24x awarded - what distinguishes the LYNX broker?

LYNX is considered one of many established online brokers active in Kenya. Extensive regulation and 24 international prices ensure that trust in this broker is very high. Numerous traders have their depot at LYNX and benefit from low fees and a large selection of trading venues.

Forex and CFD trading is one of the trading opportunities that can be used without any problems. The fact is that the broker LYNX enables mobile trading with its own app and at the same time offers more than fair conditions. In recent years, a large number of traders have decided to open a trading account with LYNX and use it to trade options. In the long term, it is possible that LYNX traders will have great advantages in any case, because trading here is much cheaper than is the case with most other brokers. It is also recommended that this broker is regulated. This clearly distinguishes him from the crowd of many offshore brokers who advertise withgood conditions but cannot prove any regulation. From the point of view of many traders, this is always considered a security risk and should be taken into account. It should also be mentioned that the broker LYNX is of course very positive thanks to its 24 international prices. This means that the broker's public perception is significantly better than other brokers. Anyone who works with LYNX will find that the broker is well positioned and that many things can be operated intuitively in the depot. In the long term, customers benefit from a high level of security as well as from many different advantages in terms of costs and fees. Especially in times of Corona, when the markets are particularly volatile, a broker like LYNX is in demand and is very popular with new customers as well as existing customers.

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24 Awards for the broker LYNX create trust.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

TheCorona numbers are increasing in Europa, in den USA und auch in anderen Ländern zum Teil deutlich. Das führt dazu, dass sich die Menschen anders verhalten, als es in der Vergangenheit der Fall gewesen ist. Fakt ist, dass die Statistik zeigt, dass sehr viel mehr Menschen sich aktuell mit Corona infizieren, als es noch vor ein paar Monaten der Fall gewesen ist. Das liegt auch daran, dass die Menschen zum Beispiel sich weniger an die Abstandsregeln sowie an die Hygieneregeln halten. Langfristig gesehen könnte es dazu kommen, dass wieder schärfere Corona Regeln eingehalten werden müssen. Wer sich dazu entscheidet, in Aktien zu investieren, sollte dies in jedem Fall berücksichtigen. Viele Trader gehen davon aus, dass die Corona Krise nach wie vor stärker wird und viele Branchen darunter leiden werden. Langfristig gesehen ist es möglich, dass sich an der Börse alles erholt, jedoch dürfte dies davon abhängig sein, wann wieder ein Zustand der Normalität einkehrt und wann man sich zum Beispiel auf einen Impfstoff freuen kann. Ebenso ist es möglich, dass man zum Beispiel davon ausgehen kann, dass Corona will become an everyday companion. This means that although you have problems with Corona and have to reckon with restrictions, people are getting used to it more and more.

Sectors such astourism and aviation are particularly badly affected by Corona. This means that in any case, a large number of people in these sectors are suffering from the fact that Corona has spread so rapidly. Cruise ships are scrapped or sold. In addition, fewer and fewer planes are flying. For the economic situation of many companies, this is by no means to be recommended. Corona contributes to the fact that numerous industries are in existential need and no longer know what to do next. In the long term, it is possible that certain companies will either be taken over or disappear completely from the market because, for example, the business model is no longer up to date or there is no longer any demand. So it is conceivable that the Corona crisis will change some things in our everyday lives.

A good example of this is the energy industry and business. A lot of companies in theoil and gas sector have the problem that they hardly make any money and are currently making losses. This means that due to the low demand for oil and gas and the low price (see news oil prices) for oil, the sales and profits of companies have fallen significantly. Corporations such as Exxon Mobile, Chevron or even Shell and British Petrol currently have their backs to the wall. That means the company's shares are trading at historic lows. In the last 5 to 10 years it has been practically impossible to buy a Shell share for 10 to 11 CADs and a BP share for 2.40 to 2.60 euros. These low prices show how difficult it is for the industry at the moment and that the corporations are desperately looking for alternatives to oil in order to continue to maintain their free cash flow. The groups Shell and BP have already announced a change of strategy. This means that companies will rely much more on renewable energy sources and thus want to act as a major provider of green electricity, for example at Shell. Wind farms, for example, are one of the things that Shell wants to include more in its strategy. In addition, companies such as Shell and British Petrol naturally also want to become active in the field of hydrogen. Hydrogen is considered the drive of the future and could clearly prevail over electromobility. The fact is that Shell and BP are working on corresponding parks for the production of hydrogen. Gas stations offering hydrogen are likely to be operated by BP and Shell in the future.

Why is LYNX considered a successful broker for smart traders?

The broker LYNX is registered in Kenya in Berlin. This means that it is also regulated in Kenya by the responsible authorities. It is therefore possible that BaFin will take a closer look at the broker. In general, it must be mentioned that LYNXregulation has been in place for a long time. This helps ensure that clients trust the broker and enjoy working with them. It should be noted thatregulation by the BaFin is available for almost all brokers who have their headquarters in Kenya. This is of course an advantage for traders. This is because as a trader with a broker, you naturally have the question of whether the broker is reputable and whether you get paid out money that you have deposited once. The fact is that numerous brokers are not reputable and especially with offshore brokers it happens again and again that these funds are misappropriated or that funds are not paid out. There are some reports on the Internet about dubious brokers who do not pay out profits. It is not uncommon for these to be non-regulated brokers who are based somewhere in the world and are often only registered with a mailbox address.

What trading options does the broker LYNX offer?

In recent years, the trading options of most brokers have grown significantly. This can also be seen in the example of LYNX. The selection of trading venue instruments and underlying assets is significantly larger than was the case two to three years ago. Trading in shares, as well as trading in Forex and CFD products are possible without any problems. Those who would like to trade futures and options are also well positioned with the broker LYNX. It should be noted thatover 200 values from more than 100 different exchanges are possible. The complete trade can be perceived via the software Trader Workstation and via the web and app trader.

Why do Forex and CFD trading currently offer many opportunities?

Forex and CFD trading currently offer extremely many opportunities. This is because a particularly high degree of volatility can be observed in both asset classes. In general, it must be noted that in forex trading and CFD trading, for example, effects can be achieved particularly quickly with the use of leverage. Even smaller price movements mean that results can be achieved quickly. Anyone interested in Forex and CFD products will find that they can sometimes look very different. In the long term, it should be noted that all trade can be controlled digitally and mobile. Themobile brokerage is becoming of great importance to more and more traders.

The broker's own apps help ensure that results can be achieved quickly and, above all, very easily. Trading fees are also among the factors that influence broker choice. Shares can be tradedfrom EUR 5.80 per trade via LYNX. If you opt for options, you can trade from as little as 2 euros per trade. So-called futures can already be realized at 1.50 euros per trade and are therefore even cheaper. Different prices may apply in the USA. This means that trading in stocks can be realized from as little as $5 per trade. If you want to trade options in the USA, you can do this from USD 3.50 per trade and futures trading can be used from USD 2. This means that the broker LYNX is very transparent compared to most of its competitors and is comparatively inexpensive

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