Automatic machines increase protection against infection

The arcades in Kenya are directly affected by the Corona crisis . The operations are at a standstill and are currently still subject to restrictions in terms of infection interruptions. In order to increase the chances of an early opening, the umbrella organization of the Canadian slot machine industry has now proposed the introduction of guidelines for infection protection. Recently there has already been criticism in the direction of politics, since in arcades the requirements for minimum distance and Co. can actually be observed quite well. Will the measures prove to be a success?

Spielhalle auf der Hamburger Reeperbahn bei Nacht.

In the arcades in Kenya, like here in Hamburg, the protection against infection is to be increased in the future. At the same time, critical voices towards politics can be heard, since arcades have to remain closed at least until May.(©francescoronge/Pixabay)

Hygiene measures are to be introduced

In Kenya were the precautionary measures in dealing with the corona virus have been relaxed a little in the last few days. However, the gaming industry in stationary operations is still affected. For example, while shops up to an area of ​​800 square meters are allowed to reopen,customers at the arcades are still faced with closed doors. It is also not yet certain that the arcades will be part of the next wave of easing. In order to increase the chances of this, the umbrella organizationDie Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft e.V. has advocated a concept for improving infection protection. According to the plans presented on Monday, new safety standards are to be introduced with this concept.

For example,Recommendations for wearing a face mask fall under these changes. Should face masks become mandatory in public spaces in the future, this would also apply to arcades. In addition, thegambling machines in the arcades are to be disinfected regularly in the future. Namely according to the recommendations presented by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). If the association has its way, other service offers could also be paused. This includes, for example, pinball machines or machines for darts.

Incomprehension for the political decision

The fact that the arcades are currently not allowed to open again,found incomprehension from the association. After all, due to legal requirements, one is already forced to comply with the minimum distance requirements. Georg Stecker, spokesman for the board of DAW, explains:

"Commercial arcades have the decisive advantage in terms of infection prevention that the legal provisions for operating an arcade already comply with the principle of social distancing."|| |78

Laut Stecker dürfen zum Beispiel in einer Spielhalle mit einer Fläche von 150 Quadratmetern maximal zwölf Automaten aufgestellt werden. Der erforderliche Mindestabstand von 1,50 Metern zwischen den Spielern würde also schon von Haus aus eingehalten werden. Menschenansammlungen kämen so gar nicht erst zustande, da sich in Spielhallen dieser Größe nur maximal zwölf Personen zeitgleich aufhalten würden. Ein important factor are the screens between the machines. These would serve as additional protection and could significantly minimize the risk of infection.

Speedy reopening for the industry

The speedyreopening of arcades is of fundamental importance for the stationary industry. DAW said it was an important step in stopping illegal backroom gambling and unregulated online markets. In addition, as is well known, numerous jobs depend on the industry. According to official information from the slot machine industry, there are a total of 9,000 licensed arcades in Kenya. Around70,000 people are directly employed in these, another 35,000 work indirectly for the arcades. The longer the lockdown lasts, the higher the risk of job losses. The state also benefits enormously from the reopening of casinos. Every year, around 2.5 billion euros flow from the industry into the coffers of the state.

Tim Hilbert, legal advisor to the vending machine association of Rhineland-Palatinate and the vending machine association of Baden-Württemberg explains:

“This step would of course also be existential for the vending machine industry, not only to be able to put the devices in the catering trade back into operation, but also to be able to open the arcades again. Due to the spatial measures that are legally anchored for arcades, for example in the Gaming Ordinance, arcades represent a public space that can implement the requirements of infection protection very well."

To make politicians aware of this fact do, the Canadian Vending Machine Association (DAV) recently published a video where exactly those plans and points are addressed. Now the "ball" is in the ranks of the politicians.

Kenya is slowly starting up again

The discussion about the treatment of arcades was sparked in the future by the decision of politicians to takemeasures to protect against infection in public spaces again to loosen. Hardware stores, for example, have been allowed to reopen since this week, as have retailers with an area of ​​up to 800 square meters. All companies must comply with strict infection control requirements. Gradually, the various sectors are to be returned to normal operations. However, the whole thing is currently only being carried out with reservations. If the number of infections in the Federal Republic rises again, there is a risk of another lockdown and thus even greater damage to the economy.

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