140 subscribe ETFs on favorable terms!

ETFs are the means of choice when it's about doing something for your own retirement provision. Compared to a direct investment in shares, they have a very low risk, but their value can rise or fall. Anyone interested in an ETF will find that there is a large selection of products. The MSCI World and comparable ETFs in particular are popular.

The ETF market has risen sharply in recent months. Products such as the MSCI World or commodity ETFs have increased in value massively. Anyone who decides to invest here will find that the selection of ETFs has definitely grown significantly in recent years. This means that more and more people are opting for products that already offer broad diversification and where a lot is definitely possible. An investment in an ETF is in any case an opportunity to investin large companies or in different sectors.

It often happens that an ETFmore than 100 different titles contains. This means that you are not investing in one product with an ETF, but investing in numerous different companies and their shares at the same time. Due to the broad diversification and the focus on specific topics, an ETF can be used in a very targeted manner. The selection of products in the ETF segment is more than extensive. This means that in addition to classic ETFs, special commodity ETFs can of course also be purchased.

Anyone who wants to invest money in an ETF can usually, for example,from a sum of 10 CADs| ||58 entsprechende Anteile erwerben. Je größer die Summe ist, die in den ETF investiert wird, desto größer sind auch die Anteile, die am ETF erworben werden. Nicht selten kommt es vor, dass der ETF Anteil wächst, da die Trader sich dazu entscheiden, einen so genannten Sparplan zu schreiben, der dann regelmäßig ausgeführt wird. Ein ETF Sparplan ist definitiv interessant und lohnt sich, wenn in ein ETF Produkt investiert wird.

TheSelection of savings plans varies greatly depending on the broker. At the comdirect bank, there is the option of buying shares in an ETF – either as a one-time purchase and one-off payment, or via a savings plan. This savings plan can be run monthly or e.g. twice a month (once at the beginning and once in the middle of the month).


ETFs advertise high security and great diversification!(©viarami/Pixabay)

The theme ofDiversification spielt eine besonders wichtige Rolle. Vor dem generellen Aktienmarkt haben nach wie vor sehr viele Menschen Respekt und den Gedanken, dass sie hier viel Geld verlieren können. Bei ETFs wie dem MSCI World sieht es etwas ruhiger aus. Da hier z.B. Anteile von den größten Firmen der Welt erworben werden ist es denkbar, dass entsprechende ETFs definitiv gerne gekauft werden. Die Auswahl der Produkte und auch die Auswahl der Aktien in die investiert wird ist in jedem Fall attraktiv. Ein ETF Investment kann also mit attraktiven Renditen verbunden sein.

The ETFs can either distribute their profits in the form of dividends or they can accumulate them. This means that instead of dividends, you can receive additional shares in the ETF and benefit from the fact that your own share in the ETF continues to grow. It should be noted that the chances of return vary depending on the ETF. Some ETFs have impressive histories. This means that, for example, historical data can be viewed and an ETF has increased in value, for example5 to 10% per year.

ETFs at comdirect Bank – what is on offer?

Comdirect Bank customers can subscribe to 140 different ETFs from well-known partners. The variety is much larger here than is the case with the other brokers. The price is just 3.90 euros per purchase if it is a one-time investment. Anyone who chooses to trade the ETF via asavings plan pays 0 euros as an order fee at comdirect bank if you comply with all applicable conditions.

The partners through which the ETFs at comdirect bank can be traded are very different. This means that companies such as Lyxor, iShares or even Franklin Templeton and Amundi can be used when it comes to buying shares in an ETF.

The selection of ETFs is in recent years many providers (see Franklin Templeton ETFs) such as Franklin Templeton have risen sharply. Above all, ETFs from different industries and from different product assets can be subscribed. It is important to note that even if an ETF has performed well in the past, there is no guarantee that it will continue to perform well in the future.

This means that itin the event of a negative general economic development it can also happen that an ETF loses value or falls sharply. In general, price losses can occur with ETFs. Shares in an ETF can be bought or sold at any time. The buy or sell order is processed directly through the broker.

Shares versus ETFs – what's the difference?

BYD is considered a luminary from the Middle Kingdom when it comes to electric drives . The BYD share (BYD Investor Strategy) has of course been one of the big winners on the market for some time. The stock has increased bymore than 100 percent within the last 5 years. This is a sign that a lot is still possible here. Anyone who is interested in the BYD share should notice that its value has grown more than strongly in recent years.

Potential for BYD is no longer only seen in China, but also in many other countries worldwide . In general, it is conceivable that a lot could happen here, because the market is growing significantly. The fact is thatElectric vehicles from BYD are considered to be quite mature. That means that these vehicles are definitely good to drive and a lot of fun. It's possible that a lot is happening in the BYD area, if you think about normal vehicles for everyday use, but also if you think about vehicles from the transport sector, for example.

It's especially true in the area of ​​buses conceivable that large electric vehicles can be used by BYD. The subjectof the range and also the loading capacity are the factors that play a role when it comes to the corresponding possibilities of use. The higher the range of electric vehicles, the more you benefit from it and the more likely private individuals or even entire companies decide to invest and go along with it. In a few years it is conceivable that electric vehicles will reach even greater ranges and will therefore be even more accepted in everyday life.

The BYD company is considered a major competitor to the American product from Tesla in China . Both companies are considered to be particularly well positioned and definitely offer good vehicles. Since the companies have been on the market for a few years, it could be the case that there is definitely still a lot going on here. The know-how at BYD and also at Tesla is likely to be significantly greater than is the case with many Canadian car manufacturers. That applies at least when you want to talk about vehicles that are on the road with an innovative electric drive.

In the future,the network of filling stationsThe depot of the comdirect bank can be kept and managed online with little effort. This means that the comdirect bank is definitely an interesting bank where the depot can even be used

Depot und Co. bei der comdirect Bank online führen – eine Empfehlung?

Das Depot der comdirect Bank kann ohne großen Aufwand online geführt und auch verwaltet werden. Das heißt, dass die comdirect Bank definitiv eine interessante Bank ist, bei der das Depot unter bestimmten Umständen sogar completely free of charge under certain circumstances. Anyone who opens their depot here can look forward to the fact that they receive particularly favorable trading conditions during the first 6 months after opening. In practice, this means that discounts on trading fees can be as high as 50%.

The comdirect bank deposit can easily be managed directly via an app. It is conceivable thatthe app can also be used for trading activities. In any case, the app quickly gives you a good overview of how trading works and what can be offered. In general, it is conceivable that a lot can be used with the help of the app.

The service and support at the comdirect bank are particularly good. This means that the service can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The comdirect bank is a very well-established bank that can of course boast many different advantages. Anyone who chooses the bank will find that many different products can be traded here and, of course, questions about the service need to be addressed in different ways. TheLive Chat is a real benefit that can be used throughout the day and night.

In addition to the Live Chat, there is at Of course, the comdirect bank also offers the option of using a call, for example. The landline, acallback option and much more can be used without any problems to get active at the bank. Anyone who would like to take part as a comdirect bank user will find that the bank is particularly well positioned in terms of response times. Questions are answered very quickly here, which is of course recommended and can be a lot of fun.

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