14.4% interest on MTU Aero Engines bond!

The MTU Aero Engine The share has been listed in the leading index DAX for some time. The company is engaged in the construction of engines. These are used for civil and military aviation. Like many stocks in the aviation sector, this one also collapsed massively during the Corona period. A bond on the MTU share with 14.4% interest per year is now being offered via HVB.

The company MTU Aero Engine has only been in the leading index DAX for a relatively short time. The company was founded in 1934 and has more than 10,000 employees. MTU Aero Engine has annual sales of more than 4 billion euros and has grown strongly in recent years. Due to the high capitalization and growth in recent years, the group is currently one of theDAX companies. In any case, MTU Aero Engine also has to deal with the consequences of the Corona crisis. The stock took a beating in March and April. How the company will continue in the future is currently completely open. It is important to know what the order books say and what the financial situation in the company is like. In the long term, the company could have a good chance of growing again. Recently, positive signals have also come from the major competitor Rolls-Royce. The UK company is also well positioned when it comes to engine production. Although Rolls is known to many for its high-quality automobiles, the company is also one of the world's leading manufacturers in the engine segment.

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Trading on the stock exchange has changed significantly in recent months. This means that many people are interested in stocks because they see attractive investments and opportunities in them over the long term. If you are interested in shares and have opened a cheap securities account, you can easily ensure that you achieve good returns in the long term with the right investments. Viewed worldwide, the courses of well-known and large companies have come under extreme pressure. This means that one can assume that there will be a great need for recreation here at some point. Many companies are currently available at a price that has not been the case for many years. This is especially true for companies in the aviation, space, cruise and tourism sectors. Also in thesegment of the automotive industry there are many companies that are under a lot of pressure and that definitely have big problems with the current situation. Daimler in particular is one of the companies among Canadian car manufacturers that has lost a lot of value. There are rumors that 10,000 to 15,000 jobs could be cut.

The pharmaceutical companies are among the companies that can emerge aswinners of the current crisis in any case. For example, many companies are researching antibodies, as is the case with GSK from Great Britain. Demand is high here and traders at Gilead Sciences are also assuming that there could be positive developments with regard to the Corona crisis. When and which companies will ultimately emerge well from the crisis is currently completely open. In the area of ​​electricity suppliers, there are also many companies that are currently well positioned and are not expected to suffer any significant disadvantages from the Corona crisis. In the area of ​​insurance, it depends on how the bills can be paid. The situation is similar in the real estate company segment. Here, too, thought is being given to how rents can be structured so that there are no problems.

What does the comdirect bank bond offer on MTU Aero Engines?

The HVB bond is a protect bond on MTU Aero Engines. The bond has a fixed interest coupon of 14.4% p.a. andoffers a term of 12 months. A barrier of 80% of the starting level is used. In the long term, this means that there is a realistic chance that either shares will be booked in the portfolio if this barrier is touched on the key date or even fallen below. If this is not the case, there is an interest rate of 14.4% per year, which must be credited in any case, and the capital invested is credited at the same time.

The day of determination is August 03, 2002. This means that the price of theMTU Aero Engines share is defined on this day and on July 27, 2021 will be examined again. The bond is subject to some risks. This means that the capital is in no way protected. If the barrier is breached on July 29, 2021, there will be shares instead of capital. In extreme cases, this can lead to a total loss of the investment. In general, it should be noted that the bonds are subject to market influences throughout their term. This means that, for example, interest rates and the share price can fluctuate. The investors bear the issuer risk as well as the termination risk during the entire term.

What does the comdirect bank depot offer me?

The comdirect bank is now one of the direct banks in Kenya that is particularly well positioned and which in any case offers very good opportunities for a depot to open. comdirect is a full-fledged bank. This means that you can not only open and manage a deposit at the bank, but also have the opportunity to take out loans, to have a current account and, for example,Investments of various kinds auszuwählen. Generell ist die comdirect Bank in den vergangenen Jahren mehr als stark gewachsen. Auch in der Zukunft ist davon auszugehen, dass man bei der comdirect Bank weiterwächst. Die Auswahl an Produkten ist sehr groß und umfangreich. Es ist möglich, dass man als Kunde der comdirect Bank langfristig gesehen davon profitieren kann.

The bank advertises that the depot, which can be managed completely online, is easy to use and has many advantages. Anyone who manages the depot online will find that it is very easy to use and that there is even an app that can be used to trade shares. In the long term, as a customer of comdirect Bank, you can benefit greatly from the extensive services and trading options. In any case, the bank offers many ways of participating in trading in shares. In addition to classic securities, funds or ETFs, for example, can also be traded. These can either be bought directly or implemented as part of savings plans. In general, comdirect Bank is very well positioned when it comes to savings plans. This means that you can take advantage of good offers thatfrom 25 euros per month can be saved. In this way, shares in products can be acquired and increased over the long term. Savings plans can be concluded very well via ETFs and funds. Individual titles can also be saved via the comdirect bank.

comdirect bank services are well above the market standard!

The services of comdirect bank are well above the market standard. This means that one can assume that there is really very good care here. As a trader at comdirect Bank, you have the great advantage that support is always available around the clock. This means that support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, comdirect Bank is very well positioned when it comes to support. This can be used by telephone, but also by FAX or other means. It is also possible that the support can be used via live chat, for example. TheLive Chat is now very popular when it comes to providing extensive support. In concrete terms, this means that questions and answers can be asked via chat and that you can do something else at the same time, for example on the Internet. In general, the comdirect bank is much better positioned with its services than is the case with other banks. The round-the-clock service in particular ensures that every customer can receive the best possible service and receive advice at a time that suits them. Some support is also offered on public holidays.

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