BANX trading can be used on over 130 stock exchanges

Who decides to trade with BANX will find that over 130 different stock exchanges or trading venues can be used. The broker offers a lot of advantages over other brokers and it is conceivable that trading with BANX can be realized much more easily than with other brokers. In the long term, you benefit significantly from the broker's low fees and simple structures.

During the Corona period, more and more people are finding their way to the stock exchange. The crisis not only offers a lot of risks, but of course also a lot of opportunities that can be used to become active in retail. Anyone who decides to invest in shares or in funds or ETFs is well positioned with the broker BANX. The depot can be managed free of charge at BANX and it is possible to start trading at BANX without much effort. With numerous stocks and other products, the broker offers a more than large selection to get started actively as a trader. It should be mentioned that you can not only trade at BANX, but you can also learn a lot about trading. The broker makes a lot of information available to interested parties. This means that one can learn and understand information about varioustrading instruments particularly well. Before trading with certain products, it is advisable to find out exactly which products work how and how to get started successfully in retail. BANX has been on the market for a few years now and should continue to grow in the near future. The company also supports mobile trading, which of course is a plus. In concrete terms, this means that the entire trade can also be viewed via an app. With the help of the app, it is particularly easy to buy and sell and thus ensure that suitable products end up in the portfolio or in the depot.

Finanzen Trading.

BANX also supports the entire trade on the go!(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

The selection of stocks that have become interesting in the context of the Corona crisis is more than big. This means that not only in Kenya, but worldwide on the stock exchanges, many stocks have become interesting. Since more than 130 different stock exchanges can be used with BANX, this is definitely an advantage. The fact is thatFTSE titles can also be traded at BANX. This means that, for example, different titles from the United Kingdom can be bought. At the moment it is mainly banks that are under a lot of pressure in Great Britain. If you look at the shares of HSBC or Lloyds, you will see that they are listed much lower than they were half a year ago. The HSBC share is characterized by the fact that it is particularly cheap and that it is planned to pay a dividend again in the future. In the past, this was paid out once a quarter to the shareholders.

Anyone who finds out about theHSBC share quickly realizes that the company is one of the largest banks in the world and one of the companies that has many as an investment could be attractive for years. It has already been announced that a dividend can be expected again in the long term. At the beginning of 2021, they want to give an outlook and also inform whether a conservative dividend will be paid for 2020. The fact is that the bankHSBC achieves a large part of its sales in Asia. Here the bank is one of the most important commercial banks and is more than well positioned. Incidentally, the situation is similar at Lloyds in Great Britain. The bank house offers a lot of advantages and is very easy to use. Anyone who is interested in Lloyds will find that before the crisis they were considering paying out the dividend once a quarter in the future, as is the case with some major banks around the world. Due to the crisis, however, it was initially defined that no dividends would be paid at all. In the long term, however, it is possible that Lloyds will also pay a dividend again. In which frequency this will be the case is still completely open.

TheLloyds share should generally be a solid investment, since it is a major international bank that not only has a corresponding presence in Great Britain but also in other countries Role play. In general it has to be said thatLloyds is definitely one of the industry leaders in some areas and that there is a lot of music here. The bank has a long tradition and should continue to play an important role in the years and decades to come.

Investments in Russia – steel and oil play a major role!

BANX Depot offers the opportunity not only to invest in Great Britain and Kenya, but also to become active in Russia. Russia is considered an underrated territory when it comes to investing in great companies. It is known that some global players are represented in Russia in the oil and gas sector with the companiesGazprom and Lukoil or also Tatneft. In addition, there are many good companies in the metal industry with Severstal or MMK and NLKM that can regularly inspire their shareholders with dividends. Sometimes the dividends are distributed 3 or even 4 times a year. In addition, there is one of the largest banks in the world in Russia, for example Sberbank, which is also known for a very attractive dividend policy. With the Russian state now owning a large stake in the bank, dividends should continue to look attractive for years to come.

The companyNor Nickel is also one of the companies that are well positioned and generate attractive returns in the long term. It should be noted that nickel and palladium will be important commodities in the coming years and that Nor Nickel is the company that produces and sells a particularly large quantity of these commodities on the world market. Anyone who has the corresponding shares in their portfolio will be able to benefit from this in the long term. The dividend should increase again in the coming years if you are interested in this stock and buy in at the right time. In general there is a lot to experience at Nor Nickel and the company is more than well positioned. However, it should also be noted that the group has some heavy chunks to swallow in the area of ​​environmental protection and that a lot has to change here. In the coming years, however, a high profit should still be possible if you are interested in Nor Nickel and want to invest here. In addition to Nor Nickel, there are a few other commodity groups in Russia that naturally offer correspondingly high returns and that pay out their dividends on a sustained basis.

Why is a deposit with BANX so interesting?

Basically, it is the conditions that make the deposit with BANX so interesting. The depot management can be carried out completely free of charge and without having to fulfill certain things. In addition, with BANX you have the option of trading in shares from as little as EUR 3.90 per trade. The US stocks can even be traded from 1 cent, which is unrivaled cheap. Whoever is interested in futures can trade them via thedepot at BANX from as little as 2 euros in fees. Options are also available from 2 euros andCFDs can be traded from 3 euros. Anyone who is interested in trading foreign exchange can trade it from 0.4 pi, which is of course also interesting.

Trading in shares should be more than interesting during and especially after the Corona crisis. Once the vaccine is approved and appropriate distribution and vaccination begins, it is possible that very high returns can be achieved. With BANX there is the possibility that a lot of returns can be made if you buy shares cheaply and sell them expensively. In addition, high returns can be achieved if the right stocks are held for the long term and thus an attractive return in the form of dividends can be achieved. TheBroker BANX has the great advantage that dividends are credited free of charge. In the long term, it is possible that decent returns can definitely be written with the dividends. In the long term, stocks that pay an excellent dividend are definitely interesting. Of course, it should also be noted that many of the companies even increase their dividends over several years. This means that stocks like AT&T, for example, are more than interesting and worth seeing. The dividend has increased slightly every year for over 30 years and is completely covered by free cash flow. This means that a decent return can also be expected in the coming years, since the quite conservative telecommunications market will definitely pay a decent price. Basically, AT&T is a perfect example of a so-called aristocrat in terms of dividends.

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