Amazon bond with 6.1% interest per year!

Amazon is one of the Companies that are valued particularly attractively on the stock exchange. The price of the share is now over 2,500 euros and is therefore significantly higher than two to three years ago. Experts assume that sales at Amazon will continue to rise in the future. As a result, interest in the share will possibly continue to be strong and higher prices are conceivable in any case.

The Amazon share has developed very positively in recent years. This means that the company's sales have increased significantly, which is of course very pleasing from the shareholders' point of view. Amazon sales are expected to continue to grow in the years to come. This is because more and more people are ordering through Amazon and the company is delivering its packages worldwide. Own delivery services help to become more independent from the big postal companies and to be able to deliver the products more cheaply. It is also a fact that Amazon now has its own planes and trucks to transport the packages.Good service offers for the customers and of course many other advantages contribute to the fact that a lot is made possible at Amazon in any case and the customers like to be active here and want to buy products . Amazon is one of the online shops that was relatively unknown 10 to 15 years ago and is now known almost everywhere. Especially during the Christmas season, many people use Amazon because they can buy gifts and products conveniently and, above all, without stress. The company is particularly popular because products can be ordered very cheaply and at the same time new offers can be found very quickly. Amazon offers service, reviews and much more when it comes to purchasing good items. The Amazon company is one of the most valuable in the world and could continue to expand its power in the coming years.

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Amazon bond offers a secure yield of 6.1% p.a. and can be subscribed via comdirect.(©Tumisu/Pixabay)

In comparison to many other companies, Amazon does not pay a dividend. This means that the shareholders participate heavily in a price increase and of course it is not clear when a return will occur. In order for a profit to be realized, the Amazon share must be sold. However, many shareholders believe that the stock has to be held for many more years and should continue to increase in value. Especially in the Corona crisisThe demand for Amazon products and orders via Amazon should continue to increase. On the Amazon homepage you can easily look at the Investor Relations section (Amazon Investor Relations). Here you can see that free cash flow has increased significantly in recent years and is likely to continue to rise in the future. Basically, Amazon is an extremely profitable company that has so far been able to hold its own against the competition.

In Asia there are now also some companies that are active in this segment. Alibaba or JD.com are among theOnline marketplaces, which have increased in value in recent years and where the companies behind the platforms have also grown accordingly. In some cases it is possible that further growth can be expected here in the future. When it comes to regulation, however, attention should be paid to the differences between companies in Asia and those in the USA or Europe. The fact is that there have already been strong price fluctuations at Alibaba. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the platform will continue to grow in the coming years. Alibaba's customers now also come from many other countries around the world.

Whoever finds out aboutAlibaba Investor Relations online will find out that this can definitely be an interesting investment. In the long term, the Alibaba Group should definitely increase its sales, which is of course more than interesting. Anyone who is interested in Alibaba should also notice that, for example, theOffers on the homepage have become better and better and many things are now available in different languages. This means that you can definitely buy products via Alibaba very cheaply in the long term and at the same time the customer base should also increase.

The Corona Pandemic has meant that more and more people are interested in online orders and definitely want to experience a lot. As far as prices are concerned, it is sometimes significantly cheaper to order via Alibaba than to obtain alternative products from Europe. In addition, withAlibaba you can of course also benefit from the fact that delivery times have become shorter and shorter in recent months. Sometimes deliveries from Asia are possible within 2 to 4 weeks. This clearly means that a lot can be achieved if you order the products there and then want to use them here. In general, Alibaba is well positioned as a group and offers numerous promotions and discounts. Through this, the customers are even more interested in the company and of course also in the corresponding offers. In the coming years, interest in the large online shopping houses is likely to increase significantly. Alibaba is one of the companies that should particularly benefit from this, as many goods and China are offered cheaper than is the case in Europe.

What are the advantages of the Amazon bond from comdirect Bank?

In general, it should be noted that Amazon is interesting as a share and also as a bond. Those who opt for the bond can subscribe to it from an investment of 1,000 euros. Of course, already known and therefore alsoreputable brokers for stock portfolios are recommended for this. In concrete terms, this means that you will definitely receive the interest rate of 6.1% per year on the entire investment amount. It is possible that the Protect bond can be subscribed until the beginning of February 2021. This is made available under theWKN MS8JNW. It is possible that the bond can be subscribed through the issuer Morgan Stanley and without much effort. Anyone who enters the corresponding WKN in their Amazon depot benefits directly and can subscribe to the bond accordingly.

The bond is advertised with a fixed rate of interest. This is credited regardless of how the underlying develops. There is a barrierin the amount of 80%, which reduces the loss potential in addition to the interest rate. This clearly differentiates you from a direct investment in the share. The barrier of the bond is only observed on the valuation day. This means that it will be observed on February 01, 2022 and not before.

Of course you should also take a close look at the risks of such an investment. The entire capital of the plant is not protected. In concrete terms, this means that Amazon shares are credited to your securities account instead of the capital if the price falls below the barrier on February 1, 2022. In extreme cases it is possible that even a total loss of the investment can take place. However, this is only the case if, for example, Amazon should become insolvent, which the experts are not currently assuming. It is important to know that market influences can negatively affect the share price throughout the term. In addition,the volatility of the interest rate level can also cause the share price to move very negatively. The fact is that investors bear the issuer risk as well as the termination risk.

The customers of thecomdirect Bank receive corresponding offers of this kind on an ongoing basis. In concrete terms, this means that as a comdirect Bank customer, you usually subscribe to 1 to 3 bonds at the same time can. The risk of the bond is often expressed directly in the interest level of the bond.

Why is the depot at the comdirect bank so popular?

Customers who opt for a depot at thecomdirect bank decide benefit from many advantages. In concrete terms, this means that the bank, for example, makes the onlineDepot available to customers free of charge for a period of 3 years. In addition, it is possible for comdirect Bank customers to be able to use the depot free of charge, for example, if they carry out a certain number of trades. It is also possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can use the depot free of charge if you have the bank's free current account at the same time. The comdirect bank giro account can be managed completely free of charge without any conditions and thus clearly stands out from many othersDepots on the market from. It should be noted that the comdirect bank of course offers the option that everything can be controlled via the Internet and that a free app can be used.

The comdirect bank service also clearly stands out from the competition. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible for the service to be contacted 24/7. The hotline and the live chat are used particularly often. In addition, the comdirect bank service team can be contacted by e-mail and fax. There is even afree callback service that can also be used. The employees of comdirect Bank take care of the concerns of customers and interested parties quickly and easily, which is more than practical. In the long term, many customers are more than satisfied with what this bank has to offer.

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