Apple Pay: payment service is increasingly replacing PayPal

PayPal has been one over the last few years one of the most sought-after service providers when it comes to handling financial transactions in online casinos. There are many reasons for this, but above all PayPal can convince with fast and secure processing. Nevertheless, a change of direction can be seen in the market. Because while PayPal is being removed from the portfolio by more and more providers, Apple Pay is a brand new payment method.

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PayPal is being replaced by Apple Pay more and more frequently in many online casinos.

PayPal celebrated a unique success story in the casinos

The online payment servicePayPal was founded in 1998 and is based in San José, California the United States of America. PayPal was founded around 20 years ago primarily to enable private individuals to pay online. PayPal is still doing that today. Users canopen a free account with the provider and then use this to process payments on the Internet. For example, when shopping in the online shop, where payment with PayPal is always associated with quick processing of the order. The reason for this is to give the merchant instant confirmation that the payment has been made. It is obvious that this principle is also well received by players in theOnline Casinos. After all, PayPal has the advantage in relation to the casinos that the deposited amountis immediately available on the player account. In addition, no personal information has to be disclosed during payment processing, which is why the transactions can be described as particularly secure. At least in the online casinos, however, this success story seems to be coming to an end. In the past few days it has become apparent that more and more providers areremoving PayPal from the payment area. A good example of this is the prominentCasinoClub. PayPal was part of the basic equipment here for a long time, but was removed from the portfolio last week. The casino has not yet given a reason, but the cause is likely to be a claim from PayPal. After all, it's hard to imagine that a casino would voluntarily say goodbye to one of the most popular payment methods - and then several casinos at the same time.

Apple Pay will remedy the situation

Attentive players should however, have also noticed that theproviders have already been able to remedy this with the brand new payment serviceApple Pay. Dieser wurde vom US-amerikanischen Software-Giganten bereits vor geraumer Zeit ins Leben gerufen, in Deutschland allerdings erst zu Beginn des Jahres eingeführt. Nach nicht einmal einem Monat hat Apple Pay dabei nun also bereits den Weg in die ersten Online Casinos gefunden. Hinsichtlich der Zahlungsgeschwindigkeit und Sicherheit there are no disadvantages compared to PayPal. Instead, immediate credits of the payments to the player account are promised here, at the same time no personal information or the like has to be disclosed. Apple does not store any data on a server or on its own device, so that the transactions can never be traced back to you personally. Transactions in online casinos are processed in conventional ways. After a successful login, players can go to the cash register and select Apple Pay as the payment method. Then the desired payment amount is entered, the payment itself can then be made without further forms or the like simply with the help of atransaction number or the fingerprint.

MuchBetter will also be integrated into the portfolios

Apart from Apple Pay, players in many casinos can now also use the payment optionMuchBetter|| |83 nutzen, die ebenfalls als Alternative zur PayPal-Zahlung bezeichnet werden kann. Notwendig ist in diesem Fall ein eigenes Konto beim Zahlungsdienst, welches aber gebührenfrei eröffnet werden kann. Sonderlich viel Zeit nimmt die Registrierung zudem nicht in Anspruch, da lediglich wenige Daten preisgegeben werden müssen. Sobald das Konto eröffnet wurde, kann die Bezahlmethode im jeweiligen Casino ausgewählt werden und der Zahlungsbetrag wird vom Spieler eingetragen. Anschließend muss die App des Zahlungdienstleisters geöffnet werden, with which the payment can then be authorized. Once the payment has been processed, the respective payment amount will be credited to the player's account immediately. Additionally, players will receive confirmation that their deposit has been credited to their player account. Also very interesting is the fact that many providers apparently want to emphasize the new payment service and accordingly presentbonus offers when using MuchBetter. Anyone who is clever and searches attentively can probably discover one or the other lucrative offer here, for which it is definitely worth opening an account with the payment service.

Many other PayPal alternatives

There are other eWallets that are available in online casinos. While Apple users will rely on Apple Pay, there is the financial service provider Google Pay for users of Android devices. Other top PayPal alternatives are the payment methods Skrill and Neteller. Accordingly, there are enough other payment services.

It's not too difficult to say goodbye to PayPal

The online casinos are of course aware of the popularity of PayPal among their players. Seen from this perspective, the farewell is a bit of a shame for the companies, and of course for the players as well. However, the industry was able to conjure up attractive alternatives in no time at all that can be described as safe and just as fast. Theprocessing of payments will not really be affected by the farewell to PayPal. In addition, especially in the early days of the new payment methods, many providers were able to draw attention to themselves with attractive bonus offers. And the bottom line is that they are wonderful for taking a thorough look at the new payment options.

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