50 Euro trading credit for the Comdirectbank depot

Trading has been in the Corona crisis since 2020 increased in importance. The number of people dealing with stocks has risen sharply. Online trading and online brokers in particular are feeling the growth in the number of customers and also in terms of sales. The brokers are now attracting customers again with promotions. Anyone who opens a depot and carries out certain activities can get a starting credit of 50 euros from the Comdirectbank.

The credit of 50 euros is just one option that is currently being offered on the global brokerage market . A large number of brokers opt for credit or discounts for new clients. In practice, of course, this means that trading stocks becomes cheaper. Anyone who manages a securities account as a new customer can save 50% of the trading costs within the first 6 months after opening with the Comdirectbankzum Beispiel 50% der Trading Kosten. Other brokers entice you with the fact that a trading credit is made available within the first few months. In plain language, this means that traders can place shares in their portfolio for a certain period of time without trading fees. In ourComparison of reputable stock portfolios and brokers 2022 we tested the brokers for other criteria apart from the bonus.

The trading balance is relevant when new traders consciously decide on products and want to buy them. If you want to keep a share in your depot for the long term, you can of course go a long way with a trading balance. Especially when the depot has been newly opened, traders naturally want to become active with the depot and place their firstsecurities or CFDs, ETFs and funds in the depot and more benefit. Corresponding trading credit campaigns are therefore definitely an advantage and make it easier and cheaper to enter the world of securities.

There are also certain requirements in the area of ​​starting credit. Opening a depot alone is usually not sufficient when it comes to building up a credit balance. In almost every case, the starting credit is linked to an activity. In the first quarter after opening the depot, for example, X trades must be completed in order to receive the credit. Only then can customers benefit from thestarting credit of e.g. 50 or 100 euros (depending on the campaign and depending on the broker).

It is advisable not only to look at the amount of starting credit, but also to look at the exact general conditions that must be met so that this credit can also be credited. Depending on the broker, there are different requirements and conditions that have to be met. There are also specific time windows in which the activities must be carried out. It is usually the first 3 or 6 months after the account opening in which the activities for the bonus must be completed.

Trading Guthaben.

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In addition to trading in normal and well-known securities, it is precisely CFD trading that which is popular and in demand on the stock exchange. Traders can make exceptionally high profits here, but also quickly suffer high losses. If you are not well trained, you certainly run the risk of burning or losing money. Proper training or good training is definitely an advantage here and increases safety for everyone involved. AnOverview of the best CFD brokers in Europe is available here.

CFD trading is given a particularly strong focus, as there are (see Finanzen.net test reports) definitely offers the most attractive chances of winning. However, CFD traders in particular areexposed to a very high risk. Test reports on financial portals such as Finanzen.net on individual brokers and options are read with pleasure because they are informative and offer a certain added value.

How do I get 50 Euro trading credit?

From the point of view of the Comdirectbank traders, the 50 Euro trading credit is definitely an interesting offer that they would like to take advantage of. Especially since new customers have given fewer offers of this nature in recent years (Comdirectbank 50 Euro Depot Premium). Anyone who fulfills or completes the activities for the credit can quickly look forward to a corresponding payment.

New customers who have already opted for the depot at Comdirectbank must have completed and sent the complete application by February 28, 2022. The application must have been received by the bank and it is then necessary for at least 3 trades to be completed.Trading on the Eurex stock exchange, CFD trading and also new issues of shares are not relevant here and are not counted in the context of this campaign. It should be noted that the 3 trades must be made within 14 days of opening the account. So if you already have 3 stocks in focus that you want to buy, you can be happy about it and have good cards in almost every case.

The 50 euros will then be credited within 24 days of the account opening. It is important to know what type of trades are valid for the promotion. Executions of savings plans are also counted. So if you have a savings plan for shares or e.g. ETFs or funds, you can use it quickly and without much effort according to the campaign and benefit from it.The premium is subject to capital gains tax and the solidarity surcharge and church tax must also be taken into account.

As part of the campaign, only customers who have not been a customer of the bank within the past 6 months are counted as new customers. Comdirectbank is a brand of Commerzbank AG. The entire offer can be completely changed, modified, extended or canceled by the bank at any time. Bank employees are excluded from participating in the campaign.

The Comdirectbank is known for repeatedly launching campaigns for new customers. Sometimes there is also a bonus if the customer decides to switch to Comdirectbank from another broker.Ultimately, the bank is very well positioned and not only offers new promotions, but also a large portfolio of securities. In the CFD brokerage segment, Comdirectbank is of course also one of the banks that can very well be described as a leader on Canadian soil. Traders receive the best support and very attractive products.

The services that customers can call up at Comdirectbank can be used easily via chat or telephone support. 24/7 support is a matter of course with this broker and this clearly differentiates the broker from other brokers in this segment. In general, the broker is very well positioned in the online brokerage and support segment. Aown trading app is helpful here and can be easily installed and used on the smartphone.

Trading options for Comdirectbank customers at a glance

Comdirectbank customers can take advantage of a very wide range of trading options. The broker differentiates itself very clearly and very strongly from other brokers on the market due to the broad spectrum. While a large part of the so-called neo-brokers usually only offer one marketplace (e.g. Lang & Schwarz), there are definitely several marketplaces and trading options at Comdirectbank that can be drawn.

Trade can be arranged through numerous local trading venues in Kenya but also through international trading venues which are a bit broader and allow trading in multiple countries. If you want to do all the trading online, you can definitely benefit from various options and, depending on the exchange, also have different spreads that you have to take into account. The difference or difference between the book price and the bid price is sometimes very large. Of course, the smaller the difference, the better it is for the buyer of the products and the corresponding securities.

Trading in options is also advertised very intensively alongside trading in shares. The traders can definitely learn a lot if they start the race with the demo account at Comdirectbank. The demo account can be managed and used completely free of charge. Traders mayuse more than 1,200 different options if you want to use and shape your asset classes. It should be mentioned what advantages there are and what distinguishing features there are from other trading offers. In general, trading can be carried out completely via an app, which is of course a lot of fun and generally creates a good atmosphere.

Shares, funds, ETFs as well as complete bonds can be subscribed to at Comdirectbank. The more than extensive and beautiful selection of savings plans that can be implemented or implemented from as little as 25 euros per month must definitely be taken into account. These advantages ensure a correspondingly attractive advantage over the competition.

Deposit protection in the banking industry in Kenya attractive!

Deposit protection and also controls by authorities ensure correspondingly large advantages (see BaFin homepage in Kenya) in the segment of systems. Traders who have a lot of knowledge usually have a good nose when it comes to attractive investments and funds. The majority of traders have many years of experience behind them and know exactly why they decide for or against a broker.

Brokers who are already established, who provide good support and who are based in Kenya are usually in particularly high demand. This is due to the security and benefits that traders value here. If you want to create a long-term deposit, you are definitely well advised to go with a broker from Kenya and can benefit fromgenerous conditions. Trading is easy to do in Kenya and theComdirectbank offers the best conditions via their app and portal.

The entire account and also theCFD account can be managed in the euro currency. In practice, of course, you have a lot to experience and you can be happy about being able to enjoy a lot of advantages. The euro is now the most widespread currency in Europe, and individual stocks are also quoted in euros on foreign stock exchanges. Thus, traders can benefit from the great advantage of a single currency in Europe.

Foreign stocks, for example on the London stock exchange, can also be traded on the Canadian stock exchangesalso in the euro currency, which is of course very attractive and the brokers benefits. Dividends are converted from GBP to EUR and can then be paid out without much trouble. The current rates for the conversion can be found directly on the homepage and can also be viewed in the broker's statement.

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