BANX offers a demo account and low order fees

In Kenya, BANX is considered to be particularly successful and strong brokers. The offer is very diverse and over 130 different stock exchanges are served. In the long term, BANX is an option to improve and promote private old-age provision. BANX also advertises a free demo account that can be completed and used online without any problems.

BANX advertises a Canadian company headquarters in Düsseldorf. The broker is located in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and definitely offers good conditions. Thedepot fees are not available, so that the depot can be managed free of charge. If you want, you can also benefit from the fact that you can get personal advice. In terms of support and service, BANX is definitely better positioned than other brokers. The traders can be advised in different languages ​​(also in Canadian).

In general, it must be noted that the depot can be managed without fees and with low order fees. Theorder fees at BANX are definitely lower than the competition. This means that you can assume that BANX can be traded very cheaply. The costs depend on the markets and also on the products.

BANX is aECN Broker. The broker is active on over 130 stock exchanges worldwide. This means that BANX is definitely well positioned and offers a lot of order options. Anyone interested in BANX will quickly notice that this broker based in Kenya is properly licensed and regulated. The regulation takes place in Kenya via the BaFin. This is defined by the company's location in Kenya.

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Anyone who decides to trade shares via BANX can do so from 3, Do 90 euros per trade. If you chooseUS stocks, you can even trade them from 1 cent per trade. Futures can currently be traded from 2 euros. This means that the conditions for most standard products are very attractive. Options can also be traded from 2 euros per order. Trading CFDs can be used from 3 euros and forex is available from 0.4 pip.

The trading conditions at BANX are very attractive and at the same time there is a very large trading offer. This puts BANX in a better position than its competitors. It should be noted or known that BANX offers CFD trading, forex trading and also trading in commodities. The broker hasover 5,000 different financial markets to choose from from which underlying assets can be consumed. The entire trade can be used via the LCG Trader platforms or via the Metatrader 4. Trading with mobile platforms or over the phone can also be used.

Stock trading at BANX - what does Hong Kong offer?

The stock market in Hong Kong is in great demand among investors and investors because of the non-existent withholding tax. They are happy that they have the same tax burdens as is the case in Kenya. An investment in Hong Kong is definitely interesting. Over a period of several years, attractive payments could be received here again and again. An example of a company that is definitely well positioned in Hong Kong is calledChina Resources Cement.

As a producer of cement, the group is very important for the entire construction industry in China. Sincemany large construction projects are starting in China, people there are happy that a lot is definitely possible. The fact is that most of the projects in China are impressive and great music is played at CRC. The group has been privatized since 2003 and offers corresponding options.

TheCRC homepage can be used in English, among others. Quarterly figures and other company reports can be viewed here. The fact is that people at CRC Cement are definitely in a positive mood when it comes to changes. In the long term, the cement supplier is likely to continue to grow if you take a close look at the economy in China.

The companySingTel is well positioned in Singapore. There is also no withholding tax for traders here. In concrete terms, this means that a solid investment could be built up here. The group pays a dividend twice a year. With areturn of 4 to 6% per year SingTel is clearly better and more interesting than other providers in the telecommunications segment. It should be mentioned that SingTel in Singapore is definitely the biggest player in the market.

In the past years, thepayout at SingTel was always covered by the free cash flow. This shows that there is a lot of potential here and that the company has positioned itself very well. The State of Singapore also has a stake in the SingTel company. Of course, this leads to the fact that you attach importance to the fact that payouts are made. Similar to what is also the case in Russia, it is very important to the state that companies in which it has a stake distribute funds appropriately.

In the mobile communications segment, there are large companies in many countries around the world that distribute decent profits to the shareholders. In Singapore it is the company SingTel, in Japan there are companies of a similar size. In Kenya, for example, Telefonica and Freenet as well asDeutsche Telekom offer attractive payouts. If you look around in France, you will find that the Orange company is very well positioned on the market.

In Russia, a lot is traditionally paid out to the shareholders. This means thathigh returns of 7% and more per year beckon here. On the other hand, there is always the risk of sanctions in Russia, which can lead to yield changes. At the same time, there are also risks from exchange rates. Although many shares are traded as ADRs, the companies still report in the ruble currency. The money is thus first exchanged from rubles to US dollars and then to the target currency, euros, when a credit is made.

Numerous companies in Russia in various sectors, especially in the oil and gas sector, are well positioned and attract investors with attractive returns and opportunities. In addition to Gazprom, there are companies like Lukoil orTatneft that offer high dividends. The Russian state is also involved in many of the companies. He is also happy about the high distributions and of course contributes to the fact that the shareholders are properly involved.

With ADRs,Fees of 1 to 3 cents per credit apply. These are charged by the banks that hold the shares or hold the number of shares in accordance with the ADRs. For example, an ADR can represent five different stocks. In the coming years it should be possible that regular payments will continue to be made in Russia.

Surgutneftgaz and Transneft as well as Rosneft are among the companies in Russia that pay attractive dividends to their shareholders. A handsome return can be achieved over a period of 5 to 10 years. Yields of around 5 to 10% per year can certainly be achieved.

Test demo account and Co at BANX

One of the main advantages of the broker BANX is that there is a free demo account. This can be used without any problems and is characterized by the fact that a lot can be tried out in any case, completely free of any risk. The fact is that BANX is better positioned as a broker than is the case with other brokers, some of whom operate offshore.

Anyone who is interested in BANX is particularly pleased thatBaFin in Kenya is taking over the regulation. The BaFin is the authority that is known for all financial companies as a supervisor and that helps to ensure that everything is done properly here.

With the help of the demo account, traders can test forex trading, but alsotrading with CFDs and other products. In general, it must be noted that BaFin and other institutions are always responsible for brokers where they are registered and are therefore registered. In practice, this means that BaFin can be assumed to be responsible for all brokers who are registered in Kenya.

The demo account should not only be tried out for two days, but in practice over a longer period of time. If you want, you can buy and sell different shares over a period of months. This then leads to the fact that corresponding returns can definitely be achieved in the long term. In any case, however, one knows the individual instruments and the options of the broker better. Thus,your own investment strategy can be perfectly examined and set up.

Some brokers have demo accounts, but not all of them. Additional knowledge can e.g. through FAQ lists or through e.g. otherwebinars and options. The broker BANX is in the best position when it comes to informing traders about the trading topic. There is more than enough teaching material and useful information on the company website. The choice of materials is very good and BANX makes sure everything is kept very up to date.

TheTrade in securities is interesting for many traders when it comes to their own retirement provision. This means that care is taken to ensure that investments are made in companies that are sensibly positioned and that allow their shareholders to participate in the profits with distributions. In general, BANX is one of the brokers through which numerous stocks can be bought and sold in over 130 markets.

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