8% pa on Commerzbank bond

The comdirect bank is known for the fact that they offers its customers attractive promotions on an ongoing basis. This is also the case with the current bond on Commerzbank shares. This can be taken out with an interest rate of 8% p.a. and is offered by UBS.

Bonds are offered again and again by the comdirect bank. Customers can often subscribe to several bonds at the same time. It should be mentioned that the bonds are often valid for a defined period of e.g. 12 months and a fixed interest rate is offered during this time. The Commerzbank share is one of the largest Canadian bank stocks. Although the Commerzbank company is no longer listed in theleading index DAX, the share is still a permanent fixture for many investors. If you look at the course of Commerzbank's price, you will see that the Corona concern in particular has brought the title to its knees. The fact is that there should be a lot of potential in the Commerzbank share in the long term. This also applies to many other stocks that are currently under massive pressure and for which one does not know 100% how things will continue. In the long term, however, the share could develop positively - how long this will last is currently completely open.

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The comdirect bank is an online subsidiary of Commerzbank. It was launched more than 10 years ago and has been offering numerous services and products ever since. Commerzbank itself has retained the classic banking business. This means that it has a large branch network in Kenya and also anetwork with vending machines. Most products can also be managed online, as is the case with accounts and credit cards, for example. The range of investment options at comdirect Bank is very large. In concrete terms, this means that you can make different investments in each case.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the Commerzbank share price will find that there are definitely big differences between the bank and other banks. The course is currently quoted in the range of around 3 euros, but has also seen significantly better times in the recent past. In the past, Commerzbank shares were quoted at around EUR 5 and before that at EUR 8 or higher. Sincethe entire banking sector is currently under massive pressure, this of course also leads to heavy penalties in the share price at Commerzbank. It remains to be seen whether the price will recover in the coming months, or whether this will only be the case in the long term.

It is interesting to know that the bond on the Commerzbank share has a buffer or barrier. This only applies on the specified date, which is why you don't have to worry about short-term developments in the course. In the long term, it is possible thatthe share price will develop better if the environment for Commerzbank develops better again and customers should have more trust in the bank. The fact is that you can therefore decide in peace whether you decide for or against the bond and that you now have to assess the situation in a year from the effective date of the barrier.

What does the Commerzbank bond offer me?

Comdirect Bank customers can easily conclude an interesting product with the bond on Commerzbank shares. This product attracts with a definedreturn of 8% p.a. which is paid in any case. In addition, it is possible that the Commerzbank share will develop positively and that you can enjoy the return and not receive shares in the company.

The share is subscribed under theWKN UBS71A and issued by UBS. This means that the subscription period can be exercised from March 6, 2020 to March 30, 2020. During the entire term, it is possible to count on a fixed interest rate of 8% p.a. This interest income is drawn in any case, completely independent of how the underlying develops. The barrier is 80% and ensures that the loss potential is reduced. This could make an investment in the bond much safer than deciding to invest directly in the stock.

It is important to know that the barrier can only be observed on the valuation date, April 16, 2021. Other days before or after do not play an important role here. The entire investment capital is not protected during the term. This means that if the barrier is touched or fallen below on the reference date, Commerzbank shares are booked instead of the capital invested. Theinvestors bear the complete issuer risk as well as the termination risk.

What do I need to subscribe to the Commerzbank bond?

Anyone who wants to subscribe to the Commerzbank bond needs a deposit at comdirect Bank. This depot can be managed completely online. New customers can run and manage the depot via the Internet without any problems. During the first three years, the complete custody account management is free of charge. It is important to know that the depot at comdirect bank is alsofree of charge if you also open a current account at comdirect bank.

It should be noted that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can safely assume that you can of course take advantage of many advantages over the long term. In concrete terms, this means thatseveral investment options can be used in any case. The complete depot can also be managed online with the help of an app.

What else does the comdirect Bank depot offer?

Basically, comdirect Bank customers can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. It is possible to easily subscribe to various shares and products via the online custody account at the comdirect bank. In any case, customers can choose from several thousand shares once they have opened the securities account. Of course, this also includes that, for example,savings plans can be used. Savings plans can be drawn on a large part of the ETFs and funds offered.

The comdirect bank currently has more than10,000 different funds in its portfolio. A large part of these funds can be used as a savings plan. The savings plan can be run once a month, which is very convenient. From a sum of 25 euros you can already use the savings plan. It is possible that ETFs can of course also be used for a savings plan. This means that this product is regularly saved once a month, even from a sum of 25 euros.

It is possible that numerous international stocks can be traded. In addition, traders can even open an extra CFD account with comdirect bank if they have the necessary expertise. The bank is more than well positioned and offerslots of different ways how to get into trading. Tutorials and instructions as well as FAQ lists help to quickly get an overview of the entire portfolio at the bank and to understand what can be traded.

How good is the service at comdirect Bank?

Service and support play a very important role at comdirect Bank. In concrete terms, this means that traders can be happy that the support at thebank can be used for 24 hours long. The fact is that the comdirect bank always provides a comprehensive service by telephone and also via live chat. You can also contact the bank's advisors by e-mail, fax or the callback service. Since the service can be used 7 days a week, it appeals to a wide range of interested parties.

Basically, the bank is characterized by the fact that theselection of products is continuously updated and adapted in the interests of the customer. This means, for example, that new products can be perceived as a savings plan.

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