8.5% interest per year on the Deutsche Bank bond

The Deutsche Bank was considered a problem child for many years when it came to banks in Europe. Above all, the classic banking business has continued to shrink. Profits were often only made in investment banking and for many years attempts were made to put the bank back on a better footing.

Programs that scrutinized the entire bank and ensured that restructuring was carried out will seem to be successful at the moment. In concrete terms, this means that Deutsche Bank is definitelyback on course so that it can grow. In practice, the bank is well positioned again for the first time with a quarterly profit and ensures that investors are enthusiastic. The fact is that you can definitely think about an investment at Deutsche Bank. It is still unclear whether this is worthwhile in the short term or whether it is better to plan for the long term.

The Deutsche Bank share has recovered significantly in recent years. This means thatthe price per share has increased from around 6 euros to 10 CADs again and more. In practice, it has been shown that the Deutsche Bank share has in any case experienced a decent rally and is quoted around 30 to 40% higher than it has been in previous years. Although the business area of ​​the bank is still not that easy, there are always positive prospects and opportunities for business to improve and develop differently.

The Deutsche Bank share rewards the shareholders for their long wait. Whether there will be a dividend again at some point in the future is currently completely open. It should be noted that Deutsche Bank still has a lot of problems that need to be solved. Deutsche Bank has to restructure itself again and it is conceivable that this process will take a long time. Compared to many other banks, Deutsche Bank has a large number of branches and, of course, a large number of employees. That means a lot could happen here when it comes torestructuring.

In the past, some branches of the bank have already been closed and it is conceivable that things will change in the future. Many more customers decidethat the bank's services are used digitally. This means that customers can be fully advised digitally and that less support is required in any case. The on-site support is now much less frequented than is often the case with live support on the Internet.

Deutsche Bank Anleihe.

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In the coming years, classic bank branches are likely to become significantly fewer. It is therefore conceivable that thefixed costs of the bank will also drop significantly. The costs of buildings should not be underestimated and it is conceivable that many employees will be able to work from home in the future. As a result, Deutsche Bank will be completely restructured.

Anyone who does not wish to invest directly in Deutsche Bank shares can decide to invest in the bond. This means that you getthe interest rate on the bond definitely. In the long term it is conceivable that shares will of course end up in the portfolio if the bond develops negatively. If the development is positive, not only the interest but also the capital invested is returned on the reporting date.

Deutsche Bank bond – what does the investment offer?

In general, the bond on the Deutsche Bank share can be used by all customers of comdirect Bank. It is made available through BNP Bank. It is a so-called protect bond, which is offered with a last-minute offer. The interest coupon is 8.5% and offers a fixed interest rate. It is conceivable that the bond can be subscribed for over 12 months.The barrier for this bond is 80% of the starting level.

The fact is that it is conceivable that the entire bond can be subscribed to at a fixed price of EUR 1,000 per bond so that no order fees have to be paid. Of course, it is also conceivable that significantly higher sums than 1,000 euros can be paid in and thus other investments can be made.

Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank Investor Relations) regularly publishes the latest quarterly figures on its website. This means that you can find out here how the company has performed financially. In recent years, the performance has steadily improved and developed positively. This means that Deutsche Bank definitely has a lot of potential that can of course be exploited.

The barrier is important for the bond on the Deutsche Bank share. This determines when shares end up in the custody account and when the capital payment takes place. The interest will be credited in any case. The fact is that the date of determination is October 11, 2021.The barrier or safety buffer is relatively large at 20%. It should be noted that the date of the evaluation is October 21, 2022. That means if you let the bond run all the way to the end, you've got your money tied up in the bond for about 12 months.

The Deutsche Bank bond must of course also be assessed in terms of risk. The traders naturally bear theissuer risk and numerous other risks. In extreme cases, it is possible that a loss or even a total loss is imminent if appropriate investments are made. In practice, however, Deutsche Bank is a large construct that should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, every trader carries a certain risk.

Focus on the banking industry: which companies are in a solid position?

The Corona crisis has shown that banks can quickly find themselves in financial difficulties. In Great Britain, it was therefore ordered that banks are initially not allowed to pay out any dividends for 2020 or in 2020. That means they wanted to protect the financial system.

Big banks, as is the case with HSBC (see HSBC homepage), have decided not to pay any dividends for the time being. Previously, a dividend was paid once a quarter. In 2021, the decision was made again to pay two dividends a year. In the future it is conceivable that HSBC will regularly pay a dividend again. That means the dividend may well be paid once a quarter again.

Whenthe big banks in Great Britain will start paying a dividend again and adjust it accordingly is currently still an open question. The fact is that financial policy is loosening significantly and in any case a lot more money can be paid than was the case in previous years. Both NatWest and Lloyds have also elected to return to paying dividends to shareholders.

Depending on when the shares of the big banks in Great Britain were bought,with a return of about 3 to 5% per year is alone through calculate the dividend. This means that you can definitely earn a decent amount of money from the banks' cash flow. In general, it is conceivable that an investment can be worthwhile under certain conditions.

HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world, which is presented by many institutes as being systemically important. It is possible that many investors are counting on the fact that a dividend will be paid out again in the coming years and that this will of course also increase with increasing profits at HSBC, so that the owners and shareholders will participate in it. The price declines during the crisis in 2020 were used by many investors to make additional purchases or to open an initial position.

Use online brokerage via the comdirect bank!?

As a broker, the comdirect bank always offersa great deal of freedom and options. Das heißt, dass die Trader bei der comdirect Bank davon profitieren, dass die Bank finanziell betrachtet sehr gut aufgestellt ist. Die comdirect Bank selbst bietet zahlreiche Services an, die neben dem Depot wahrgenommen werden können.

TheOnline Depot can be controlled very easily. With the help of thefree app you can see the status of your own account or deposit at any time. In general, comdirect Bank is in a very good position when it comes to transparency. Costs and fees are manageable and are properly broken down.

The service that can be perceived as a customer is really very extensive. This means that the customers of the bank can use e.g.a 24/7 live chat. This offers the option to ask questions and get quick answers. Of course, inquiries can also be sent to comdirect Bank by e-mail or by FAX. It is possible that comdirect Bank customers can even use a free callback service. He takes care of the concerns of customers and other interested parties.

In general, the comdirect bank is always rated positively when it comes to its service. New customers who do not yet have an account with comdirect Bank or who have just opened their custody account benefit from particularly attractive conditions within the first 6 months after opening. This means that there is a discount, for example, in terms of trading. There is50% discount on the first stock purchases made within the first 6 months after opening the account. So if you want to invest a certain amount of shares, you are well positioned here and will find that an investment can be worthwhile the keywords

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