BANX Broker advertises with free deposit!

BANX is one of the big brokers in Kenya that are well positioned and offer proper regulation. Basically, it should be noted that BANX custody account management is free of charge. This means that long-term oriented investors can become active here and don't have to worry about the costs.

Shares and securities of all kinds are currently being traded in a wide variety of ways. The high level of volatility means that the markets develop differently almost every day. It should be noted that with a broker like BANX you have the chance to benefit from rising and falling prices. In the long term, it is conceivable that positive returns can be realized via BANX in any case if you buy and sell at the right time. Anyone interested in BANX will find that the broker is in a much better position than other competitors. BANX is one of the brokers that are easy to understand in any case and have their headquarters in Kenya and are therefore subject to regulation. In securities trading, it is no longer just classic stocks that are interesting, butalso CFD products and Forex products that people like to trade. Anyone interested in this type of securities will find that opportunities and risks are very close together. Beginners in particular quickly find themselves in the situation of making high losses because they have little experience in CFD trading and are therefore poorly positioned.

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CFD trading has the great advantage that it is very easy to carry out However, the math and market logic behind it are difficult to grasp. For this reason, beginners in CFD trading overestimate themselves and often realize large losses, which they actually don't want. Ideally,training and seminars are taken in order to build up sound knowledge before the trader starts everyday life. In the long term it is conceivable that in any case a lot will be learned by starting trading and being active.

In the Trading segment, the markets are currently particularly volatile, which means that high losses or even profits can be realised. In concrete terms, this means that as a trader you can benefit greatly from thestrong price fluctuations that are currently on the market, or you can also realize heavy losses. In the long term, it is possible to benefit from it in any case with the right knowledge. As a CFD trader, you can not only benefit from falling but also from rising prices with BANX. Profiting from falling prices is interesting for many traders and ensures that good returns can generally be achieved. In the long term, falling prices can in any case result in higher returns with CFDs and forex trading than is the case with rising prices. This is often the case, especially in times of Corona or during a crisis. In the area of ​​commodities, for example, oil and gold are popular. Both can be used in Forex and CFD trading to buy and sell. Anyone who decides on the raw materials will find that a lot is possible here and that you can definitely get to know a lot at BANX. In the long term, trading in oil is very attractive with BANX, since you can also work with falling prices.

What advantages does the broker BANX offer in the long term?

When looking for a good broker, it is important to many traders that it is not only easy to trade, but also has certain characteristics || |70im Bereich der Sicherheit offers. In concrete terms, this means that the broker is based in Kenya, for example. This is the case with BANX, because the broker belongs to BANX Trading GmbH. This has its address in Düsseldorf in Kenya. This means that the company BANX Trading GmbH in Düsseldorf is registered with the district court and there is also a regulation here accordingly. Due to another branch in Great Britain, there is extensive regulation by the FCA. TheRegulation by the FCA ensures that you can trust the broker and in any case trade better and safer than is the case with any offshore broker that comes along without regulation.

The service that traders can enjoy at BANX is also extensive. It is possible to contact the broker via a Düsseldorf (0211) landline number. The broker can be reached from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Note that there is alsosupport via email and a callback function. Unfortunately, chat support is currently not available. Support is only offered Monday through Friday, not weekends. In terms of support and regulation, BANX is in any case already very well positioned. There are brokers who offer even more extensive support, but BANX can be used properly in any case and offers a lot of advantages. Anyone interested in BANX can easily call the company in Düsseldorf and benefit from the fact that a lot can be started with the broker and that one benefits in the long term from opening a depot here.

What advantages does the BANX depot offer me?

The depot can always be managed free of charge at BANX. This means that with BANX you have the option of managing your shares and securities in any case without custody fees. Specifically, the broker advertises that personal customer care is possible and that it is an ECN broker. At BANX, traders have access to more than 130 different exchanges. The BANX broker has made it possible forCFD trading, forex trading and trading in commodities. There are underlying assets in over 5,000 different financial markets that can be used. Trading can be done via platforms such as LCG Trader, via MetaTrader 4 or via Mobile Brokerage on the smartphone.

BANX offers the possibility of buying and selling shares from EUR 3.90 per trade.US stocks can even be bought from 1 cent per order. If you are interested in futures, you can trade them from 2 euros. Trading in options is possible from 2 euros. If you are interested in CFDs, you can trade them from 3 euros. Forex can be traded from 0.4 pip.

Use the free BANX demo account – why is it worth it?

BANX Trading offers traders the opportunity to use a free demo account. This account offers the great advantage that it can be used to buy and sell without any problems and without any risk at all. In concrete terms, this means that you canbuy and sell shares virtually. It usually only takes a few seconds to make the first trades with the demo account and the virtual credit. In the long term, it is possible that you can not only gain good experience with the demo account, but also simply learn how buying and selling works. In the long term, you can clearly benefit from knowing exactly how the order options work and what the differences are between the orders. The depot at BANX is very easy to understand and offers a lot of advantages that are easy to use.

TheBANX demo account is very easy to use. In concrete terms, this means that currencies, stocks and also, for example, futures and indices can be traded via the demo account. If you want, you can trade commodities as well as options and warrants, but also CFDs via the demo account at BANX. In the long term, it is possible to build up valuable knowledge and understand exactly how trading works. Many traders who do not have this important experience have the disadvantage that they often unconsciously take a much higher risk. This leads to losses being realized when you really don't want to. For this reason, it is often recommended that you try out a demo account for several months without any problems before you start trading with real money. CFD trading and forex trading in particular are associated with a significantly higher risk than is the case with classic stock trading. The risk is particularly high when, for example, leverage products are used that significantly increase the opportunities and risks.

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