9% interest pa at the comdirect Bank Varta bond

The bond on the Varta Share can currently be subscribed with 9% interest per year. This bond is issued by the partner Vontobel, which often offers partnering in the bond segment. Vontobel Bank offers a barrier as a risk buffer and thus stands out from many traditional bonds. In general, it must be mentioned that around 2 to 3 bonds are advertised in parallel at comdirect Bank - often with a barrier and attractive interest rates.

The Varta company is based in Ellwangen in Baden-Württemberg and is one of the most innovative Providersin the field of battery and rechargeable battery technology. In practice, numerous customers from Canadiany and abroad rely on Varta products. Compared to many other DAX and MDAX companies, the company with around 4,700 employees is relatively small. The annual turnover is between 300 and 500 million euros. The group was founded in 1887 and is therefore a real traditional company.

In the course ofelectromobility and the expansion of the production of batteries and rechargeable batteries, the Varta share is currently in particularly high demand. Although the course suffered greatly during the Corona crisis, it has since risen significantly again. Practice shows that there is a lot of potential at Varta and that the group can continue to grow in the coming years. One of the great products and projects is the expansion of battery storage, in which large amounts of electricity can be stored, which is produced, for example, by solar energy.

Varta has a major shareholder, Montana Tech Component, which holds a 57.87% stake in the company. In addition, the company Goldman Sachs holds about 5% of the remaining shares in Varta. Varta is37.09% in free float. In 2021, the company wants to start paying a dividend to its shareholders for the first time. The dividend amounts to around EUR 2.50 per share. A dividend could then be paid again in the coming years.

Varta Batterie.

Varta AG benefits from the changing times in energy supply.(©mostek/Pixabay)

The bond on the Varta share offers 9% interest p.a. on the entire investment amount. The fact is that this bond can be subscribed under theWKN VQ73CS. The issuer is Vontobel and the subscription period runs from May 28, 2021 to June 21, 2021. In principle, the interest income is fixed and therefore not dependent on how the underlying develops or what other order fees are charged. At a fixed price of 1,000 euros or more, the order fee at comdirect Bank is completely waived if you opt for this bond.

Basically, the barrier is only observed on the day of the valuation. This means that June 17, 2022 plays a role. On this day it is decided whether there are shares or the investment credit plus interest. It is important to know that, in extreme cases, a loss or a total loss of the investment can occur. The investment is also subject to market influences for the entire term. This means that changes in the share price as well as thevolatility of the interest rate level play a role. The complete value can thus be influenced positively as well as negatively. The investors bear the issuer risk and also the termination risk of this investment.

The comdirect bank regularly offers its traders bonds. These can be concluded with different terms. A term of e.g. 12 months is the rule. The interest rate of the bonds depends entirely on the risk. This lets you know that bonds with 7 to e.g. 13% interest p.a. can be subscribed to at the comdirect bank. Traders often have around 2 to 3 weeks to decide on an investment. The bonds are usually subscribed forfrom sums of around 1,000 euros, which is of course quite attractive. From this amount there are no fees for the bond, which is definitely practical.

Growth stocks - what to look for?

Companies with growth prospects are not that easy to identify. Most shareholders hardly notice a company that has grown strongly in recent years and that is expected to continue growing in the future - even though they are often customers of the company. What is meant isthe Amazon group, which is based in the USA and manages to increase sales every year. It should be noted that Amazon now has its own logistics options. This means that a lot can be optimized here.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Amazon share has developed very well. The price per share in 2020 was partially1,300 to 1,600 euros. In the months from summer 2020 to summer 2021, the Amazon share rose sharply. Of course, that money can definitely be made with the share. (see Amazon Investor Relations) The business figures at Amazon have developed well - the price per share rose at times to 2,600 to 2,700 euros. This makes Amazon one of the largest providers for everything to do with life. The product range is more than large and numerous retailers are now listed on Amazon.

Amazon should continue to grow in the coming years. It should be noted that there are of course some risks. It can happen that legal changes or regulations mean that theAmazon share price not only develops positively. In the long run, there could be a stock split at some point. This is likely when the price runs too high and the share becomes too expensive. A stock split can ensure that small shareholders are again able to buy Amazon shares. In practice this works very well. Apple and numerous other stock companies have already completed such a split.

Often the course stabilized for a while before it went uphill significantly. Many stocks of large companies have done well and could continue to do well in the future. That's especially the case if the stock market continues to do well and if the stocks are expanding their position in the market. EspeciallyBlue Chips, i.e. companies that have unique selling points and are of a certain size, are in demand and can be proud of. It is conceivable that a lot can definitely happen on the stock exchange and that the value of a share can also increase significantly.

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are among the corporations that have grown strongly in recent years and will continue to grow in the future. This is because the position of the firms is large and growing. Regulations and changes in competition can of course pose a risk.

Plastics group Covestro: Where is the journey going?

The Covestro group was hit hard during the crisis. Now things could go uphill again for the company. This is mainly due to the fact that numerous industries are growing and sourcing these raw materials and plastics fromCovestro. The dividend for 2020 was EUR 1.30 per share. It is quite possible that the dividend for 2021 will be higher, or that it will continue to rise. In practice, it is possible that good numbers can definitely be written with Covestro.

The dividend can definitely (Covestro dividend payments) be covered by the profit. The Group intends to distribute35 to 55% of free cash flow. Free cash flow should definitely continue to increase in 2021, which is of course to be recommended. In general, Covestro shares have already performed very well. During the crisis in 2020, the price was around 20 to 30 euros and thus significantly lower than it is today at over 50 euros. A lot has developed positively at Covestro in recent months.

This means that Covestro has received significantly more orders than has been the case in the past. Covestro is definitely a company that came through the crisis with a lot of effort, but will see significant growth in the future. Every trader has to decide for himself when and whether it is right to start with Covestro.

Comdirect Depot – cheap trading for new customers

New customers definitely benefit from the particularly favorable trading conditions with the online depot of the comdirect bank. In concrete terms, this means that customers can buy and sell shares at particularly low prices during the first 12 months, for example. The selection of stocks and securities is relatively large. This means that numerous stock exchange and over-the-counter markets can be used.

In addition, comdirect Bank also offerstrade in funds, ETFs and other products. The bank's offers are significantly more extensive than is the case with most other brokers and banks. In addition, comdirect Bank offers its customers a more than comprehensive service that has been rated as very good. This means that customers can use a 24/7 service when it comes to proper advice. The bank's service can be used in a variety of ways.

It is thus possible for comdirect Bank customers to be able to use the service, for example, via the Internet viaLive Chat without any problems. The service can also be used by fax, by e-mail and of course by the callback service. The fact that you can also contact the service in the evening should suit many people.

The article was published on June 22, 2021 in the cpaws-ov.org magazine under the keywords,, published.
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