Bally Wulff secures slot machine operators

Many gambling fans know Bally Wulff and the games they create much appreciated. However, this company is not only known for its online slots - it also makes slot machines that are placed in restaurants and arcades. Now the company has come up with something to protect its own customers: ABS. We are now going to show what it is and how the machine operators benefit from it.

Ein Spielautomat, der im Moment den Spieler mit einem Jackpot begeistert.

Bally Wulff has launched the Payout Participation Security Program. This can be used to have a paid-out profit reimbursed.(©kalhh/Pixabay)

How does ABS secure the vending machine operators?

The sense fromABS is quickly explained: If a customer wins free spins or a prizeATM machine, the machine paid off. This reduces the income from this machine. Basically, a win is only paid out by a machine if it has earned enough. That is why it is also said that no player, no matter how good, can influence a machine. Only if he is willing to pay out a jackpot will he do so. at an

Now nobody knows the contract that Bally Wulff concludes with the vending machine operators. Therefore, it cannot be said whether theprize paid out by a machine is paid by the restaurant or arcade. It is also not known who receives the money earned: Do the machine operators only get a commission or is the operation of a machine entirely in their hands? The backup program that Bally Wulff came up with suggests the latter.

Because this ABS is about the restaurants and arcades being able to get a paid-out profit back from Bally Wulff. However, some conditions were created for this.

ABS does not apply to all games

Despite the conditions set for the ABS, the machine operators benefit in any case. Sothe following games have been determined in which the ABS may be claimed:

  • Select Golden Sun with Sun Fire Ultra
  • Select Golden Sun XL/Select Golden Sun XL with Sun Fire Ultra

These games come from the package in the Game Station Wide-Wall. In addition, the ABS applies to games from the Game Station wide slant top:

  • Prime Pyro XXL in all variants
  • Prime Power XXL in all variations
  • Prime Maxiplay 3

The aforementioned game packages arenot available at all locations. In restaurants, players can only grab the Game-Station Wide-Wall package, while the Game Station Wide-Slant-Top package is only available in arcades.

The aforementioned games can be described as a basic condition. In addition, however, there is theamount of profit for which Bally Wulff protects its customers.

Only high winnings are insured

Should the players be lucky enough to have made a high winnings with the games mentioned above, the machine operators canpart reclaim this win from Bally Wulff. This recovery does not have to happen immediately, it can also happen in the next month. What's the point here? It's simple: There is a minimum limit of a prize that can be claimed for a refund. If the machine operators wait, they may be able to claim a higher prize for reimbursement in a few weeks or a few days.

The minimum limits are as follows: Aprize of more than 500 euros must have been earned at a restaurant. Bally Wulff refunds 50 percent of this profit. In an arcade, the winnings must be at least 1000 euros. Bally Wulff reimburses 100 percent of this profit, but here the deductible of 1000 euros is deducted.

A positive aspect for the machine operator is thatFree spins for reimbursement can also be requested if their value reaches the above-mentioned limits.

Bally Wulff also produces online slots

Although online casinos also offer slots from Bally Wulff, theABS only applies to on-site gaming venues. Diese sollen sich über ein geringeres Risiko freuen, dürfen aber in absehbarer Zeit die Geräte nicht reduzieren. Ob es in Zukunft auch ein ähnliches Programm für Online Casinos geben wird, wurde nicht verraten. Derzeit dürfen sich die Automatenaufsteller sehr über das Sicherheitsprogramm freuen, da es auf dem deutschen Markt das einzige seiner Art ist. Womöglich möchte der Glücksspielhersteller seine treuen Kunden belohnen, dass sie auch während der Corona-Pandemie zur Verfügung standen.

With the ABS, this group proves once again that it can always come up with new ideas to inspire the gaming world. So far, the company has been known forhigh player security. Now it's the turn of the exhibitors and they can also look forward to another special feature: If a customer submits a prize for reimbursement, he could receive a bonus. This is distributed among all customers and can reach ten times the submitted profit. Bally Wulff thus provides its customers with many arguments to switch to the new devices. Because there is no possibility of winnings refund for the old games and devices.

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