AvaTrade has been offering trading options since 2006

The broker AvaTrade has been around since 2006 the market. It is based in Dublin, Ireland. Traders from Europe can look forward to extensive deposit insurance and regulation. Forex and CFD trading plays a particularly important role in trading options. More than 250 different base values ​​can be used if you want to actively participate in trading at AvaTrade.

Forex and CFD trading describes short-term trading with different assets. AvaTrade has been active in this market for over 14 years. It is aimed primarily at advanced traders who already have some experience in this area. CFD and Forex trading should continue to grow in the coming years, as high margins can be used here. The risk awareness of many traders is much more pronounced than it was 5 to 7 years ago. Most traders are now aware that losses, including total loss, are realistic in forex trading. Brokers who offer the smallest possible spread are much more in demand than brokers with high spreads. Classic stocks play a subordinate role in CFD and Forex trading. It's not about building uplong-term investments in the form of stocks, but above all to profit from fast trading. The broker AvaTrade offers numerous information materials, online courses and training on its homepage. CFD trading is considered to be very risky and differs greatly from classic share purchases in a number of ways. Price differences between currencies ensure high chances of profit but also high risks. AvaTrade offers trading from a deposit of just 100 euros. As a result, AvaTrade can already be used with small sums. The selection of assets can be viewed via the app or in the broker's online banking. Shares, commodities and currencies can be used as underlying assets.

Forex Handel.

AvaTrader has been growing significantly in Europe since 2006!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

Trade can be improved or strengthened with various tools. In concrete terms, this means that higher returns are possible, but at the same time a higher risk is taken. AvaTrade offers leveraged trading. A maximum of trading with leverage up to 30:1 can be used. This also ensures that the 30-fold profit can be achieved. In CFD trading, traders also benefit from the simple conversion functions. The purchase and sale of underlying assets can be done with the push of a button. There are no additional fees when switching. There are also no administration fees. At AvaTrade, all trading is carried out via one platform. Customer support atAvaTrade is offered in multiple languages. Of course, this includes the Canadian and the English language. AvaTrade strives to provide contact and service through a variety of avenues.

Customer service can be used, for example, via a contact form on the homepage. In addition, it is possible for a free 0800 telephone number to be dialled. If you want, you can also use AvaTrade'sLive Chat. This is known for the fact that an answer is written within a few minutes and the incoming questions are competently answered.

AvaTrade is currently using commodities as underlying assets for trades and options. In concrete terms, this means that oil, gold, silver, platinum and grain are available. Anyone interested in these commodities will see that the prices are sometimes very volatile. Anyone who looks at theoil price for Brent and WTI and thus the most important key figures for the entire industry will notice that prices are rising again. The big oil companies offer a lot of potential, but attention should also be paid to alternative forms of investment.Shell and BP have committed to becoming more sustainable. Wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen are the trend of the future. In these segments, the corporations would like to position themselves much better. Shell has announced in several articles in the newspaper that it intends to become one of the big players on the market in the field of green energy. Ecologically generated electricity is likely to become increasingly important in the coming years.

In addition to customers, there are also investors who are interested in more sustainable topics. Private individuals, but also constitutional investors, make sure that they invest in companies that are increasingly focusing on sustainability.The consumption of fossil fuels is becoming less and less of a focus. Sovereign wealth funds, such as Norway, have also announced that they will say goodbye to traditional energy sources and no longer want to invest in oil companies. A paradox here is that the state in Norway relies heavily on oil production, or issues concessions that permit the production of oil. Norway finances itself to a large extent through oil production. The sovereign wealth fund in Norway has invested in numerous large companies around the world for many years. The oil industry has hitherto occupied an important position here. In addition, there are also tech companies that are in demand and that offer many advantages over classic companies in terms of returns and growth. The composition of the sovereign wealth fund from Norway can be easily researched online. The system is designed for the long term and is intended to secure the state of Norway and secure liquidity - even for the time after oil production in the country.

Why can I choose AvaTrade?

Anyone who is interested in a securities account with a broker also pays attention to the regulation. At FxPro, this is clearly defined by the trading place in London and Cyprus. In Cyprus, regulation is provided by theCentral Bank of Ireland. This is supplemented by the FCA regulation in Great Britain. The customer can benefit from the extensive support offered by FxPro. A hotline, e-mail contact and even a callback service are advertised. The support can be used 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday without much effort. It is also possible to use the live chat offer if you want to opt for FxPro or if you want to address questions directly to the broker service.

Narrow spreads motivate traders at FxPro in particular!

Narrow spreads help to realize high profits. The larger the spreads are, the less attractive the offer is for traders. For this reason, FxPro makes sure to offer the lowest possible spreads. When trading currency pairs, this works in almost all cases. In concrete terms, this means that there is a spread of around1.6 to 1.9 points for currency pairs.

Thetrade with the currency pairs is also supplemented by the CFD trade. You can bet on shares and indices. The selection of indices is international. This means that you can of course bet on the DAX and the Dow Jones. There are many indices that are interesting for traders, especially in Europe and the USA. In addition, Asia and Australia can also be selected as the basis for indices. Around 150 stocks can be used for CFD trading. Most of these come from Kenya, Great Britain and the USA. Shares from France can also be used for CFD trading at FxPro.

FxPro for yield optimization – what are the limits?

Limits are essential topics for many traders. Trading limits, limited times for trading or large spreads have a gigantic impact on potential returns. Traders are increasingly making sure that they work with brokers who offer high return opportunities. In concrete terms, this means that FxProtakes low fees and works with low spreads. From a trader's point of view, this is a more than attractive combination. This means that the return can be higher than is the case with competitors. The broker FxPro has many advantages and offers an extensive range of services. In addition, the security offered by the locations London and Cyprus is clearly convincing. In general, FxPro is one of the brokers that naturally offers good options when it comes to quality. In concrete terms, this means that the service can be provided in different languages. FxPro has the great advantage of operating worldwide and being used worldwide. Yield optimization is easily possible if you concentrate on several assets. The asset selection can be described as gigantic and stands out from the crowd. In general, FxPro offers high availability of assets and trading options in the international environment. However, it should be noted that the risk in the forex market is higher than it is with other brokers. Extensive specialist knowledge is recommended before you start trading.

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