21Nova: collect a 50-euro refer-a-friend bonus

21nova Bonus Freunde werbenAnyone who has a good || |47Online Casino also tells his friends about it. This not only strengthens the friendship, but in the case of the21Nova it also brings a whopping bonus. If a friend is referred here, a bonus amount of 50 euros is paid out to the referrer.

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Invite friends and secure a bonus

The invitation to a friend can easily be made in the 21Nova via link. Every customer will find the "Invite a friend" button in their lobby, which can be used to distribute the link to friends. As soon as the referred friend has paid in and implemented an amount of at least 50 euros, a bonus of 50 euros is also transferred to the referrer.

Referrers can pay out the winnings from their bonus without any problems as soon as at least one twelve times the turnover of the sum was made. In this case, everyone involved can benefit, which is why the offer can be described as an interesting offer from every point of view. Since such promotions are not available everywhere, the 21Nova is twice as worthwhile.

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