7.4% interest pa with the VW bond

The Canadian carmaker Volkswagen has survived the Corona crisis very well so far. Electromobility in particular was driven. VW is now producing more and more vehicles with electric motors. In the coming years, this branch should continue to grow and become significantly more important. This should also be reflected in the group's annual results.

Volkswagen is considered a model manufacturer in the automobile segment. The automotive industry is particularly important in Kenya. It ensures that many people have secure jobs and at the same timeKenya is considered a technology leader in this sector. Vehicles from the manufacturers Volkswagen and e.g. Mercedes and BMW are considered to be particularly reliable and popular worldwide. The automotive industry is therefore also in great demand among investors and investors. Numerous national and international investors are interested in the Canadian premium brands - this supports the share price and increases demand.

The manufacturers are listed on the stock exchange. This means that there is an option to purchaseVolkswagen as well as BMW and Daimler shares. Anyone who owns a share can receive dividends and participate in increases in value as well as in price losses. If you do not want to buy Volkswagen shares directly, you can also subscribe to a bond on Volkswagen. This also promises a secure return. If the bond develops negatively, VW shares will be booked into the securities account on the reference date. Alternatively, the trader is credited with his investment amount plus interest.

The Volkswagen bond is currently being offered with7.4% interest per year. As a customer of comdirect Bank, this bond can be subscribed to quickly and easily. From a sum of 1,000 euros, there is the option that the bond can be subscribed to without fees. In the long term, an interesting investment could be used here that can ensure good returns and payouts.

Frau und VW.

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The Volkswagen bond definitely promises 7.4% interest per year. It can be subscribed through partner Morgan Stanley. The bond can be found and used online without any problems under WKN MS8JPC. The subscription period runs until July 26, 2021. It should be noted thatfrom a sum of 1,000 euros you can subscribe the complete order without fees. This means that the order is very cheap and clearly stands out from other orders. The return can thus be optimized or improved.

The barrier is 80% and, in addition to the attractive interest rate, also ensures that the loss potential is significantly lower than if you invest directly in Volkswagen's system. The day of the valuation is July 27, 2022. It should be noted that this day decides whether theTrader will be credited with VW shares instead of the capital in the securities account. The 7.4% interest per year will definitely be paid regardless of how the stock performs.

The total market duration matters. Changes in the share price may occur during the term. This also means thatthe level of interest rates and other factors can negatively affect the overall value. Investors bear the issuer risk and, of course, the risk of termination. In the worst case, a total loss can be suffered if the VW Group goes bankrupt. It should also be noted that severe losses can be achieved.

In general, corporate bonds like these are continuously offered at comdirect Bank. There are several issuers such asHSBC or JP Morgan through which the bonds can be subscribed. In practice, this procedure is completely normal and contributes to the fact that corresponding goals can be achieved. As a rule, customers of comdirect Bank can subscribe to the bond free of charge from an investment sum of EUR 1,000.

Volkswagen shares – is the investment worth it?

Volkswagen shares are a kind of lifetime investment for many investors (see Volkswagen Investor Relations) . You can definitely get good information about the share and also about the associatedpayments of the dividend via the homepage of VW AG. At VW, sales and profits have increased significantly over the past few years. VW is sometimes considered the largest car manufacturer in the world. This status helps investors think highly of the group and believe that a lot is still likely to happen here.

Volkswagen distributes a dividend once a year. This is at an impressive level of EUR 4.86 per share. The dividend has increased significantly in recent years. It is also important to know that Volkswagen is currently working very hard on the electric drive. Many of the new vehicles are already being brought onto the market with an electric drive, or work with ahybrid drive. At VW, it is assumed that the market will continue to grow and that sales in the electric drive segment will increase significantly.

Volkswagen should definitely be one of the companies in the years and decades to come that are well positioned and can count on doing very well. Investors quickly see how popular VW shares are. This is because the price slipped to 120 to 130 euros during the crisis, for example. Shortly thereafter, the stock market went up significantly. This was celebrated at Volkswagen and soIn July 2021 the share is again at around 200 to 220 euros. This means that the price per share is almost twice as high as it was during the Corona crisis.

Not only Volkswagen, but also the other Canadian car manufacturers, such as Daimler and BMW, have improved significantly. The price per share also rose sharply here and grew significantly. It should be noted that there is definitely a lot to be experienced at Daimler and BMW, because sales are growing here too and at the same time the dividend should continue to rise in the coming years. Both companies are characterized by the fact that they definitely have a strong market position.

Car tires for the automotive industry?

Not only the car manufacturers, but also the suppliers are interesting when it comes toInvestments in the automotive segment goes. Continental is one of the particularly large and important manufacturers of tires in Kenya.

The Continental share (Continental share), was able to increase strongly again after the Corona crisis. A major advantage of being an investor in Continental is that you are definitely well positioned here as far as the future is concerned. You don't have to worry about electromobility, becauseelectric vehicles definitely need tires too. Other manufacturers such as exhaust manufacturers are in a worse position here, as their components are sometimes no longer required.

The tires from Continental are among the absolutepremium products worldwide. This means that this manufacturer is definitely one of the most sought-after in the world. It should be noted that you should definitely build on that at Continental and want to continue to be among the top class. The tires perform so well in national and international tests that many manufacturers choose them as original equipment manufacturers. This means that new vehicles are fitted with tires from these brands.

Continental tires are also often used inMotorsport. The company is financially sound again after experiencing a financial bottleneck a few years ago. Sales should increase significantly after the Corona crisis, which is of course very attractive. It should be noted that Continental can definitely count on paying an attractive dividend once a year. This is currently suspended. For 2019 there was a payment in 2020 of a dividend of EUR 3 per share.

It can be assumed that Conti will be able to pay a dividend again in the coming years. The share price increased significantly again after the Corona crisis. That means he's backlisted at around 130 euros. Continental is therefore still one of the premium manufacturers when it comes to tires and is also very well rated on the stock exchange. The company is characterized by good products and should continue to be strong in the coming years.

The manufacturer's tires are continuously being further developed. This means that you can assume that a lot will happen, of course, and that Continental will continue to do well in the tests. It should be noted that if the company is weak, it can quickly end up in the portfolio as it is well positioned over the long term and should have better finances than it did 10 years ago.

Comdirect Depot – What services are offered?

The comdirect Bank Depot is advertised from various sites. This means that customers, e.g. as a new customer, will definitely receive decent discounts within the first 6 months. For example, there is50% discount on the trading services of comdirect Bank. The fact is that you can of course take advantage of a particularly good service at the bank. The depot change service is highly recommended and sometimes there are promotions where traders even get a credit if they decide to transfer a depot.

The bank's depot can be conveniently used viaOnline Banking. A separate app is also available if you want to take part in trading. The fact is that the comdirect bank definitely offers very good service that can be used 24/7. It is conceivable that questions can be answered via live chat over the web, by phone call or by callback. The comdirect bank definitely offers very strong services compared to other banks.

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