ANJ: New Gambling Authority Officially Launched

For years, the gambling authority "ARJEL" in France has monitors the fortunes of the industry. A few months ago, this authority was unofficially replaced by the ANJ (L'Autoritè Nationale des Jeux), now this has also happened officially. The board members of the authority held a first formal meeting earlier last week. And with that, the area of ​​responsibility has now officially shifted from ARJEL to ANJ.

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The entire gambling industry in France is now under the control of the ANJ, which officially started work with a formal meeting.(©Linda72/Pixabay)

ANJ will control almost 80 percent of the market

Mit With the replacement of the old gaming authority ARJEL, the French gaming industry is also facing a new era. While the individual gambling areas were all still divided among different authorities with a view to regulation,the ANJ will now be the only gambling authority active. The board members met for the first time about a week ago and defined future areas of responsibility. With exactly this meeting, the authority officially begins its work. Specifically, the ANJ will be responsible for all online gambling verticals in the future. Of course, this includes online casino games, but also betting or lottery games. In addition, the administration of the inpatient sector will also fall into the hands of the ANJ.

Already on March 4, 2020, the work was already formally shifted from ARJEL to ANJ by decree. However, it is now clear that the new authority's area of ​​responsibility will be significantly more extensive. Whereas ARJEL previously monitored around twelve percent of the gaming market,ANJ is now responsible for around 78 percent of the market. Specifically, this includes, for example, a total of 14 online gambling companies with an official license, as well as numerous lotteries and betting games offered by the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) and more than 200 stationary casinos in the country. The ANJ is responsible for all areas related to the company, with the exception of money laundering and integrity. This monitoring remains the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.

ANJ as a completely new project

Although the ANJ takes over all the tasks of the former authority, it is obviously important for the new ANJ President, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, to clarify that it is not a extended authority acts. Rather, the ANJ is a whole new project that aims to revise the nationwide gambling regulation. In the future, support for the industry should be even better combined with control of the industry. In this way, the aim is to create a safe and responsible gaming environment, according to the President. It already seems clear how the ANJ wants to achieve these goals. Falque-Pierrotin indicated thata total of four major core objectives would be pursued. These are firstly the prevention of problematic gambling and the protection of children and young people. Secondly, integrity, reliability and transparency in gambling should be guaranteed. The third core objective is to prevent criminal and fraudulent activities, while the fourth core objective is to ensure balanced and fair gaming.

The ANJ will definitely be able to achieve these goals more easily than its predecessor.Not only the tasks have been significantly expanded, but also the powers. For example, the new authority can prohibit companies from broadcasting certain advertising material. In addition, the authority can carry out checks in stationary operations directly on site.

New authority decides where to play

The ANJ's area of ​​activity will in future also include the granting of possible new licenses to gambling companies. According to the authority,one wants to check the advertising strategies and the games offered. Action plans should also be submitted by the companies on how they want to prevent possible fraud or money laundering. In order to be able to check all this precisely, the authority should take a close look at all the services on offer once a year. The first important and major task is already in full swing. This is about new strategies to prevent gambling addiction, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and to protect minors.

According to the authorities, a number ofnew services will be introduced in the coming months and years, with which the game will be even more sustainable and should be made less harmful. Among other things, the takeover of the self-exclusion database, which is currently managed by the Ministry of the Interior, is planned. However, the ANJ does not just want to take over this, but in particular to redesign the registration process. It is hoped that even more players with problematic gaming behavior will make use of the exclusion system. According to the authorities, cooperation with banks and payment service providers is also to be intensified. Certain strategies and measures are to be developed here, with which crime in gambling in particular is to be combated. No question: The theoretical approaches of the newly introduced authority are impeccable. It is now a matter of proving that they also do their job in practice.

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