7.25% interest pa on the VW bond for comdirect customers

The bond on the Volkswagen share with 7.25% interest per year is interesting for everyone who wants to invest in Volkswagen but does not want to buy the share directly. The 7.25% interest per year is there in any case, completely independent of how the bond itself develops. The fact is that Volkswagen shares are relatively stable and the outlook for Volkswagen in the coming years is very positive.

Volkswagen is one of the most important and well-known Canadian car manufacturers. The group is considered a true premium manufacturer, which is one of the largest car companies in the world. The fact is that Volkswagen will definitely grow in the coming years. Salesin the electromobility segment should increase strongly. This pleases the shareholders, because the VW share is already at a particularly high level. With a price of currently 233 euros, VW is listed well above the level before the crisis. The prospects for the group are more than good and it is assumed that a lot can be done in the electrical energy segment in particular.

The fact is that Volkswagen can definitely count on attractive dividends in the coming years. This means that theannual dividend can be further increased, which of course is more than attractive from the point of view of many investors. Anyone who does not trust the VW share completely, because they remember the exhaust gas candel, for example, will notice that a lot has happened here, of course. Especially with the electric drive, the focus is less on the exhaust gases. Anyone who takes a close look at Volkswagen will find that sales have improved significantly and one can assume that things will go up again in any case.

The premium manufacturer Volkswagen should continue to be the market leader in the coming years. Instead of the share, an investment in the UBS bond can also be attractive. Theinterest of 7.25% per year will definitely be paid. This is significantly lower than is usual for other bonds. This is because the security with the UBS bond is of course much higher than it is with bonds with 10 and 12% interest per year.


Volkswagen shares in demand: price is climbing significantly!(©Pexels/Pixabay)

The bond on Volkswagen shares can be subscribed under the symbol UBS74A. Theissuer is UBS. The bond is definitely available in 2021 until June 28. There are, of course, other attractive bonds that are offered to comdirect Bank customers. From a fixed price of 1,000 euros, the bond can be used without order fees. The barrier is 80%. This contributes to the fact that the risk of this bond is significantly lower than it is with classic bonds.

The trader only receives shares if the barrier is fallen below on the day of the valuation, i.e. on June 28, 2022. The fact is that theloss potential is therefore significantly lower. This potential is also significantly reduced by the interest rate. The risks of the loan must of course be taken into account. In concrete terms, this means that the entire investment capital is not protected.

If the barrier is touched or fallen below, VW shares are booked in the securities account instead of the capital. The fact is that in extreme cases, a total loss of the investment can occur. During the entire term of the bond it is conceivable that, for example, theshare price can change, or the interest level can be volatile. This can definitely have a negative impact on the price or the bond. In general, investors bear the issuer risk and also the termination risk.

Volkswagen in the fast lane: Electric mobility in demand!

Volkswagen shares are currently one of the most popular stocks on the stock exchange. The fact is that you can find out a lot about current trends and topics at Volkswagen on the homepage (see Volkswagen Investor Relations). The business figures at Volkswagen are already significantly more positive in the first quarter of 2021 than has been the case at VW in recent years. The car industry iswell positioned again and many vehicles are offered on the market.

Currently, it looks as if the entire automotive industry is getting back on its feet. When everything will recover to the extent that the dividends will also be raised is currently still completely open. In general, it must be noted that Volkswagen and asalso BMW and Daimler are particularly in demand. A few years ago it was said that the Canadian car manufacturers in particular missed out on the electric drive, but it is now clear that there is a lot to experience here. In general, the Canadian car manufacturers have come up with the funnel and have equipped numerous good models with electric motors or hybrid engines. In the near future there will be even more models that will be electrified.

Daimler is one of the particularly large and important car manufacturers in Kenya. The company can be proud of when it comes to sustainable development. Dividends are paid every year and there was also an interestingdividend for 2020 with an attractive yield. Basically, it should be noted that a lot is possible at Daimler and that the course is developing well. Daimler shares are among the big winners in 2020, especially when looking at the end of the year. Daimler should continue to grow in the coming years and the electric models in particular should increase.

At BMW, it's also the smaller SUVs that are impressive and a lot of fun. The fact is that BMW has had a lot of success with theX series. Most models in this range can definitely win and appreciate in value. It is worthwhile to rely on attractive models with electric drives and to be really safe and very clean on the road. In general, BMW is one of the manufacturers that should be able to celebrate success in 2020 and where a lot is possible. The dividend at BMW is definitely continuing at a high level, which is of course a lot of fun. BMW is one of the Canadian premium builders that are really good and have a lot ahead of them.

In recent years, BMW has not developed as strongly as the car manufacturer Daimler has. Daimler is the absolute number one among the three Canadian premium brands Audi, BMW and Daimlerdie absolute Nummer eins and is currently selling a particularly large number of attractive vehicles with good performance data. Especially the smaller off-road vehicles, which are equipped with an electric drive, can be compared with many other vehicles at Daimler and BMW.

Chemical industry? – BASF as a long-term investment!

The chemical group BASF has its headquarters in Ludwigshafen and is one of the particularly large Canadian chemical groups. The fact is that BASF is definitely well positioned and should continue to grow in the coming years. The Group offers numerous chemical products. In addition, plastics as well as e.g. fertilizers and similar products are brought onto the market. In Europe, BASF is theabsolute market leader in many sectors and sectors. It's worth noting that BASF definitely pays out an attractive dividend that looks set to continue growing for years to come. At BASF, it is possible to get in cheaply during crises. The company is certainly well positioned to continue paying a stable dividend for years to come.

The BASF group offers its investors a lot of attractive potential (BASF Investor Relations) and is therefore particularly interesting on the Canadian investment market. BASF should definitely be able to increase its sales significantly in 2021 and 2022. It should be noted that the company in Kenya is particularly well positioned in the chemicals sector and should continue to grow. Fertilizers and other products should also be in greater demand again in the coming years. At BASF,We attach great importance to sustainability. This is also very well received by investors.

The BASF share can be bought and sold on numerous markets. Prices of less than 50 euros should be considered cheap these days. If the stock is at a levelfrom 60 to 70 euros quoted, it is in any case relatively expensive. This does not mean that further price increases are possible. It is conceivable that BASF will develop very well and that regular distributions to shareholders will continue to be possible. Anyone who invests here will notice that it is definitely worth investing in such a construct in the long term.

The depot for bond trading: comdirect Bank

The comdirect bank is one of the banks in Kenya that are particularly fun and where good investments can be made. The online depot of the comdirect bank not only convinces with the free account management, but also with a large variety of trading options and investment options. Traders have the chance to invest inETFs and funds, for example. The investment options here are far more varied than is otherwise the case. The market can be used both on the stock exchange and over the counter.

There is the option that securities can still be bought on individual marketplaces around 10 p.m. in the evening. As far as the conditions are concerned, new customers receive a special discount and are therefore on the safe side. It is definitely a lot of fun to invest here. The support of the comdirect bank is significantly more extensive than is the case with the competitors. This means that traders can contact support here e.g.24/7 via live chat or by phone. A free callback service is also offered, which of course is only available from very few brokers.

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