BANX offers over 130 trading places and a free depot!

The broker BANX offers over 130 different trading places. Securities such as shares can be bought and sold on these. In addition, with BANX there is the possibility that the depot can be managed free of charge. Regulation is offered via the FCA and trading can be carried out very cheaply.

Anyone who is interested in trading CFDs and ETF products is in any case very well positioned with the broker BANX. The versatility offered here is more than outstanding. Trading can be carried out on at least 130 different trading venues. In addition, there is the possibility that you can of course experience a lot in CFD and ETF trading and work very well with leverage products. The fact is that BANX has developed into the brokers that are very popular with customers from Kenya. This is becauseBANX has regulation in every case. The FCA in the UK, where the broker also has a presence, handles regulation. This then leads to the fact that at BANX you can assume that everything is going right and that you can also see some of your profit here if you have it paid out. In the long term, you can always benefit from the fact that you can trade cheaply and well with this broker and that you can set up your portfolio in the best possible way. Especially in times of the Corona crisis, the offer from BANX is highly recommended, since it can of course be used very easily.

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BANX advertises a free depot and over 130 trading places.(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

The broker BANX offers the possibility that any number of stocks and securities can be traded . In times of the Corona crisis, this is more than interesting. This is because the prices on the stock exchange are very volatile. The fact is that with BANX one can assume that numerous securities from the DAX, the MDAX and other indices can be bought and sold.US stocks as well as titles from other regions of the world can also be traded without any problems. There are currently some companies worldwide that are under massive pressure. Especially in the automotive industry in aviation as well as in the tourism segment there are companies that have definitely lost a lot of value and whose shares are now listed much lower than was the case before the Corona crisis. If you look at the shares of the major travel companies worldwide, you will see that corporations such as Tui have come under significant pressure. The shares are listed many times lower than they were before the crisis. Whether and how long it takes for the share price to rise again significantly also depends on when a vaccine comes onto the market. If this is already the case in the coming year, it is possible that the Corona Pandemic will end at some point and normal everyday life will begin again. The areas of entertainment, festivals and public transport are also under a lot of pressure when it comes to generating sales. Due to the Corona crisis, some of these areas have considerable problems. This means that the corporations have lost a lot of money and many are even dependent on government aid.

Anyone who looks at companies such asDeutsche Lufthansa will see that the company's shares are now listed at just 7 euros. A few years ago, when the Air Berlin company was taken over, the share price rose to the range of 25-30 euros, several times higher than it is today. In the long term, there may be a recovery in aviation. In any case, this could lead to the shares increasing in value again. A look at the pharmaceutical industry shows that companies from completely different sectors are also being hit hard by the Corona crisis. The company Bayer announced that further austerity measures are necessary to achieve the company's goals. The fact is that many corporations in Kenya are currently struggling with the current situation and do not know how long it will last and when there will be an improvement in sight.

In the US there aremany REITs that operate shopping centers and malls. The companies Tanger Factory Outlet, Simon Property and also Macerich belong to this type of company. They enjoy tax advantages in the US because they distribute a large part of their profits in the form of dividends. The fact is that the quarterly dividend has fallen significantly this year or has even been completely suspended in some cases. This shows that the companies are struggling to collect the rent and thus do not know exactly how they will get through the pandemic period. In principle, it is possible that an entry can be attractive at this point in time. This depends on various factors and could, of course, generate an interesting return in the long term. However, the risk should also be considered, because losses are also possible if, for example, there are financial problems at the outlets and shopping centers in the USA.

What regulation and security does the broker BANX offer?

All trading that can be carried out at BANX takes place in a secure and regulated environment. This means that with BANX there is definitely the possibility that a lot can be traded and one can also assume that profits will remain with one. The fact is that the broker BANX offers the possibility of depositing and withdrawing money in various ways. In the long term, trust in the broker is more than important. Only if the trust is really high, you have a chance to stay with a broker. In addition, the process of deposit and withdrawal must work really well, which is definitely the case with BANX. Theregulation by the FCA ensures that there is a high level of security and trust. This clearly distinguishes the broker BANX from off-shore brokers who are not based in Europe. The fact is that with BANX one can assume that the broker can also be easily reached via its location in Kenya. In concrete terms, this means that the broker BANX maintains anoffice in Düsseldorf. This office can easily be contacted if one has any questions. The service and support are very well positioned at BANX. The support team can be easily reached by e-mail or by telephone. It is possible that from 09:00 to 19:00 you can contact the broker's service.

What can I trade with BANX?

The broker BANX has the great advantage that the trading offer is very diverse and very well positioned. This means that not only classic shares can be traded at BANX, but also the very popular CFD products. Anyone who decides to trade Forex products can also use the broker BANX. There is also the possibility thatCommodities can be traded. In total, the broker BANX provides more than 5,000 different base values ​​on different financial markets. It is possible to trade via various trading platforms. LCG Trader, Meta Trader 4 and other solutions can be used to trade at CapTrader.

Forex and CFD trading – why are securities in demand?

Trading in Forex and CFD products has grown significantly in recent years. This is due to the fact that very high profits can sometimes be achieved here. However, it is also a fact that many people in Forex andCFD trading have made high losses. Often this is also due to the fact that too little experience is available. Seminars or webinars and above all demo accounts can help to learn how to trade without taking any risks. In concrete terms, this means that in trading you have the chance that very high losses can occur in any case, up to a total loss. If you want to make trading with leverage even more intensive, you can sometimes realize very high losses without being aware of it. For this reason, the complete Forex and CFD trading should only be undertaken if you are really familiar with the products and if you know exactly what risk is being taken. It is quite possible that real losses are suffered here, which are difficult to bear. For this reason, you should only use money that you could afford to lose.

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