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The market for certificates plays at many comdirect bank traders play a crucial role. This means that new traders as well as experienced traders will be happy about the broker's great portfolio. comdirect offers significantly more in securities trading from A to Z than is usual with many new brokers. In addition to shares, funds and certificates, for example, can also be traded online - also via your own app.

Not only trading in classic securities grew strongly in 2021. Products such as certificates, funds and ETFs have also been much more in demand than was usual in previous years. Theselection of trading options is more extensive at comdirect Bank than is usual with most brokers. This means that traders make a conscious decision in favor of the broker comdirect, since a strong portfolio with many trading instruments can be proposed here.

Comdirect Bank is considered to be particularly strong when it comes to service and when it comes to products that are not classified as mainstream. This means that certificates are traded here particularly often and with pleasure in addition to shares.Trading in certificates is considered particularly speculative, although there are also quite conservative options. Traders can currently implement a personal trading strategy with more than 900,000 different certificates. This makes the offer extremely convenient and versatile.

Basically, there are also certificates that can be used as a savings plan and that can definitely be saved on a monthly basis. This means that, for example, with a sum of 25 euros per month, certificates can be bought and sold with this without any problems. Asavings plan on certificates can be set up within a few minutes with many brokers. Such a savings plan can also be implemented quickly at the comdirect bank, which often only means a few clicks within the app.

Searching for certificatesa so-called certificate finder is offered in the comdirect bank system. Traders can use this to identify suitable certificates for their personal investment profile within a few minutes. It should be noted that there is also an overview of so-called most traded certificates. This means that traders can see here which certificates have been bought or sold particularly often by other traders. However, that does not mean that the certificates will be particularly successful – such a guarantee cannot be given.

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The essential advantages include promotions at the comdirect bank, a so-called price advantage Offer. This means that there are also options in the area of ​​certificates for designing and realizing a price advantage. What is attractive about the offer of certificates is thata flat fee for individual certificates exists. This means that 3 premium partners can be used in order to be able to take part in trading during the flat fee for 3.90 euros at an order fee of 0 euros.

The three premium partners of comdirect Bank in this case are BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Morgan Stanley. Here it is possible for orders of EUR 1,000 or more to be bought and sold in over-the-counter tradingat particularly attractive conditions. Trading is offered with products from a total of 19 different issuers. The 3 premium partners offer particularly attractive conditions in certificate trading.

Classic stocks: What does comdirect bank trading allow?

In addition to trading in certificates, comdirect bank also supports classic stock trading. On the bank's homepage there isa large list of corresponding stocks that can be bought and sold. Traders can also view the most traded securities here. There is also an option to view certain categories and lists.

This is how a list of dividend stocks can be displayed. Here, for example, the company Takkt is very well positioned and isone of the top 5 list at comdirect Bank (see Takkt Investor Relations) which is an attractive way to gather information and options. Numerous classic shares from all over the world can be bought or sold via the depot at comdirect Bank.

The securities that are purchased via the comdirect bank depot include the titles that are listed in theleading index DAX. This was significantly expanded in October 2021, but the newly added titles can also be traded online without any problems. Buying and selling shares is easily conceivable via the broker comdirect bank with the help of your own app. It is also possible to find out about IPOs via comdirect Bank.

An IPO is a so-called new issue. This means that a share is listed on the stock exchange for the first time or that the paper can be bought for the first time. In principle, shareholders or traders who have a custody account at comdirect Bank have the option of participating in an IPO. This means that when a share is first listed on the stock exchange, shares in the company can be bought.

It is important to know that this trade involves enormous risk. In concrete terms, this means that with an IPO there can often be strong price fluctuations. It is conceivable that stocks will be penalized and the stock market will rate a company differently than the analysts previously did. However, shares can also increase in value very strongly.

comdirect ETF trading 2021: over 1,000 ETFs

The ETF range from comdirect Bank has really grown in the past few months. There are currently over 1,000 different ETFs that can be traded. Of these, more than 600 different ETFs are even eligible for savings plans. The purchase of ETFs can be used particularly easily via the comdirect bank depot.

It is conceivable that (ETFs very popular) a savings plan with a monthly execution can be used for ETF trading. In practice, this means that one ETF is saved every month. So-calledTop Price ETFs have the great advantage that they can be traded for EUR 3.90 per purchase and for EUR 0 order fee, even in the savings plan.

Traders at comdirect Bank can save on ETFs once as a one-off investment or as part of a savings plan. As a result, large shares in an ETF can quickly accumulate over a period of 10 years or even more. A large proportion of traders are happy that an ETF can be saved as a passive investment.

Since an ETF is not, for example, an actively managed fund, it is conceivable that it can be bought particularly cheaply here. There are no management fees associated with a fund, as there are with an ETF. This means thatpassive management takes place here, which is definitely an advantage for most traders and long-term investors.

ETFs can be drawn on a wide variety of products and investments. There are ETFs that track an index, for example. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, the DAX can be represented in an ETF. In addition,It is conceivable that an ETF covers commodities such as gold or silver, for example. In practice, it is possible that oil or gold can also be represented or subscribed to in an ETF. The selection of ETF products has increased significantly in recent years and products that cannot otherwise be bought via securities and shares can usually be easily represented in an ETF.

Frequently, several different ETFs are displayed via brokers such as via the comdirect bank. This means that the traders do not invest in one product or one category, but directly in several. There is also the option for shares in an ETF to be sold again directly, or sold when there is a certain increase in value. Thus, ETF shares can in any caseappreciate and help generate some return in the portfolio.

The ETF world should continue to grow in the coming years and often increase in value. The entire economy is currently on the upswing worldwide and the prices for raw materials and raw materials are increasing dramatically. This means that e.g. fuels are increasing in price much more and alsoMetals such as copper are subject to massive price increases. Anyone who relies on the right ETFs or funds here could definitely benefit significantly in the coming months if demand continues to grow as strongly worldwide as it did in Q3 of 2021. At the moment, the forecasts are very positive overall, which should attract more capital to the markets and also attract new traders to ETFs.

What advantages does the comdirect bank depot offer?

A sometimes free depot with a lot of service. This is offered to traders at the comdirect bank as part of the online depot. If you want to take a closer look at the depot, you should be particularly impressed by the bank's around-the-clock service. This means that the comdirect bank hotline can also be used at night. The service is of course offered via live chat. The comdirect bank can also be reached in other ways, such as by telephone, fax or callback service.

As far as service is concerned, the comdirect bank is definitely a lot better placed than is the case with smaller brokers. Neo brokers in particular are likely to have problems being able to offer a similarly large and, above all, well placed service. In practice, most brokers have a very controlled service and, above all, very limited service times that can be used.

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