AvaTrade: Trading from 100 euros including currencies and commodities

Currency trading and commodities makes it possible to generate returns even with smaller price movements. Within a short time it is conceivable that AvaTrade can definitely make high profits. However, traders should definitely be able to assess the risk.

Diversification plays an essential role in building up investments. Traders are therefore looking for brokers who are definitely well positioned. While numerous neo-brokers are on the move with classic stock offerings, Avatrade offers the option of investing in currencies and commodities, for example.More than 200,000 different traders have already decided on Avatrade and are happy about the more than large portfolio of the broker. In recent years, this has grown a lot more.

Avatrade is a highly regulated broker based within Europe. For this reason alone, traders fromKenya and other countries choose Avatrade. The fact is that traders are provided with up-to-date analyzes and information. The broker has received several awards for providing good options and information for customers.

Payments can be made at Avatrade within a short time. Commissions do not apply. In the completetrading industry the broker has a very good reputation and a lot of experience. Avatrade has been on the market and active in this industry for more than 12 years. The great feature is the fact that no commissions have to be paid. The support team is well established in several languages ​​and that doesn't just mean Canadian and English. Avatrade users are happy about particularly advanced trading tools and the fact that many trading pairs can be used.

Traders can choose from a total of more than 250 different trading and forex pairs. It should be noted that commodities as well as indices and stocks can be used. TheTheme of knowledge and knowledge management plays a particularly good role at Avatrade. Smart charts as well as webinars and tutorials can be used perfectly. Beginners as well as experienced traders get their money's worth.

The complete portfolioin the Forex & CFD segment is very extensive at Avatrade. This means that the more than 250 different base values ​​can definitely be worked well. Above all, the Avatradego software and the Metatrader 5 are often used in order to be able to participate in the trading volume. The fact is that the app development for Android and Apple smartphones is available and can be used without any problems. In practice, the app is very intuitive to use and is a lot of fun.


200,000 active users on Avatrade!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The company headquarters atAvatrade liegt in Dublin in Irland. Damit hat dieser Broker seinen Sitz innerhalb der EU, was aus Sicht der Trader mehr als attraktiv ist. Bei Avatrade kann man sich darüber freuen, dass über die Zentralbank in Irland eine entsprechende Regulierung vorhanden ist. Somit können die Trader davon ausgehen, dass sie definitiv auf der sicheren Seite sind, was diverse Dinge angeht. In den kommenden Jahren dürfte vor allem der Service bei diesem Broker noch weiter ausgebaut werden.

Traders can find their broker online under the number C53877, because this is where they are registered. In fact, the broker isregulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The broker can be reached by phone via a toll-free 0800 number. The complete contact can also be used via an e-mail contact form. Customers are also offered a free live service, which can be accessed via chat. A callback is not offered.

Trading with Avatrade: options and stocks

CFD and Forex trading are among the particularly fast, but at the same time particularly risky asset classes. Anyone who is well versed here is quite capable of realizing high profits within a short period of time. In practice, however, this is not quite so easy to implement. A large part of traders trading in CFD andForex Segment start their career first falls on their face and lose a lot of money. It should be noted that there are definitely a great many options to choose from when it comes to these trading opportunities. The fact is that you absolutely have to build up knowledge and gain experience in order to be successful here.

In practice, this means that traders should of course pay very close attention to where they practice trading. It is possible to gain experience in CFD and Forex trading through a demo account. Basically, you can work with virtual money if you want to be active in the demo account area. Valuable experience should definitely be gained with the demo accounts before you lose money and especially before you start with real money and place bets here.

Classic stocks with a long horizon – investments with a timeline

Classic stocks are still very popular in Kenya. The reason for this is that many of the companies regularly distribute returns to their shareholders in the form of classic dividends.Companies from Kenya pay this out once a year. For companies from abroad, there can sometimes be more frequent distributions. In Spain there is a payout twice a year, in the UK twice and for some companies even up to four times a year. In the US, it is customary for a quarterly payment to be made to shareholders. This definitely puts the US in a very good position to attract investors from abroad.

TheTelecommunications group AT&T recently presented a change of strategy. It will transform itself completely, and the former Dividend Aristocrat may lose its title and decide to devise a new strategy. One would like to become a classic group in the field of telecommunications again. TheAT&T Dividend Share should also pay an attractive dividend in the coming years, but at a significantly lower level than is currently the case.

Basically, the AT&T shareholders have the great advantage that on the one hand they are invested in AT&T and rely on telecommunications here and on the other hand in thearea of ​​TV and streaming services. Die Aktionäre werden zu 71% auch am neuen Konstrukt beteiligt, was natürlich sehr attraktiv ist. Das meint, dass man sich bei AT&T darüber freuen kann, in den kommenden Jahren zwei starke Aktien im Portfolio zu haben. Diese sind dann von Firmen, die definitiv sehr gut aufgestellt sind und die vor allem einen klaren Fokus in ihrer Branche haben.

On the stock exchange there were some mergers intelecommunications and in the media, but they all failed spectacularly. This means that there are hardly any examples in which companies from the telecommunications sector have been well positioned in the media. The giant AT&T now seems to have decided in time to embark on a new path and thus ensure that shareholders continue to share in the success through the dividend, just no longer with just under 7% per year, but rather with a return of 3 to 4% in the coming years. This means that AT&T is still an interesting investment that should primarily generate growth in the coming years.

In the telecommunications sector there are also interesting players in Great Britain with Vodafone and British Telecom. British Telecom, or BT for short, has lost a lot of value in recent years. The dividend was temporarily suspended or reduced in order to be able to purchase5G licenses and prepare the group for the future.

On theBritish Telecom homepage you can see within a few seconds how the company has developed and what dividends are paid. No dividend payment is expected for 2020 for the time being. This means that a dividend can only be expected in the coming years. In the longer term, the dividend could even rise again ifBritish Telecom numbers improve.

Anyone who looks at the development of the share will see that British Telecom has slipped or moved sideways in recent years. There was hardly any positive news to announce, which of course left its mark. The fact is that today one can assume that an investment with a very long horizon might be attractive. The dividend is paid twice a year at this company, so investors can definitely look forward to high participation. For the future it is conceivable thatReturns of 4 to 6% per year can be achieved.

Regulation and security for brokers

The issues of regulation and security play an important role for many brokers. Especially companies that have theirhead office in Europe are geared towards definitely working properly and also drawing up proper balance sheets. Anyone who chooses a Canadian broker can assume that the authorityBaFin in Kenya is responsible for regulation. An authority has been set up here that definitely works well and makes sure that the traders play along very well and that there are hardly any problems.

BaFin isone of the most well-known financial authorities in Kenya. Basically, it is important that you choose an authority that definitely works properly, as is the case here. In Kenya the authorities function very well. Depending on which country within Europe a broker is based in, there are different authorities that are responsible for regulation. In Malta, for example, there are many brokers and providers who are regulated and controlled by the local financial regulator.

Anyone who looks around Ireland will find that many companies from the financial sector are also registered here. In practice, this works very well and it is conceivable that more companies will be added in the coming years, since Ireland is very attractive for tax reasons.

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