 24 hours a day. In the long term, customers benefit from the fact that the service can be reached much better than is the case with the competitors, who usually only offer contact via email. At the comdirect bank, customers can also reach the service by fax, via live chat, or via the classic telephone. The live chat is particularly useful as you also benefit from being able to do something else on the internet on the side. 7 days a week

It should be noted that the fax service is very practical, as customers receive direct confirmation that, for example, a document has been delivered to the comdirect bank. This means that evidence and documents can be sent quickly and easily. In the long term, it should be noted that comdirect Bank is often awarded for its good service. This means that as a customer you naturally benefit from the fact that the services are generally very good. Numerous broker magazines and traders have rated the bank very well. In Kenya, comdirect Bank is now one of the major providersin the segment of online trading and online brokerage. In recent years, the bank has developed extremely well and has significantly expanded numerous forms of investment and areas. This makes it superior to many competitors and also offers proper deposit insurance and a company headquarters in Kenya and not somewhere offshore distributed worldwide Keywords

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