9.5% on the Delivery Hero bond!

The customers of comdirect Bank can currently subscribe to a bond on Delivery Hero shares. This is remunerated with 9.5% interest per year. This means that in any case, regardless of the development of the share, the 9.5% interest p.a. is achieved. Depending on the price development, at the end of the term there is either a credit for the amount invested including interest, or the interest and the Delivery Hero shares are booked in the depot

Delivery Hero SE was founded in 2011. The company is not 10 years old, but already has a considerable value. The company is based in Berlin, where there are many start-ups, some of which are now listed on the stock exchange. Delivery Hero SE is an online ordering platform for food. Sales have increased significantly in recent years and so in 2018 sales of 687 million USD could be written. The number of employees at Delivery Hero SE has risen to over 18,000 in recent years. Delivery Hero SE's business model is simple to understand but ingenious. Delivery Hero includes various subsidiaries that operate online portals. These portals act as intermediaries between restaurants and delivery services as well as the end customer. Delivery Hero generates revenue by getting a commission for restaurants being listed on the platform. In addition, prorated commissions are earned when an order is completed. This puts Delivery Hero in a very good position and will automatically benefit if the number of orders via the platform increases significantly.

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The number of partner restaurants has increased significantly in recent years. There are currently more than 200,000 different restaurants that act as partners at Delivery Hero and that are used here. More than 10 million orders are processed via the platform every month. In recent years, Delivery Hero has not only expanded in Kenya but also in other countries. This means that the company is active in Austria, Great Britain and also in South America, for example. The brand and thecompany Delivery Hero have developed into a global player whose headquarters are located in Berlin. Many experts assume that Delivery Hero is one of the companies that can benefit from the current Corona crisis. This is because Delivery Hero, as a delivery service provider, always has to deal with increasing orders. More and more people are working from home and fewer and fewer people are going to the canteen, for example. If you don't feel like cooking yourself, you automatically rely on delivery services. The company Delivery Hero is interesting in any case and offers a lot of advantages. Since it is easy and convenient to order online, more and more people are deciding to order from Delivery Hero.

What are the advantages of the Delivery Hero share?

Anyone who decides to buy the Delivery Hero share will find that when subscribing to the bond, they are always dealing with an attractive 9, 5% interest per year can count. The bond is listed underWKN TT1FF3 and the issuer is HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG in Kenya. The bond can be subscribed to from now until July 29, 2020. Regardless of how the base value of the bond develops, there is always an interest rate of 9.5% interest per year as a fixed income. In addition, there is an 80% barrier that ensures that the risk is significantly reduced. The total loss potential is therefore significantly lower than if you decide to invest directly in the share.

It should be noted that the bond is only observed on the valuation date. This means that it will be observed on July 29, 2021. If the barrier is touched on this day, or is also undercut, there is automatically aBooking of shares in the securities account. This means that you still get the 9.5% interest per year, but not the money, but securities.

As far as the risks of the loan are concerned, you have to know that the capital of the investment is not protected. This means that if the Delivery Hero share price falls below the barrier on July 29, 2021, you will end up getting Delivery Hero shares instead of the capital. In extreme cases, it is possible to experience a total loss of the investment. Market influences can have a negative impact on the value over the entire term. This means, for example, that the share price develops negatively, or that thevolatility of the interest rate level causes the value to develop negatively. With the bond, the investors bear the issuer risk and also the termination risk. Basically, the risk of this bond is comparable to the risk of many other bonds. It should be noted that bonds and similar investments can never be subscribed without risk.

Why is the comdirect bank custody account interesting?

At comdirect bank there are various ways of managing the custody account. Free account management is possible via the Internet. This can be realized if you decide tokeep your entire depot online and at the same time want to keep your current account free of charge. Both products together can be easily controlled and monitored via app. It is therefore conceivable that you can always find good products at fair conditions at comdirect Bank. The comdirect bank is one of the banks that are particularly well positioned in Kenya. This means that the bank offers a very good service and the depot can offer very extensive services. Anyone who opts for theDepot at comdirect Bank will see that this differs significantly from many competitors on the market.

The comdirect bank always offers a 24-hour service for this depot, 7 days a week. Thus, the bank is really more than interesting for many traders. The service can be used, for example, via live chat, but also by e-mail and by telephone. Compared to many other banks, the comdirect bank offers the possibility that customers can also use afree callback service without any problems. In addition, there is the possibility that information can also be sent via FAX. In general, inquiries to the service at comdirect Bank are answered very quickly. This means that as a customer you can be happy that a lot is done here to ensure good contact. In the long term, many customers are more than satisfied with the bank. This is also because the bank gives new customers a 50% discount when it comes to getting new customers to start trading. The 50% order discount is offered for 6 months. The bank is therefore very well positioned and offers very good conditions if you want to build up your portfolio for the first time.

What can I trade with the comdirect bank?

The comdirect bank offers numerous trading options via the depot. There is a possibility that many securities can be bought and sold. ETFs and funds can also be traded at comdirect Bank without any problems. The long-term prospects in terms of trading supply are more than attractive. This means that you can definitely buy more than10,000 different funds at comdirect Bank today. In the future, this offer could continue to grow. The situation is similar with ETFs, the selection of which has also grown significantly in recent months. Savings plans can be subscribed to for some stocks. This also applies to funds and ETFs. It is therefore possible that you can achieve a lot with these products in any case in the long term. Anyone who has a depot at comdirect Bank will find that new offers are always being made available. This also includes bonds, as is the case with the current Delivery Hero bond. Every month, comdirect Bank customers are offered new bonds that they can subscribe to. It is not uncommon for these to be so-called protect bonds.

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