32Red: Penalty by British advertising regulator

The management and advertising department of the British gambling operator 32Red are considered extremely creative. This in turn has caused the company a few problems with the British authorities in the past. And the company is not doing well at the moment either. In this specific case, it is about advertising for the “Jack and the Beanstalk” slot. As is well known, this is based on a fairy tale and could therefore particularly attract children and young people, according to the advertising supervisory authority. The group has already commented on the allegations, and at the same time the warned advertising was removed.

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The British advertising regulator ASA has once again intervened to regulate. Now it hits the provider 32Red, who is said to have specifically targeted children with his advertising.(©Pixabay)

Proximity to fairy tales could attract children and young people

32Red is in one of theup and coming gambling operators in the UK in recent years. This is not least due to the fact that the provider keeps thinking about memorable advertising measures that can be used to attract the attention of the players. This was also the case in April 2019, when the company apparently unsuspectingly placed an advertisement on Google for its game "Jack and the Beanstalk". Graphics or similar were not used here, but an invitation to play with an additional reference to the possible bonus offers of the casino. TheAdvertising Standards Authority (ASA) sees precisely this advertisement as a major problem.

As the authority announced, the gambling provider had access to the graphics support of his embassy, ​​nevertheless, one would have accepted endangering young people and children. They might have searched for the fairy tale on Google and might have come across the company's ad, according to the ASA. For this reason, one must speak of a child-endangering step here, at the same time the ASA demanded the cessation of this advertising campaign.

Group reacts to the allegations

32Red has not simply accepted the allegations of the British advertising regulator leave room, but react to them immediately. The group announced that advertising for the game was actually part of an advertising campaign in April. In addition, it was announced thatthe game was classified internally as a so-called "high risk game". The result: the game can only be played if a player account has been opened in the casino and the age verification has been completed. The game will not be displayed to players without a player account and accordingly the provider will not provide proof of age.

As expected, 32Red also announced that theadvertising campaign with the relevant advertising had already ended have. This in turn may also be the reason why the ASA is only satisfied with a "reprimand" and does not impose any serious fines on the gambling group.

32Red attracts attention again with its advertising

Dennoch ist es auch nicht das erste Mal, dass 32Red mit seiner in vielen Fällen kreativen Werbung auf sich aufmerksam macht. Erst vor wenigen Wochen sorgte der Konzern durch another advertising deal. While advertising analysts would probably describe the coup as a stroke of genius, the group in Great Britain has also received some critical voices from various sources. Specifically, it is about the change of English football legend Wayne Rooney to the traditional club Derby County. Even the change is surprising: Rooney was a national player for a long time, while Derby tends to kick in the shallows of British football. Nevertheless, Rooney receives a salary that exceeds the salary of the kickers in this league many times over.

The provider 32Red is said to have made the transfer possible. The parent company, the Kindred Group, had only recently become an active partner of the association. It is fitting that the club has itsThe newcomer also presented with shirt number 32 – probably not entirely coincidental. The gambling provider then had to put up with criticism not only from politicians or general gambling critics. There were also voices within the industry that 32Red's behavior would further damage the already scratched image. This is how GVC boss Kenny Alexander explained it as an immediate reaction to the Rooney deal. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that one or the other 32Red campaign in England will be in the starting blocks in the future.

Fairy tales and co. are always the focus of criticism

To their In order to provide players with the most diverse games possible, game developers and online casinos are increasingly focusing on games related to certain topics. So“Jack and the Beanstalk” is by no means the only themed or fairy tale slot. Numerous games are based on these stories, in addition, many games are also developed based on action films or series. For the playersthese slots are usually a highlight in the portfolio, after all they get one step closer to their action and film heroes in this way.

However, it is precisely these games that repeatedly cause problems between gambling companies and the authorities. After all, adults aren't the only ones who know about superheroes. But also children. However, according to the British authorities, they should be given special protection andmust not be confronted with the advertisements for these games. That doesn't always work. In recent months, the ASA has repeatedly warned companies to adapt their advertising measures. Aside from the ongoing debate about the content of advertising, there is also the issue of frequency. Critics have repeatedly warned that the advertising measures in the gaming industry are clearly exceeding the actual level. The industry reacted to this out of its own motivation. The largest gambling companies stated that the advertising budget will be significantly reduced in the future. In additionThe levies for charitable projects and institutions are to be increased. In the eyes of the critics, however, this is still too little and therefore above all a step to get ahead of the legislator. After all, voluntary industry restrictions are still better than government restrictions. In the coming weeks and months, this discussion in Great Britain should continue to causeflammable between industry and politics.

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