BANX offers 125 stock exchanges!

The online broker BANX counts in Kenya and also in other countries in Europe are now among the most popular brokers at all. Low trading place fees and more than 125 different stock exchanges ensure that more and more people are starting to trade at BANX.

Especially in times of the Corona crisis, there is more trading in Kenya than there has been on the stock exchanges in recent years has been the case. Online brokers with low costs, as is the case with BANX, are seeing a significant increase in users. Most users and future traders register online on the broker's platform and start mobile trading, for example. Thanks to modern procedures, such as the VideoIdent procedure, more and more people are coming up with the idea of ​​opening an account with aOnline Broker. It can be assumed that the online brokerage model will continue to grow in strength over the coming years and that more traders will opt for a mobile broker. The broker BANX is listed here in many rankings at the top - mainly because of the extensive range of trading and the low fees.

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BANX offers access to over 125 trading places worldwide!(©Audy0073/Pixabay)

In times of Corona, the stock markets aremassively under Print advised. This means that you have to expect that the prices will now be significantly lower than they would have been without Corona. Nevertheless, many traders believe that Corona is a one-off historical event. This means that while many stocks are falling significantly, this could represent an opportunity over the long term. The question is which sectors and companies will be affected by the crisis and for how long. Basically, it should be noted that the oil industry, for example, is hit twice. Due to Corona, there is a significant decline in demand for oil worldwide. At the same time, there are differences among oil producers worldwide in terms of production volumes. This has caused the share prices of many companies to plummet. Whether and when these companies represent a reasonable purchase price is currently completely open. In general, it should be noted that it can of course be the case that the oil industry will also increase again, sincemany countries are dependent on the oil price. Talks between the USA, Russia and OPEC+ are to take place shortly with the aim of limiting the production volume and thus increasing the price of oil.

The same problems also exist in the finance and insurance sectors. Many companies have announced that they will reduce theirdividend, or even suspend it altogether. There are also companies where it can be assumed that the dividend will be paid a few quarters late. Basically, you should pay attention to the details of the companies. The ECB has also issued a notice to banks that, if possible, they will refrain from paying the dividend for the time being and will take care of helping small and medium-sized companies with loans. How long the current situation will last is currently completely open and should be examined carefully.

Trading options and securities at BANX?

The broker BANX has been on the market for some time and is characterized by the fact that it always offers attractive products. However, it is usually much more important for traders that not only the products are right, but also theConditions and securities offered by a broker. For this reason, many traders decide to first pay attention to where a broker is based and, of course, what collateral is associated with it. The authorityBaFin in Kenya is responsible for the broker BANX, since this has its headquarters in Kenya, in Düsseldorf. This means that extensive security is offered to traders in any case.

In addition, the broker also offers a registered office in Great Britain and thus a license from the FCA. This ensures that a corresponding number of customers are also active here and assume that they can always experience proper security and regulation from the FCA.

The broker can be reached in Kenya by phone from Dusseldorf under the area code 0211. In addition, the service can also be used by e-mail. A callback service is also offered. However, it is not possible to use the service via live chat, as is already the case with many other brokers. In general, however, the broker BANX iswell positioned and offers short response times for service. The service is available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Trade offers at BANX – what can I trade?

Anyone who decides to trade with a broker will definitely find out at BANX that the trade offer is significantly more extensive than it is the case with most competitors in the market. In concrete terms, this means that BANX gives you access to a total of 125 different trading venues. This is significantly more than is the case with almost all other brokers. It should also be noted that more than 5,000 different base values ​​are available for forex trading. For comparison, it must be known that many of the other brokers only provide around 50 to 200 base values.

The complete Forex and CFD trading offer can be used via the broker BANX. There is also a chance that you can trade commodities, for example. There is the option that trading can be carried out via theLCG Trader, or via the Meta Trader 4. Mobile trading is also offered.

The broker BANX has constantly expanded its range of trading in recent months. This means that it is now possible to trade much more intensively and more than was the case in 2015, for example. The fact is that in the future we will continue to work on adapting the commercial offers to the latest customer wishes. It is therefore possible in the long term that you can always assume that you are well positioned. BANX should also aim to be one of theTop Brokers in Europe in the future, which is of course an advantage.

Deposits at BANX – how does it work?

Anyone who has opened a securities account at BANX can make deposits very quickly and without any problems. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible to deposit money, for example by credit card, but also via aclassic bank transfer. There are no requirements, for example the minimum deposit or fees. In principle, the account can be managed in different currencies. In addition to the euro currency, it is also possible, for example, to use British pounds, US dollars or Swiss francs to make a deposit at BANX. The funds can also be paid out in various ways. There is the option of making a classic bank transfer or having the money paid out by credit card.

Demo account and assistance with BANX!

The broker BANX offers its traders a lot of assistance and options when it comes to organizing trading. The fact is that you get a lot of information about the individual trading options and services. On the homepage you can find outabout the chances and risks, but also about, for example, how trading works in principle if you want to subscribe to a specific product. In the long term, it is therefore conceivable that you can definitely learn a lot with BANX. However, the feeling for the risk and the opportunities should always be present and taken seriously. This means that you should be aware that there are many risks involved in CFD trading and that losses up to and including total loss can also be realised.

Anyone who generally wants to try out trading first should definitely work with the BANX demo account. The demo account can be used completely free of charge. This means that you don't have to know anything for the demo account and you don't have to take anything into account. Infree demo account every trader has the opportunity to try different trading options - completely free of any risk. This gives you the chance to get to know all the options in peace before you start trading with real money. The selection of options is more than extensive and it is worth paying attention to the individual risks

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