15.5% interest pa bond on Wirecard!

The Wirecard share stands by many traders have been on the watch list for a long time. The company, which specializes in payment services, has repeatedly experienced unrest. This means that the share price was at times almost 200 euros, but a few months later it was below 100 euros.

Anyone who decides to invest in Wirecard should know that it is a paper trading that has been particularly volatile in recent months. The fact is that you can always expect a surprise at Wirecard. Whether this will change in the coming months and years depends on many factors. Late quarterly figures or figures on the company's finances as well as negative reports from the press mean that Wirecard can quickly see a negative price development. In addition, a few analysts assume that Wirecard is not doing everything right when it comes to the numbers on the balance sheet. In principle, there have been some audits byexternal auditing companies in the past. Although they have never noticed any major problems or errors, they often cause the Wirecard share price to drop significantly. In addition to the strong price losses, the price has also quickly risen again in recent months, because negative news was usually followed by very good news.

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As far as the balance sheet is concerned, Wirecardis definitely good set up. That means the company is posting very attractive numbers, and it's safe to assume that revenue should continue to grow in the coming months. So far, sales have often increased by double digits, which still looks like a great success story. The group has a lot to offer in the field of digital payment services. It currently looks as if the positive developments can continue to be relied on in the future and that one can definitely count on Wirecard's sales being positive in any case. At the moment, however, there is a kind of healthy distrust in the entire market towards the Wirecard company. In concrete terms, this means that one can assume that not everything is running perfectly at Wirecard. In the area of ​​business performance at Wirecard, there will also be some changes in the future. These are intended to ensure that shareholders can gain more trust in the company. Whether this is interesting in the long term should also depend on how punctually and reliably Wirecard can present its financial figures in the coming months.

Should Wirecard have good news to announce in any case, it is probably only a matter of time before the stock reacts positively. Even if the price of theWirecard share has been in the range of around 80 to 100 euros in the past few months, it is conceivable in the long term that the share could increase in value significantly. Wirecard is one of the companies that definitely shines with good development and where it can be assumed that this development can be continued. Those who do not want to invest directly in Wirecard shares can, for example, also invest in the Wirecard bond provided by Citigroup. This is advertised with 15.5% interest p.a. over the entire term.

Which offer is Citigroup offering with its Wirecard bond?

Customers of comdirect Bank can take advantage of Citigroup's offer and subscribe to a bond on Wirecard shares under WKN CP1ZN6. The offer has been offered since May 18 and the bond can be subscribed until June 12, 2020. Basically, the bond has a fixed rate of interest. This is 15.5% p.a., completely independent of how the underlying develops. It should be mentioned that there is a barrier that acts as additional security. In concrete terms, this means that the barrier ensures that the loss potential can be significantly reduced compared to direct investments. TheBarrier is 42.5% and is only observed on the day of the assessment. This means that the barrier is only observed on June 14, 2021 and otherwise does not affect the development of the share or has no influence on the investment.

It is important to know thatthe investment capital is not protected during the investment period. This means that if the barrier is not reached on the reference date, Wirecard shares will be credited to the securities account instead of capital. The fact is that in extreme cases, total losses of investments can also be achieved. During the entire term, it is possible that negative market influences such as a negative share price or volatility in interest rates can result in the value developing negatively. The investors also bear the issuer risk and also the termination risk of this bond on the Wirecard share.

What does comdirect Bank offer its customers?

Comdirect Bank is a comprehensive online bank. As a direct bank, it offers its customers numerous attractive services. This means, among other things, that the comdirect bank offers a free online depot, for example, and therefore has very good conditions ready in any case. New customers benefit from the fact that they can get an extensive discount from comdirect Bank during the first 6 monthseinen umfangreichen Rabatt. This means that new customers in particular can set up their own securities account quickly and cheaply and book certain titles in this securities account. The comdirect bank is regarded as a particularly well-positioned direct bank. This means that products can be traded here that are not available at other banks. The selection of papers is much more extensive. It is therefore possible that shares from indices that are not available on other platforms can always be traded at comdirect Bank.

In addition to the depot, the comdirect bank also offers e.g. call money accounts, loans as well as current accounts and other products. Since the products can easily be managed via the Internet, there are also credit cards and other services that can be used digitally. With the comdirect bank, it makes sense to rely on the variousservices online, since these are often cheaper than if you want to use similar products and accounts at a branch bank, for example . In the long term, customers at comdirect Bank will benefit above all from the fact that the bank is very large and is constantly introducing new products such as new share savings plans.

In the area of ​​securities, comdirect Bank offers, among other things, savings plans. There is the possibility, for example, that savings plans can be used in which investments are made in shares on a monthly basis. This means that you invest in shares for a sum of 25 euros or more every month. If you want to save on a specific stock, ETF or fund, you can easily have yourown savings plan implemented. There is also the possibility that several savings plans can be used in parallel. The comdirect bank is more than well positioned in this area and offers significantly better services than is the case with other banks. Anyone looking around online will find that the bank regularly adjusts the savings plans and adds new products.

Service is a top priority at comdirect Bank!

A direct comparison shows that comdirect Bank always offers good service. This means that the bank can be reached, for example, via the classic telephone 7 days a week24 hours. Anyone who is interested in the comdirect bank will find that the bank also offers a free callback service. This helps to ensure that questions and problems can be discussed quickly and easily. At comdirect Bank, it is very important that questions are answered quickly. This also sets you apart from the competition, of which there are many on the market.

Live chat has been advertised on the comdirect bank homepage for some time. Via the chat it is possible to address questions to the bank team without any problems and very easily. As a rule, the answer comes within a few seconds - fast, friendly and without much effort. The bottom line is that comdirect Bank's service scores well in many testsreally very good off. In addition, he can also be easily reached at weekends and in the evening, which is of course welcomed by many working customers.

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