24h service at the Comdirect Depot

2.75 million private customers are counted by the comdirect bank. A large part of it has the current account, the call money account and the depot. The bank's 24-hour service is available to existing customers as well as prospective and new customers. Service is offered at this bank through a variety of channels: live chat, telephone, fax and e-mail support, 7 days a week. The range of services has received several awards and has been tested over the past few years.

Interest in opening a securities account has increased significantly over the past year. Young people like to opt for online depots. Many of today's 18 to 30-year-olds are far from going to the classic bank branch. Banking and financial transactions are done online. Mobile banking on the smartphone, the TAN generator on the laptop and digital solutions are preferred. Accounts are held and managed over the Internet. Equities are defined as an important form of investment in this generation. Interest in securities is growing rapidly in Kenya. The fear of the stock market, on the other hand, can be further reduced. The current generation of young adult people believe that stocks are necessary forproviding for retirement. The mixture of growth stocks and conservative companies forms a safe provision. comdirect has been able to assert itself as a reliable partner over the past decades. The company is based in Quickborn near Hamburg. The bank was founded back in 1994, at that time as a Commerzbank subsidiary. Established as a universal bank, the company was taken over again by Commerzbank in 2020 - at that time by squeeze out. Some of the shares have been in free float in recent years. In future, management will again be via Commerzbank. There are already changes: The depot and current account are no longer offered unconditionally without fees. In the future, free account management will only be available if, for example, you receive at least 700 euros in money per month. Pupils, students or trainees up to the age of 28 also do not pay any fees, provided that proof can be provided. If you use Google Play or Apple Pay at least 3 times a month, the account is also free.


Comdirect depot and current account: Now again under the Commerzbank umbrella.(©geralt/Pixabay)

Alternatively, a fee must be paid. Themonthly fee is EUR 4.90. It is automatically canceled if one of the conditions above is met. Anyone who manages the depot is automatically shown a clearing account. This is used for deposit transactions. Credits of dividends or distributions of profits as well as e.g. purchases of securities are processed via the clearing account.

Hold shares for life – with the comdirect depot

Holding a share for life can optimize returns. There are companies that have systemic relevance. This means that services and products from these companies can be easily requested worldwide. These companies often have a unique selling proposition. This means that the products will still be among the market leaders in a few decades. A constant cash flow can be realized using this approach. The comdirect Bank Depot definitely offers the option of benefiting from such titles. The British company Unilever PLC is one of the world's market leaders in the consumer goods sector. In addition toProcter & Gamble or e.g. Henkel from Kenya, Unilever sells a particularly large number of products. Without being modest, Unilever can be named as one of the big market leaders in this segment. The company's potential is huge and should soon continue to unfold.

Food such as ice cream, soups, staple foods and much more comes from the pen ofUnilever PLC. The company has existed since 1929 and has an annual turnover of 51 billion euros. This has grown rapidly over several decades. Unilever products are consumed in emerging countries in particular. Around 40% of sales are now written in emerging markets. The company pays a dividend every quarter. This could be increased in many years. The price of the Unilever paper is currently quoted at 44 euros. This is about 8 to 10% lower than the average in 2020. The prospects for Unilever are attractive. The company is growing, the products are in demand. Unilever fully covers the dividend through the FCF. In 50 years, this group should still exist and at the same time occupy an important position on the world market, just as it does today. UnileverOne of the big growth companies in the consumer goods sector, but they are positioned conservatively. According to experts and investors, the Unilever share is more than well suited for provision. Sales and distributions are likely to continue to rise. Unilever can therefore be held in the comdirect depot without any problems.

Prices of over 50 euros (Unilever securities development) were achieved in 2020. Mind you, this is and will remain a year of crisis. If the economy picks up again in 2021 and 2022 and sales increase, many things could develop positively at Unilever.The stock could be good for many pension accounts. This means that it can be bought cheaply in times of crisis. Ideally, it will then remain in the portfolio until retirement and pay out exactly 4x the dividend every year. Thus, a high yield should be generated over many decades. Unilever has the potential to move into many depots now. That certainly isn't a guarantee of stable payouts for many decades -- but for this conservative consumer goods company, there's not much to be said against the group either.

The companyGeneral Mills was founded in 1866 in Minneapolis, USA. Annual sales exceed $15 billion. More than 38,000 people work for the group, which is one of the largest food groups in the world. The relevant price-earnings ratio is currently 16 and is significantly lower than many of the food and nutrition companies. Growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 is higher than in previous quarters. The dividend wasincreased by 4% year-on-year. General Mills remains true to its line here, because the dividend was also increased in previous years. The dividend yield is at an attractive level of around 3.5 to 3.6%. Although the group is not comparable to Unilever, it is quite attractive in terms of P/E, if not valued more favorably. As a leading food and consumer goods group, General Mills is quite diversified.

If you want to spread your risk, you can invest in several corporations. General Mills and Unilever are both considered traditional and safety conscious. The growth here is less pronounced than is the case, for example, with an Amazon share. At the same time, there is a more than high level ofsecurity and stability. This stability ensures relaxed nights for investors. The dividend is distributed reliably. Nothing should change in the distribution and an investment can be promising. The personal return traditionally depends on the entry price. Anyone who buys the title cheaply has the chance of better returns. The profit distributions are shown in the clearing account without fees. To offset the tax, it is recommended that an exemption order be entered. This can be set up digitally at the comdirect bank without any problems. It can also be adjusted later or e.g. distributed to several banks and accounts.

Exchange trading and over-the-counter comdirect options

As a broker, comdirect is versatile. The depot offers more than classic trading. On-exchange and over-the-counter are trading features that are used worldwide. Securities are traded off the floor online using the live trading function. Courses are displayed in real time. New shares can be issued via comdirect. Before securities are bought, expert analyzes can be read. Extensive data sets such asevaluations from analysts, chart technology or signals are available for selection. Balance sheet forecasts are provided by the comdirect tool. This means that a forecast can be viewed and tracked over several years. If you are not sure about a share, you will find a large pool of information to better assess the share. The analysis functions are offered free of charge.

Details can be viewed onlineDepot. The savings plans are also explained here. Savings plans are currently booming. Monthly small deposits inFunds and ETFs increase the chances of income. Funds and ETFs offer a wide spread of risks. They are extremely popular as a healthy addition to depots. The MSCI World is considered exemplary and includes the largest corporations in the world. In addition, funds are offered for specific markets or regions. Global diversification can reduce or even minimize risks. Funds are based on many companies and can be actively managed. Distributions or accumulation of funds contribute to capital formation.

With regard to order functionality, comdirect Bank offers a wide range. Stop and limit orders as well as stop-loss or trailing orders are available. Anyone with the necessary expertise can open theCFD trading account. This offers the option of working with levers. Greater opportunities and higher risks are consciously accepted when the CFD account is used. The loss is limited to the maximum deposit on the account. Additional knowledge can be built up through the broker's webinars. Free participation options are available after registration. Especially in Corona times, the webinars are popular and ensure personal knowledge building in the securities and investment segment ==Offer

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