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In Kenya and other European countries the broker is AvaTrade no longer unknown. The company offers an attractive forex trading option that can also be used via an app. This clearly sets AvaTrade apart from other brokers who do not always have their own apps.

Forex trading and trading in securities and stocks in general has become much more popular in times of Corona. Even beginners who have had little or nothing to do with the stock market in recent years are now interested in securities and sense the opportunity for an attractive entry. From a long-term perspective, it can be interesting to take an interest in stocks now. The Corona crisis has impressively shown how vulnerable and sensitive our world and our health are. Stock exchanges around the world have plummeted. That means numerous stocks have come under massive pressure. On theWall Street in New York, in London on the stock exchange and in many other countries, share prices are now significantly lower than they were a few months ago is. As long as there is no end in sight to the crisis, the stock market is unlikely to recover significantly. That means it's safe to assume prices are this low for a while longer. Each trader must decide individually whether the current prices are buying opportunities and whether the stocks should be bought via the AvaTrade app.

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Basically, it is difficult for traders to recognize which investments are interesting and where there is great risk. It should be mentioned that there are many industries that are suffering from Corona. Only a few corporations have already announced that they are not suffering from the pressure of Corona and continue to postgood profits and figures. This applies, for example, to corporations in the food and beverage sector. There are also some companies in the healthcare industry that are still making attractive profits. This is also the case in the tobacco products sector and BAT and Imperial Brands, for example, have already published a report that they have only noticed a few effects of Corona on their day-to-day business.

There are many problems in the field of oil companies. Corona has made these problems even worse. In concrete terms, this means that the corporations have the problem that significantly more oil is currently being produced than is needed worldwide. At the same time, the consumption of crude oil fell again significantly due to theCorona crisis. In concrete terms, this means that it can be assumed that when the next quarterly figures are announced, prices may well fall again if a negative outlook is confirmed.

Many investors buy securities in tranches during these times. This means that you can buy multiple small positions ofstocks and securities at AvaTrade, for example, via the mobile app. This means that you buy a certain number of shares at a price X. If the price has dropped significantly, you can buy a package of shares again. In most cases, this is the case when, for example, the price has fallen further by 15 to 20%. If the price rises, many investors will hold on to the shares. Profits are then written through dividends or subsequent disposals.

What can I trade with AvaTrade via the app?

AvaTrade offers traders a very large selection of products. In concrete terms, this means that you can trade several Forex and CFD products. In Forex trading, you can fall back on an extensive selection of underlying assets. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, 60 different currency pairs can be used. TheCommodity Selection is 16 and the Indices selection is 20. There are more than 80 stocks that can be used as underlying assets and 20 different ETFs. There are also various base values ​​to choose from in the Bonds and Forex Options area.

Trading can be done at AvaTrade via theAvatradego software (per app) or via the MetaTrader5. Broker Avatrade clearly stands out from the crowd of brokers on the market with its trading offer. In concrete terms, this means that AvaTrade offers a much more extensive selection of underlying assets. In general, it is possible and conceivable that this selection will increase further in the coming months. In any case, you can take advantage of even more trading offers at AvaTrade.

What regulation and security does AvaTrade offer me?

The subject of regulation now plays a very important role for almost all traders. This is because most brokers are now based within Europe or within the EU. There are still brokers who are based outside the EU or offshore, but these are not very popular for security reasons and are avoided by many traders. In the long term, it is therefore attractive to opt for a safe broker who has the appropriate guarantees and who is safe to work with. Broker AvaTrade is based inIreland and this means that the authority of theCentral Bank of Ireland for the broker responsible is. Regulation takes place through the authority. This means that the authority makes sure that everything is going right with the broker and that you can trade here relatively safely. The broker is represented in Ireland with its registered office in Dublin and has the number C53877 under which it is registered. Basically, the central bank in Ireland not only pays attention to this broker, but also to other companies in the financial sector that offer corresponding offers.

Support at AvaTrade can be accessed and enjoyed in a number of ways. Specifically, this means that you can contact support, for example, via acontact form on the homepage. Contact via telephone is also possible via a classic 0800 number. The traders and interested parties also have the chance that the broker can be contacted, for example, via their own contact form. Unfortunately, a callback service is not offered.

How can I deposit money with AvaTrade?

Anyone who has opened an account with AvaTrade from the age of 18 must deposit money in order to be able to start trading. In concrete terms, this means that you can send the money directly to your account via various payment methods. The deposit can be made using a credit card, for example. Above all, the Visa Card and also the MasterCard are available for this. Payment service providers such asExample WebMoney or PayPal can also be used to transfer funds. If you want to work with Skrill or Neteller, you can also use this method to make deposits at AvaTrade. The deposits can be realized from a sum of 100 euros. There are no fees for making deposits at AvaTrade.

It should be noted that the AvaTrade account can be held in different currencies. This means that the account can be managed in US dollars, for example, as well as in euros and British pounds. The Australian dollar can also be used to manage the account. The fact is thatPayments can be made via bank transfer or via the usual credit cards of the Mastercard or Visa card type. Service providers such as Neteller or e.g. WebMoney can also be used if you decide to become active at AvaTrade and need to withdraw funds. The broker also does not charge any fees for the payment.

How can I learn Forex trading?

Forex trading involves a certain risk. For this reason, it is necessary to learn exactly how to assess the risk in Forex trading and how to deal with it. In practice, many people make the mistake of taking too much risk and therefore not being able to realize success. In concrete terms, this means that you can quickly make aloss in trading. For this reason, anyone who chooses AvaTrade or another broker should always minimize the risk as much as possible. With the help of a free demo account, the entire trade can be made much easier. The demo account can be used to gain extensive experience before trading with real money.

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