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The comdirect bank is one of the Brokers that are particularly popular in Kenya. One of the reasons for this is that online trading in particular has grown significantly in recent years. At comdirect Bank, online trading and online brokerage are very important. New customers are lured with good promotions and low trading venue fees. The fact is that comdirect Bank is more than well positioned and is of course also subject to a certain amount of regulation.

Trading in shares and securities has gained in importance for many people in recent years. This means that more and more decide to invest in securities and become active here. In the long term, attractive returns can be achieved if you are interested in and enthusiastic about the right securities and investments. Nevertheless, you should be aware that there are of course major risks that are not to be scoffed at. Those who decide to invest in stocks can also suffer losses. It is sometimes possible to suffer a total loss if you decide to buy securities from companies that are going bankrupt or bankrupt. It is often large companies, so-calledBlue Chips, which came under massive pressure during the crisis and are now slowly recovering. In the long term, it is conceivable to buy shares in such companies cheaply now in order to benefit from rising prices in a few years. This also means that, for example, you benefit from higher dividend payments than is the case during the crisis. Many companies choose to align dividend levels with free cash flow. This means that with higher profits and higher free cash flow, higher dividends can also be expected. In the long term, crises can be used perfectly to get into a share at the right time and hold it.

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Anyone who looks at the leading index DAX will find that many securities are now listed significantly higher than was the case in March during the crisis, for example. Over the long term, it is possible that the stocks will continue to rise in value, but it should also be noted that there is a lot of money flowing into the stock markets at the moment. The shares of the largecar manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen from the DAX are currently trading much higher than was the case before the crisis. Anyone who is interested in the titles in this industry will notice that a lot will happen here in the coming years. This means that a major transformation of the industry is imminent. Above all, the electric drive and of course the drive with hydrogen ensure that the companies are completely repositioning themselves. Classic combustion engines will only play a minor role in the coming years. This means that there is much more value placed on the alternative technology and on the fact that work can be done accordingly.

The manufacturer Volkswagen examines both technologies in a report.Hydrogen and electric will play an essential role in the energy industry in the future (VW hydrogen and battery comparison). In any case, the opportunities that are created with vehicles like the ID.3 are impressive. In the long term, the infrastructure also plays an important role when deciding on a drive. The large petrol station operators Aral and Shell are already relying on the corresponding charging points and petrol pumps to be integrated worldwide. It is therefore conceivable that proper supply options will be created for all types of drive in any case.

A lot is changing in the travel industry, especially incruises. Here, too, companies are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly drives. In concrete terms, this means that great importance is attached, for example, to equipping large ships with modern and environmentally friendly drives. At Carnival, the goal is to primarily promote gas propulsion. The company advertises theCruise with gas drive in any case and with it the possibility of being on the road with LNG liquid gas in the future. The fact is that around 5,200 passengers can travel on the ships that can run on liquid gas. The modern drive is intended to ensure that the entire cruise is much healthier in the future, without heavily polluting the environment. In the case of cruise propulsion, it is mainly sulfur dioxide and soot particles whose release plays a role.

Basically, the entire cruise industry is facing a major restructuring. In concrete terms, this means that the industry should definitely benefit greatly if LNG drives become established. It is also a fact that the entire industry is currently in a massive crisis. In the long term, theCorona Vaccination could see things pick up again. It is possible that the first ships will set sail again with passengers as early as 2020. As a result, the cruise lines' sales should definitely increase again. In the years to come, this industry is likely to continue to have its problems, but things could just as well pick up again. Carnival or Royal Cruise and other companies are among the largest of their kind and could definitely change and improve the market in the long term.

What investment options does comdirect Bank offer?

At comdirect Bank, customers benefit from very different investment options. In concrete terms, this means that this bank always enables trading in shares. Shares can be bought and also sold. In general, it must be mentioned thatfunds and ETFs can also be traded if you choose comdirect Bank. Investing in savings plans is also possible. This is because the comdirect bank can run savings plans on a monthly basis. Savings plans can be implemented from as little as 25 euros a month, which is very easy to do. They can be concluded on funds or ETFs. In general, it is conceivable that more than 10,000 different savings plans can be subscribed to at comdirect Bank.

Trading in shares is particularly attractive for new customers. These receive a discount on the trading fees. It is also known that the entire depot at the comdirect bank can be controlled via an app. As far asdepot overview and trading opportunities are concerned, comdirect Bank is in a much better position than most other banks. This is also due to the fact that comdirect Bank, for example, serves a large number of different trading venues. The customers of the comdirect bank can trade on the stock exchange, but also over the counter. The bank differs significantly from most other brokers, who often only offer a single trading platform. With comdirect Bank, the customer can see exactly which trading venues can be used with which courses. There are different order types that can be used. Stop and loss functions as well as trailing functions can be used with the comdirect bank without much effort. The broker is well positioned when it comes to investing in a variety of ways. Trading in certificates can also be carried out at comdirect Bank, which can of course be worthwhile if you have the appropriate knowledge and skills.

In addition, comdirect Bank customers always benefit from the fact that bonds and other products are offered. These are offered by well-known issuers who work in close partnership with comdirect Bank.

What services does comdirect Bank offer traders?

Comdirect Bank offers customers a custody account that is free for 3 years. In addition, the depot can be managed free of charge if, for example, at least2 trades per quarter are executed. It is also possible that you can keep the depot free of charge as a customer of comdirect Bank if you use the broker's free account. The current account and depot of the comdirect bank can be managed in parallel free of charge, without having to comply with any conditions. In the long term, you can benefit from the fact that very good conditions are always used.

The comdirect bank also offers its customers a more than comprehensive service. In concrete terms, this means that as a customer of the bank, you benefit from the fact that customer service can be contacted 365 days a year. It is also possible to use the service by phone, fax, email and live chat. A free callback service can also be used at comdirect Bank if you have questions or want to clarify things. In practice, thelive chat of comdirect Bank works more than well. It is conceivable that a lot can be achieved with this chat and that questions can be clarified in an uncomplicated way while you are working on the computer at the same time. The comdirect bank app is considered safe and works perfectly in practice. In the long term, trading in securities can be easily handled via the app. The depot overview function can also be used without any problems to keep an eye on your own investments. In the future, too, when comdirect Bank is to be integrated back into Commerzbank, traders should again be happy about good offers and conditions the keywords

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