Achieve 8.5% returns per year with the VW bond!

Currently you can the customers of comdirect bank subscribe to a bond that earns 8.5% interest per year. The bond is subscribed to the VW share and made available through the partner BNP. The interest will be credited at the end of the term.

Anyone who is interested in the VW Group share but does not want to invest directly may be well positioned with the BNP VW bond. This loan gives traders the opportunity to earn an interest rate of 8.5% interest per year. The interest is paid regardless of how the price of the share develops. At VW, like many other DAX stocks, there has been a recovery in the course in recent weeks. This means that the value of the stock has increased significantly. During the first few months of the Corona crisis, VW shares were quoted at just 90 to 110 CADs, significantly lower than is the case today. The price of theVW share has risen significantly and is currently listed at around 140 euros and even higher. The fact is that at VW you can hope in the long term that the price will rise again towards 200 euros. However, this should also depend on how the sales figures develop and also on how the Corona crisis develops. Should the demand for vehicles remain at a low level, this could mean that VW will not quickly return to where it was before the crisis.

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VW share at 8.5 % interest per year draw over the BNP.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The manufacturer VW is well positioned in Kenya and is one of the manufacturers worldwide who offer particularly good conditions. It should be noted that VW has once again paid an attractive dividend in recent years. The VW Group has left the emissions problem behind and is now optimistic about the future. Above all, the topic of electromobility (see:Electric car startup with VW bosses) is being tackled at VW in a sustainable manner. It should be noted that it is very important that vehicles are always equipped with high-quality engines that also have a corresponding range. Hybrid models are also available, in which certain distances can be covered with the electric motor, other distances can be driven with the classic motor. Especially in the city, the electric drive is an advantage and means that you will always find a vehicle at VW that is equipped with low consumption. In the long term, it is possible that the manufacturer VW will not only offer good vehicles in any case, but also those that have a good environmental record. It is therefore possible that VW will definitely benefit from the fact that the manufacturer is at the forefront in the field of sustainable drive systems and is one of the well-positioned providers in Kenya.

In the long term, a lot at VW will depend on how the electronics market develops in general. Hydrogen propulsion in particular can be seen as a major competitor to electric propulsion. Numerous companies are researchinghydrogen fuel and there are already first pilot projects. In the long term, it is possible that hydrogen can also be established as a drive on the roads in Kenya. This could have many advantages over the pure electric motor. Anyone interested in hydrogen propulsion will find that there is always the opportunity to experience a lot and to achieve very good ranges in any case. Compared to other fuels, hydrogen offers a high energy potential and thus of course a long range. In some cases, ranges of 600km are achieved, but the tank still takes up a lot of space.

Why is an investment in the VW bond interesting?

The bond at VW is more than interesting and of course offers good interest rates. The fact is that at VW one can assume that positive growth is possible in the long term. Depending on how the bond develops, it is possible that shares will of course be booked in the securities account, or that the investment amount including interest will be credited. It is a so-calledProtect Bond. In concrete terms, this means that there is a barrier. Shares are only credited if this barrier is touched or fallen below on the key date. Alternatively, you only get your money including interest paid out at the end of the term. In general, it must be noted that there is of course a lot of movement in the VW share. However, the barrier only plays an important role on the specified date.

The barrier setting date is October 26, 2020. The buffer is 20%. The barrier will be considered on October 15, 2021. If the price of the share touches the barrier on that day or is quoted below the barrier, you will automatically receive Volkswagen shares in your securities account. The interest of 8.5% per year will be credited in any case. It should be noted that it is of course clear from the beginning at which price the shares will be booked in the securities account and it is also clear that the 8.5% interest per year is definitely there. This shows that the bond on the VW share via the depot at the comdirect bank can be more than attractive. It is possible that this bond, like many other bonds at comdirect Bank, can be subscribed for from a volume of 1,000 euros. The manufacturer VW is a company in theleading index DAX that is often part of such a bond. The development atVolkswagen was quite positive in the past few months. The electric variants such as the ID.3 are particularly popular.

The VW Tiguan is also more than popular with customers. Bonds on shares in an automobile company are therefore not uncommon. This is due to the fact that large automotive groups in particular are often used by many issuers for their bonds. The bonds at comdirect bank are not only made available by BNP, but by various partners. As a rule, there are about 2 to 4 different bonds that are continuously offered in parallel and that can be used if you want to invest your money. The opportunities and risks must be evaluated for each bond itself. This means that you have to examine exactly when a bond can be worthwhile and when not. Often the interest rate is an indication of whether the bond is high risk or not. The higher the interest rate offered, the more likely it is that the price will fall below the barrier on the reference date and that shares will therefore be credited to the securities account. Some investments are offered with an interest rate in the range of about10 to 14% per year. This may mean that the risk is significantly higher that shares will be booked in the custody account. In general, a bond of this type could be particularly interesting if you are interested in the company anyway and would buy shares here.

The free depot at the comdirect bank - the advantages!

Basically, the comdirect bank in Kenya is considered a broker that is more than well positioned. One of the reasons for this is that comdirect Bank customers can keep the custody account free of charge if they also decide to keep the current account with comdirect Bank at the same time. Both accounts are not tied to specific conditions and sales. The fact is that as a customer you also benefit from the fact that it is always possible to trade on many different markets. Here, comdirect Bank is in a much better position than most of its competitors. This means that customers of comdirect Bank always have the opportunity to trade viavarious trading venues. In addition to stock exchange trading, over-the-counter trading is also possible at comdirect Bank. Via certain trading venues it is also possible for trading to take place, for example, in the evening or until 11 p.m. and in the morning from 7.30 a.m. The online depot of the broker can be operated conveniently via the computer, but also via a separate app. This makes it possible to act quickly and easily. Live courses or real-time courses are provided in any case. The comdirect bank is one of the banks that can be described as a full bank and not as a classic online broker. This means that you can also have an account with the comdirect bank, for example, take out loans and use a credit card.

Services at comdirect Bank!

The service at comdirect Bank is more than comprehensive. This means that customers can reach support 24/7, for exampleby email, live chat or by phone. FAX support is also offered by the comdirect bank and can be used without any problems. The bank is in a much better position here than is the case with its competitors. In addition, many of the products can be used without fees.

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